Reviews for The Brave New World
missgsmith51 chapter 24 . 3h
How will the death of Greyback affect things? Are Brandon and Grant - who seem to be the only werewolves left of Greyback's pack - willing to stay out of things? Even if they are anti-Voldemort, they can hardly be called "light" after Imperiusing innocent Muggles and sending them on a suicide mission to attack Riddle Manor. Do they want to remain in the war, on one side or the other, or do they just want to "fade away"?

Grant is known to Voldemort - who knows that he most likely killed the Lestrange brothers - so he is probably no going to be left in peace. Apparently, they are unaware of Brandon being a magical Were, so it's possible he might be able to disappear, depending on what the Ministry and Lupin may know.

I'm curious about the choice of location for Greyback's murder. Is it a warning to the Twins and Harry or an attempt to put the blame on them for the whole attack? After all, the Twins have battled Weres in Hogsmeade, and they fought the American Lycans alongside Harry.
missgsmith51 chapter 23 . 15h
"... the design might be construed as original, or harebrained, take your pick." LOL! Hey, you're writing for people who have either read about or seen (or both) the Burrow! What could be anymore harebrained than that crazy house?

Is LeGault related to or perhaps channeling Snape? He sounds like an irritating little piece of work. Poor Harry, having to sit through what sounded like four hours of insults and nonsense every month. I don't blame him for being PO'd.

LOL at "parental units." I used to use that expression myself, but I haven't heard it for years! Thanks for the giggle.

I suppose the "death room" is Harry's nursery. I feel kind of sorry for Remus despite the fact that Harry considers him a traitor. I agree that he probably could have done more to find and connect with Harry before Hogwarts; but I can also understand how he would have been intimidated by Dumbledore, being young, alone, a werewolf to boot, and not having a Bill or a Peter in his corner to help him circumvent Dumbledore's machinations. On the other hand, I don't understand why he ignored Harry during his fourth year, when Harry really needed an adult in his corner. I also fail to understand why the Potters' friends won't tell Harry anything about James and Lily. What is Dumbledore afraid of Harry learning? Bottom line: I don't think Remus is bad; he's just weak and far too "beholding" to Dumbledore.
missgsmith51 chapter 22 . 19h
I guess Umbridge was about as stupid as she could be there in the courtroom. I have a feeling she will die long before her prison term is up, as I suspect she will be broken out of Azkaban the next time Voldemort hits it. If she follows him, she will wind up in a battle where either Harry or one of her other enemies (who are legion, I suspect) will take her down very messily. Dare I say it would be poetic justice for her to be turned by a werewolf (rather than killed outright), considering she authored most of the worst legislation against them? Really, that would be the perfect fate for her. Just so it isn't Remus who turns her; I would hate to see him catch some disgusting "toadish" disease.

It's interesting that the Toad wouldn't stick to the issues. She was more interested in trying to paint Harry a coward than in presenting a respectable defense. Then again, perhaps she realized there really wasn't a defense for her crimes ... although I doubt it.

I'm curious to seewhat methods Dumbledore uses to attempt to corner Harry. After all, he still has to spring the whole Horcrux thing on him. Ugh!
missgsmith51 chapter 20 . 22h
"Dean says to tell you hello, and that Crystal Palace is nothing compared to West Ham. Whatever that means." I'm confused, too. The only Crystal Palace I know is Buck Owens's big, glitzy, C&W music hall/restaurant/night club down the road.

That was one wild Quidditch game. I was sort of hoping Lee might be tapped to do a guest announcer thing, considering he is as much fun to listen to as the games are to watch. (Then again, McGonagall's pretend exasperation with his comments against Slytherin, in particular, are half the fun.) I feel kind of sorry (but not much) for the Jefferson kid who punched Harry. I get a sinister feeling that he is going to be a gibbering mess long before the first retaliatory prank is ever pulled.

I wonder how much of that last conversation will find its way into Dumbledore's ear. Harry was rather brusque with Mr. Weasley, and I think it shocked them. What they don't seem to get - well, maybe they do now - is that Harry is no longer just a kid Ron and Hermione's age. He is rapidly becoming a battle-scarred warrior who has killed to save his own life and protect others. I think it is a given that he and the Twins were the difference between the school surviving the Lycan assault and falling to it.

Even at his tender age, Harry has probably seen more heavy, deadly action than many of the Order. I'll be surprised if Moody doesn't volunteer to help with his training, since I suspect he really does like and respect Harry, regardless of any loyalty he may still feel to Dumbledore. Of course, I could be wrong.
missgsmith51 chapter 19 . 8/29
Poor Headmistress Murray. In a week, she will be pulling out her hair! I just hope the three ex-Gryffindors stay safe and ALIVE. Charlie had better send three sets of dragon-hide armor ... full bodysuits! I have a feeling these three are going to need it.

