Reviews for Castlevania: Requiem of Shadows
Elixir9 chapter 1 . 9/15/2006
Awesome, just awesome...that's all I can say.
ElementPriestess chapter 22 . 5/16/2006
SO VERY SORRY! I had science fair, an anthology, an author study and TONS of work. Curse the board of education! And bravo for your completed story!

Question. What's Bloody Tears? Saito is bombarded with work just like me. XD

I am so glad that Shaft died! I wonder what happened to Baal?

I think the order is a good idea. At least somebody pays attention to the innocents.

Good luck with your next story!
ElementPriestess chapter 17 . 4/10/2006
You finally updated! Ugh, my day was slowly progressing into hell before. You helped cheer me up! Thanks!

Too bad Zepher had to die. He was cool. *sob**mourning*

Anyway, guess even best fighters are getting affected by the damn castle. Ah, well, I'm gonna have to cut this review short. I have to go to sleep. Bye! Keep it up!
ElementPriestess chapter 15 . 2/11/2006
YAY! Menace is finally dead! Took long enough that little...*goes off ranting but then finally remembers that she is doing a reveiw* Er, my bad.


But don't you think things are going a bit TOO smoothly here? Hehe, just my own observations.

I wish you could more attention on the Disgaea characters. They really aren't getting as much attention as the other charaters.

Also, aren't they exshuasted yet?They have been going none stop for many torturous hours. Aren't they ready to drop dead. You have some explaining to do!

Other than that, your battle scenes are as great as ever!

Keep it up! I wish I could steal yor skills! .

ElementPriestess chapter 14 . 2/1/2006
Man, I'm stupid!

I can't belive I missed like 7 chapters!


*cracks her head open with a sword but then makes a mess on the floor* Um, nobody saw that...

Sorry, I had to do some projects(I swear, you finish one project and they pile on 3 more.)

Anyway, here is the grand review!

I love your battle scenes!

Your chapters had me laughing my ass off.

I also like Baal. I don't care that he is supposed to be evil, he is cool and that's what counts.

I never played Castlevania before I don't care because your story is so good. I actually know the story now becaue of you. Thanks!

Also about the fire thing, MY BAD. I understand now.

Man, I'm so stupid! I never put this story on story alert. I think that is why I forgot... I already get enough e-mails because of Yahoo!groups as is. Oh, well.

Keep it up!
Jeikobu Mayakashi chapter 14 . 2/1/2006
This chappie was great, nice mix of Different Castlevania games, hope to see The Problem with Menace soon.
Jeikobu Mayakashi chapter 13 . 1/29/2006
Jeikobu Mayakashi chapter 12 . 1/27/2006
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Jeikobu Mayakashi chapter 10 . 1/25/2006
This is great, UPDATE SOON!
Jeikobu Mayakashi chapter 9 . 1/25/2006
ElementPriestess chapter 3 . 1/15/2006
You I'm not really sure that brisingir is a healing fire thing, you know.

In Eragon,it is fire that was used to kill a monter and the shockwave killed another. And it was channeled through an ARROW of all things as a one hit KO!

*nods like some old geezer sage* Yesh, now that my explanation is DONE, on to the review!

Your story is as good as your other but it is a little confusing, but then again, time travel always makes me get a headache.
ElementPriestess chapter 8 . 1/15/2006
Wee~ You updated~!

*giggles uncontrollably*MUAHAHAHAHA!

You make such good stories.*sob*

Damnit I want to steal your mad good skills and use it myself!

Er, just kidding.
Jeikobu Mayakashi chapter 8 . 1/10/2006
PLZ UPDATE SOON! This story is great!
ElementPriestess chapter 7 . 12/26/2005
Your writing is so great!

*sob* If only I could write like that...

ANYWAY,this is a bit confusing because I've never played castlevania before.

But still good.