Reviews for Unlikely Heroes: The Harpy Queen Skrch
derpysauce chapter 40 . 10/25/2017
Absolutely lovely. Got a bit chaotic there with the sure quantity of side characters ie 5 harpies with no differences, previously unmentioned orcs coming out of no where, and some chracters established and seemingly left to rot.

But it all worked out in the end. Chracters got the developments they needed and the happy ending so desired. I was even pleasantly suprised by the development of the harpies with at least a glimmer of hope for them to live an above average life.

I'll have to continue on this wonderful journey of your writing even if the endings do leave me longing for more.
Difdi chapter 31 . 4/5/2016
In any Blizzard RTS, a mixed base is ALWAYS stronger than one faction alone. Undead 1. Orc 1. Undead Orc 3.

Don't forget those two wisps either - those are the origin unit of ALL Night Elf construction, not merely resource gatherers. Sure, they get consumed to make certain things, but one of the most basic buildings they make is one that summons more wisps. Given them time and direction, and that town will have Ancients of its own. Undead Orc Nightelf 7.

Caden may be undead but he can pass for human and he's a knight. A knight can command peasants. Peasants build things. Undead Orc Night Elf Human 12. Orgrimmar itself has more numbers, but if we're talking force values, it's only a 10.

If they build right, the battle won't be as hopeless as Shel'yin thinks..
Difdi chapter 24 . 4/4/2016
There is one hell of a lot of irony in a former fel orc (servant of the Burning Legion) believing that he can never trust an undead...for being a servant of the Burning legion (Scourge).
sarista wow chapter 40 . 9/13/2014
I like the opening line, it's amusing. The descriptions were really good, the little details especially, like not thinking to let go of the hood. Cool idea if having a primal fear help wash away their desire to destroy themselves. Nice little lead out line, an interesting idea and well conveyed.

One of the things I like about this and that leaves it feeling quite optimistic is just how naturally everyone slots into a sort of, everyday as usual sort of feeling. Despite the battle, and being surrounded by different species, and undead. I did like the ending to the orc romance bit, highly amusing.

(Also, Skrch is easily one of my favorite characters ever, I'd totally vote for her as united harpy leader, assuming that was ever a realistic option. Could be an interesting story, but I digress.) I like the calm, reasoned and mature way Skrch and Eriyilus are dealing wit the issue, the dialogue is very strong in this scene. Great idea being tearing out the heart, seriously, if I ever write a harpy based wow fic can I borrow that? Really nice ending to their scene. Love the epilogue, the stench of corruption, being treated so normally, the fresh rains, dialogue and that brilliant lead out, lovely and very well thought out piece. Much like this entire story.

So what else can I say that hasn't already been said? I initially read this story simply because it had a harpy as a central character (of which there are perhaps no other Warcraft stories) but it quickly became so much more. With a cavalcade of great world building, witty banter, strong descriptions and well plotted writing, with awesome characters, conflicts and a strong underlying message. This has always been one of my favorite stories and that fact has not changed even now, in fact re-reading this piece has improved my ability to appreciate it.

Thank you for writing this Unlikely Heroes the Harpy Queen Skrch, it's been an absolute joy to read.
sarista wow chapter 39 . 9/13/2014
Good opening and use of birds eye view, The crows can' sigh bit was a nice touch. The descriptions did a good job making Eyrilus seem melancholy and though I didn't much care for the romance it was a well done scene with a great deal of enjoyable interaction. The Krrrak were adorably amusing when talking about the battle, in a somewhat dark way.

Glaive's scene was enjoyable, poor Ner'zirud though, but I liked the Mir'noj and the general interaction with Glaive. Phage and Redmorning fit together quite well as leaders, both quite levelheaded and possessing similair drives. Watching them talk the specifics of the settlement was surprisingly relaxing after so many tense chapter, it really gives it a feeling of a 'whole new day' sort of vibe. Nice little discussion about Skrch as well, nice to know she hasn't been forgotten. That was an awesome reveal regarding the grey and Krr, something so big to the primary battle of the story yet kept quiet and out of the way in the background, it works.
sarista wow chapter 38 . 9/13/2014
Also, nice detail last chapter with Darkhallow having to run after his horse.