I hope Harry and Sophie continue to be safe while the crickets are chirping!
missgsmith51 chapter 18 . 8/29
"Meet with Draco Malfoy, who is now on the same side of the war as I am. What the hell else can happen?" Oh, not a good thing to ask. That is definitely tempting fate.

It will be interesting to see the Twins' reactions to the new twists concerning Draco.

I'm quite curious to read Dumbledore's response when he finds out about Harry's request for AK privileges for himself and the Twins. I noticed that Murray was quick to authorize the use of necessary force, up to and including AK, during the Lycan attack. She seems more realistic than Dumbledore in a battle situation. If he had allowed the Order to use AK in the first Voldy war, they might not be having the current war ... or it might have been stopped before it reached the point it has.

I'm sure Dumbledore will quickly declare Harry dark as soon as he learns about the request ... although how Harry is supposed to "vanquish" Voldemort (Dumbledore's obvious plan for Harry) without killing him, I'm sure I can't make a guess. I can only assume that his original intent was for a poorly trained, incompetent Harry to face Voldemort, wear him out in battle, and eventually die - leaving the way clear for Dumbledore to step up and finish off the snake-faced creep.

We haven't yet heard about Horcruxes, unless I missed them (quite possible when one reads in bed and dozes), so I'm unsure if they figure into the story. It's possible that they do not, given the date this story was started.
missgsmith51 chapter 17 . 8/29
That was another jam-packed chapter. It will be interesting to see how Harry and the Twins' role in defending the school is received by the American as well as the British Wizarding communities. It kind of looks like the three were the difference between a disaster and a total, all-out slaughter.

I wonder if Sophie will decide that being with Harry is not only too dangerous but also too nerve-wracking. The tendency for other kids, I suspect, is to think that "if Harry, who is my age, can do this, why can't I?" They don't stop to realize that Harry has battled evil adult wizards for the past six years, generally in situations where he is seriously outnumbered. The twins, too, have had deadly combat experience, most recently with the British werewolves. What's more, Harry knows their capabilities and has fought alongside them. He knows their style and how their minds work. He has their backs and they have his, but he isn't distracted by watching them every second.

Harry would be distracted with Sophie, worrying about her and possibly missing something deadly because of the distraction. The same is true of many of his other new friends, but I'm guessing they and Sophie will be hurt by his actions. Notice, though, that Harry and the Twins didn't hesitate to enter the fray. With Harry, it's who he is. As for the Twins, they will follow him, much as Dobby does, into the fire. I imagine these issues will be the ones that cause grief with Harry and Sophie's relationship, unless or until she comes to understand everything clearly.

Love Harry's little "nose-tweak" of Moldyshorts. I hope he doesn't come to regret it.
missgsmith51 chapter 13 . 8/28
You know, your versions of Dobby and Winky are certainly more articulate than most depictions of House-elves. They don't speak of themselves in the third person, and their subjects and verbs agree at least as often as everyone else's do. They are also less fidgety and hesitant about speaking up when they have unpleasant news to deliver. This has the effect of highlighting rather than hiding their intelligence. I wonder if such behavior by all elves would improve the way Wizards in general tend to perceive them.

I wondered how long it would be before Dumbledore managed to "run into" Harry. Was he alerted by someone in the meeting? Moody was obviously not there for any professional reason, since he apparated away as soon as Harry and Travis disappeared, leaving Dumbledore standing there alone. At any rate, he certainly didn't do himself any favors with the way he acted, and Im glad Moody told him that. It makes me wonder if Moody may eventually "defect" to support Harry over Albus.

I guess Sophie's meeting went well enough. I do find Dobby's observations troubling, however. It will be interesting to see if the two brothers change their support when Sophie is legally able to use magic outside school. I hope not; but being directly confronted with her ability to do something they cannot could change how they feel. Also, given their ages, marriage and children could prove to be game-changers, as well, since wives' opinions and feelings would come into play.
missgsmith51 chapter 12 . 8/28
Well, that was a relaxing day. (NOT!) Until the BIG blow-up during the snowball fight, it kind of reminded me of some of our more ... "strained" family holidays. You know, the kind where you have to weigh everything before you say it, to make sure none of the parties present is going to take it amiss and start a fight ... the kind where you don't realize how stressed you were all afternoon until you walk through your own door at home and feel the tension bleed out as you collapse into your recliner and fall asleep, completely exhausted.

