Reviews for Straw Hat Moon
Lucyole chapter 9 . 11/27/2012
cool nami is sailor sunm your story is very itneresting and good, i cant wait to read more chapter but please please please dont make a couple out of usagi and mamoru(i hate him any other is ok i would even sugesst zorro oder sanji maybe even luffy but not him- mamoru i mean. please write more chapter
FaithfulAizen chapter 9 . 10/15/2012
Wow didnt see Nami becoming sailor sun well update soon when you have the chance
Moon Dragon chapter 9 . 2/22/2011
you so need a new chapter. this is aswome! is serena going to go with darien?
Anie6142 chapter 9 . 1/28/2011
finally! I've been waiting for some updates from this story x'D! is good owo, keep going x3!
Guest chapter 1 . 11/20/2010
whens chapter 10?
Radio Driver chapter 9 . 9/9/2010
Good goin, Emma. Keep on keepin on.
Sir Thames chapter 9 . 9/8/2010
Good work here, luv. Spot on.
avatoa chapter 9 . 9/1/2010
Thank you for finally updating this story. Does this mean Robin or any future girls that join the crew will become Sailor Scouts?
AshK1980 chapter 9 . 9/1/2010
Nice work on this update! I think I will go back to the first seven chapters and review them when I have more time.
ShineX chapter 1 . 2/24/2010
*sigh*, it would've been interesting if you hadn't messed up on one major thing, why the hell couldn't the Straw Hats do anything? I mean, come on, Zoro collapsing after just a couple seconds of drain, he's got a massive amount of life force! With the exception of Nami, Ussop, and Chopper all of them have massive amounts of life force. Anyway, the concepts good, you just went about doing it the wrong way...
just anie6142 chapter 8 . 2/24/2010
I like it!Keep working!
dr-fanmai-lover chapter 7 . 1/1/2010
bervo bervo will-ther-the-ngamoonfamly&the-shadowawarriors&the-doom-teree-comeing-soon
dr-fanmai-lover chapter 8 . 9/2/2009
bervo you-used-a-salormoon-leaine-form-salormoon-epd ah maetlife,s-earth-real-max-aslo-how-aer-you-do-maetlife,s-daerth
AshK1980 chapter 8 . 5/29/2009
nice update as always!
kamiam714 chapter 8 . 5/27/2009
I am glad to see that you brought this back. i really hope for more soon!
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