Good opening line, I like the way it's phrased. Nice conversation and the description of the magic, and just that entire casting scene, brilliant. Nice bit with the orcs, I have expected Gre and Krr to be back with the orcs as well. Loved Phage's comment regarding ears.

Cool details on the battle with Shadebreaker, his perspective is a new one for me so this was cool. Glaive jut chatting casually while decapitating zombies is a cool image, she sometimes seems to border on over powered. Great description of Darkhallow I liked the comparison to old men in carriages, despite the differences, it adds to the scene by using something the perspective character recognizes and is familiar with. Hah, the horse scene was great!

Great descriptions throughout the fight scene, well, Shadebreaker does have a point, his soul is definitely his, even if his body isn't given the DKs background. Badass lead out line.
sarista wow chapter 37 . 9/13/2014
Impressive work this chapter, Darkhallow's perspective and fractured mind, barely able to control his fraying temper and the rune blades desire for souls was well done. The descriptions surrounding these, such as Whitecleaver whining like a caged animal were very atmospheric. The dialogue was especially strong this chapter as well. Lrfk and Fel'wyn no non-sensing Darkhallow's threats was also pure awesome on their part. That lead in was imply brilliant, the slow build up as the two more or less snarked at Darkhallow as the orcs readied to attack was fantastic.
sarista wow chapter 36 . 9/13/2014
Good intro, I loved Knnr offering to help, there's something quite charming about it given the Kraaahks usual attitude. The description of the battle and obsidian blade cutting into his flesh were well done. And as Cadin hit his stride in the battle, wow, the details there were impressive!

Good bit of detail with Phage, it must be annoying to see that clever planning isn't even helping in the situation. Good details of his discomfort and sadness at hearing his ghouls die. Viri actually pulling via his spine is an awesome scene to imagine, very clever use of his Lich body. Awesome bit with Knnr actually saving Cadin as well.

Poor Lrfk, good scene there, the conversation was interesting and added some nice levity to the scenario.
sarista wow chapter 35 . 9/13/2014
Fantastic lead in, it can be difficult to make shifting perspectives work,but you do it seamlessly. The description of Viri's old mind giving way to the new and focusing herself on a purpose s very deep. Great lines regarding Darkhallow's nature. Nice little discussion between the Lich and huntress. Great lead out line by the Phage, I agree with some of the other reviewers your writing is very much like Terry Pratchett's, and that is high praise.

The catapult scene was very well executed, Nez's perspective, short though it was, was enjoyable and I liked the brief interaction and observations. Nice lead in, love the, not sure if she should feel proud, bit. Excellent descriptions of the battle, the details really paint a solid picture of the scene.

Watching Skrch's instincts try to tell her to leave and her mind winning out was nice, and well described. Nice saying with the fledgling in a herd, but. Dev sound awesome there as well, and Skrch's take on it in comparison to her more ad-hock thrown together fighting style born from hunting and nature was fascinating to read. Nice tense ending for the chapter.
sarista wow chapter 34 . 9/13/2014
Ner'Zirhud's perspective is one we see rarely but it was used quite effectively here to set up the scene. I like the idea of immortals being easier to bring back, it's a fascinating idea. the teacher student bit was good as well. The whisper description was very good. As creepy as they sometimes are, I love the details used when describing the creation of the undead, so much though was put into them it works so well. The 'gift' scene was brilliantly done, the descriptions, the magic, the discussion all of it flowed perfectly and Ner'Zirhud was a great perspective character for the scene. It's amazing how much I relate to these group despite the actions they are taking, the line about trying to escape dead flesh sort of codifies that.

Good opening description with Dev trying to hide nerves and discussing the ghouls reaction, I really enjoyed the thoughts about Draenor, Daysleeper as a pup the Bonechewer bit and the talk was interesting and amusing. Dev's ast line was great.

Excellent description with even the Kraaahk, grasping this battle is beyond something they are familiar with, Skrcfh's perspective on trying to keep her kids alive and them asking for advice was great, sort of like a hope-spot not just for them but for the Harpy in general. the 'too late' line was saddening, well done. Good instruction form Skrch, I liked her way of describing the undead/orc forces as 'theirs' it probably works well for the Kraahk's mindset and that last bit of familiar interaction was a fantastic cap off.
sarista wow chapter 33 . 9/13/2014
Solid lean into the chapter and the difficult situation. Good job using the conversation to paint a picture of the camp as opposed to resorting to 'tell' over show. The conversation between Redmorning and the troll was good, the scene had tension that was set up effectively and the dialogue was well written and accented as far as I can tell.