It's a good thing Harry had his friends with him, or things would no doubt have been much worse. I was surprised that Hermione confessed to having pulled the "transfer card" on Ron, knowing how jealous he is of Harry. I'm glad she told Harry, as it helped him (however briefly) understand Ron's "pissy" attitude, as he called it. I was, quite frankly, expecting Dumbledore to show up any second and ruin everyone's day. I'm glad he stayed away. Hopefully, Harry can shake off the stress and enjoy the rest of the day.
missgsmith51 chapter 11 . 8/28
I really like the way you have developed the relationship between Harry and Sophie thus far. There was something realistic about their initial meetings that reminded me of how some people just connect like old, trusted friends, right from the start. I think Harry shared personal things with her on a deeper level that first day than he ever had done before, even with Ron and Hermione. They moved into their romance phase rather quickly, but even that seems more natural than his relationship with Ginny ever did ... to me, at least. Their access to privacy certainly helps, I suppose, as does the fact that their friends seem to be protective of the relationship between them.

I hope Harry doesn't lose Sophie to Voldemort and the Death Eaters. I'm not sure what that would do to him. I'm surprised at his lack of awareness on the shopping trip, regarding all of the photos being snapped. Not good, as all of his friends are now in danger. :(
missgsmith51 chapter 10 . 8/28
Wow, this was a jam-packed chapter! I guess the $64,000 (or galleon) question is whether Snape serves Dumbledore, Voldemort ... or himself.

I love the whole Howler project, despite McGonagall's objections. The fact that he has his Headmistress's sanction to proceed makes it very amusing. I really would like to hear some of Draco's. I wonder ... Can he send Howlers to Voldemort? What about Snape? That could be fun!

It sounds like Harry is fitting right in with his friend's family. Warrick's mom sounds as if she could rival Molly for putting on a big holiday spread. I'll bet she is grateful for the extra help, too. I bet my mom would have loved Dobby and Winky's help during the years she hosted the humongous extended family holiday dinners. (They were so big we held them in our huge garage, which Dad finished out for just that purpose. I hated clean-up. Ugh!)
missgsmith51 chapter 6 . 8/28
"For Wandless Magic, Ray Kinsella." Hmmm ... Like in Field of Dreams?

I don't think Dumbledore realizes the extent of Harry's resentment over the way he has allowed Harry to be treated over the years. Abandoning him to the accumulated abuse of the Dursleys and Snape is bad enough. Join that together with the following: 1) a complete failure to protect Harry from the very real dangers at school; 2) allowing the student body to harass and shun him over the events of year two; 3) forcing him to compete in the tournament without providing any help; 4) allowing students to abuse him over that forced competing; 5) ignoring Umbridge's torture of Harry; 6) failure to monitor Snape's "Occlumency training"; 7) total failure to provide competent teaching, especially in Defense; 8) failure to get Sirius (the one adult Harry loved) a trial while keeping him imprisoned in GP; 9) keeping Harry in the dark to the point where he fell for Voldemort's ruse, which led to Sirius's death; and 10) sending Harry back into an abusive environment two summers in a row when he was obviously suffering from PTSD. How on earth can Dumbledore possibly think Harry will "get over"'any of this any time soon? He must be senile!
missgsmith51 chapter 5 . 8/28
Harry is certainly taking the initiative in getting involved with mischief in his new school. I should think he would be keeping his head down. I worry about his little trips through the trunk, too. That opens up a way anyone could get into the school and snatch him. After all, Diagon Alley is quite accessible, and it doesn't take a rocket scientist to work out the trunk. I hope everyone on the Twins' end who knows about them can shield their minds.

That reminds me ... Wouldn't Harry's headmistress know when he leaves and re-enters the school? Supposedly, Hogwarts lets the Head know; I should think Great Lakes would do as much.
missgsmith51 chapter 4 . 8/28
I really don't like Snape, and I think he is seeking Harry's demise, no matter whose side he serves. Regardless of what Harry may or may not have done to him at Privet Drive, Harry arrived at Hogwarts with no prejudices or preconceptions; any hatred he now feels for Snape was purely created by Snape himself, apparently with Dumbledore's tacit permission.

I honestly don't see what Snape hoped to accomplish by insisting on tormenting Harry with his version of "Occlumency" lessons. Once Harry had refused, he should have just returned to GP. Even worse, though, was Dumbledore's insistence that Harry put up with Snape for a teacher. The whole "Snape is the only one who can do it" thing is clearly a big lie. Bill works for Gringotts, and I have to believe that impeccable shields would be a requirement for any employee of the bank. Even Tonks was probably required to have some level of competence in Occlumency, as an Auror. Either one of them could have worked with Harry. Dumbledore's insistence on using Snape is, IMHO, clearly conspiracy to commit mental abuse and assault of Harry. Quite honestly, I think both should be charged with anything that can be thrown at them.
ShadowThief126 chapter 5 . 8/25
Interesting story so far.
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