The wish 'Nez was here' paragraph was well laid out with Redmorning's fears and concerns. The d description of the battle was quite effective, it kept the focus on the central character, but painted a good picture of what was happening elsewhere. The description like 'predictably messy' really added to it.
sarista wow chapter 32 . 9/13/2014
Impressive opening, it sets the scene effectively. The Dev wolf Daysleeper pig bit was great. Skrch's uncertainty on the sex f the orc works well as well, a nice callback in a way. Skrch's attitude was well done here, she seems to feel both caught up and cut loose with nothing to do. Great opening to the Phage scene. Watching all the dots connect in his head worked well. Good lead out.

Interesting and well laid out set up with Darkhallow, his sword, and the hill, that suits his personality perfectly. Darkhallow is an effective villain and one of the least pleasant commanders ever, good job showing that without making him completely over the top, but still impressively ill tempered and insane. Great description to lead out to the next scene. Interesting and disturbing idea of taming dragons given they are sentient.

Caden's perspective is very well laid out and interesting to read, his relationship with Knnr is also enjoyable. Nice little play by play from the acolytes, "and worse things. Such as me" That bit was perfect. That last exchange was a great cap off for the chapter and lead in.
sarista wow chapter 31 . 9/13/2014
Nice opening it's a pretty cool scene, nice to see things like the position of the sun being used so effectively, I know I've said that before but it's so hard to do and so rare to see. Poor Fractalle. Fantastic mother daughter scene with Skrch and Serrw and good use of the harpies body design, The Daysleeper bit was good too.

Skrch's maternal irritation at Knnr hanging of Cadin was highly amusing as well and Knnr's explanation was perfectly in character. Interesting explanation behind Dev being a scout I like the rationale and Skrch's take on the situation. Ouch, reading that 'the ones who died' line that was just painful. The Kraahk trying to encourage Cadin was great, just great.

Poor Viri, her own confusion at her own thoughts, opinions and feelings has been excellently portrayed though this story. Phage's response to her concerns was perfect. Great finish.
sarista wow chapter 30 . 9/13/2014
Interesting idea with Viri disliking Shel because of his heartbeat and the living infringing on the home of the dead. Poor Skrch, acting as a translator and trying to manage flying children in an undead camp, what a nightmare. The shrugged bit was hilarious. Wow, poor Viri, she's such a mess at the moment, but with such a fascinating perspective. That lead out line was perfect.

Nice to see Fractalle again, and the image of a ghoul turning the pages for her is kind of endearing, which suits such Marrowice's crew. Great description of the book and the writer. Great hint at the end of the scene. Skrch's matter of fact response to potential dangerous creatures threatening her daughter being "I told her not to eat anything" it just perfect and cements all harpies as awesome predators XD.

Good little scene with the peons, the casual way they discuss shooting something is jut another sign of how different the world of Azeroth is to what the average reader is familiar (both in reality and more traditional fantasy), it works well. Redmornings take on the situation was well done, and the tension was well set up. Viri's awkward attempt at thanking them was well written. Nice ending.
sarista wow chapter 29 . 9/13/2014
Serww, the most compassionate of sister, clearly, well by harpy standards that's probably like concern. I love seeing things form the younger harpies perspective, it's so fascinating and interesting. The descriptions of Knnr's actions for this scene were really good as well, and served to give a very different perspective, not just in attitude but in ow they move as well. Knnr and Cadin are the best of friends, by the standards of a self hating corpse and a four year old harpy, love the last line of that scene.

I really liked the conversation between everyone in the middle, and Phage's perspective was a good one to get for this scene as he has just enough to properly understand all that is going on, but doesn't know everything which added to it quite well. I also liked Skrch have o work on a word, her learning new words as sort of been a recurring theme which I've liked it shows her curious and intellectual nature and so seeing it happen is nice.

Interesting description for the new ghoul designs, nice use of the original ghoul dialogue if I remember correctly. Loved the last bit of this chapter with Lrfk and the reference to needing chains. Wow that sounded odd.
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