Reviews for Luna's Lucia celebration
Mia H chapter 1 . 8/4/2009
Does anybody do this outside of scandinavia? I personaly love the tradition and have even singed my hair in the proscessions a few times in my younger years.. ;)

Nu bæres lyset ind. Stolt på sin krone. Rundt om i hus og hjem, sangen skal trone...
q.thews chapter 1 . 10/12/2008
Well. in some part of Italy it is Saint Lucia that brings the gift and not Santa Claus (or Babbo Natale/Father Christmas as we italians prefer to call him) nor Gesu' Bambino (Baby Jesus).

And it isn't so random as Luna went (at least once) in Sweden... even if she went there during summer break :-)

multiplied chapter 1 . 8/4/2007
I do this every year too (:

My family is Swedish
Alberix.Silver.Quill chapter 1 . 7/6/2006
That actually sounds like a fun time.

I kind of sung along as I read.

Ahh I love your stories, their nice after all this constant romance fics.

I couldn't find any that didn't have it in their somewhere, I like the ones about friendship.
felix-hortensio chapter 1 . 1/13/2006
There was a fairly substantial Swedish community in Ethiopia for a while, which is where I first encountered the custom - I thoroughly approve of Luna bringing it to Hogwarts. Does she do Midsummer too? :)
Daydrae chapter 1 . 12/31/2005
Hello again! I'll try to make this er... is this a review? (checks wiht Deb-lil)

She tells me it is, so it must be this way. She has uttered these words from her lips, thus they are sacred. (Deb-lil: Er..thank you?)

thank YOU for that brilliant interruption. Deb, you are so freakin' smart! (Coughs, then coughs again to emphasize her point)

Deb-lil: Can we just get on with the damned review already? I know I've already reviewed it once, but goddamnit, I'm gonna do it again!

Well, since you insist. I guess I will have to pick out another review. You know that it's coming from the review jar. I promise to cheat and look at what I pick out first. That way we have no chance of an accidental flame. Daydrae is always cautious and looks both ways before crossing the street. (Deb-lil: Always cautious? You'd ride a unicycle through oncoming traffic in New York City...168th street...Harlem...during a gang riot...over Cabbage Patch dolls...) Just so you know, i so would not. However I do get my learner's pemit to learn how to drive in 10 months. But who's really counting? Clear the sidewalks! Make sure to stand in the EXACT center of the road if I am EVER driving in Sweden. (Deb-lil: She's a menace in my country AS WELL as yours. Nowhere's safe! Head for the hills!)Just so you get another tidbit of info. Deb get's her permit 3 months before me, so we'll already be in the bomb shelters.

Gertting out the review jar and picking out all the flames to limit the selection. Daydrae will now give you a PROPER REVIEW:

FLIPPIN' AWSOME! I would walk across the Atlantic ocean to be able to write this good. And funny. That's always a good thing. I enjoyed the big words (such as coagulated and stearin) Which even though English is my first language and I pride myself in having a decent vocabulary, I do not undestand wha these words mean! (Deb-lil throws seven-hundred page dictionary at Daydrae's head. She goes 'sleepy' for a while)

Dizzy... What was I typing about? Oh. Yeah. The fanfic. The BLOODY FREAKING AWSOME FANFIC!

The rotten fish brought up memories of almost having the same thing shoved down my own throat by my Norweigian great-aunt. Family tradition or crap like that. Whatever. It is NASTY!

I'm sure Ron would love to pen Ginny up in the holding cell in St. Mungo's with the 'padded walls' and 'a funny robe with sleeves you can tie together'. (Deb-lil: Any chance I could get one of those for Daydrae?)

Shut up. However, without the helpfulness (or unhelpfulness as the case may be) of my compatriot, I would not have sent you this friggin' long and mostly irrevelent review.

Bagge: Damn you, Deb-lil

Keep up the hilarious work


and the almighty Deb-lil

Deb-lil helped more. It was fun rereading this ficcy. I still feal bad for Luna with that 'coagulated' wax in her hair. I still don't know what that means. Where'd I put that dictionary? Daydrae...don't you dare hit me with-

Queen of the Badgers chapter 1 . 12/27/2005
...You eat rotten fish in Sweden?


The celebration does sound fun (especially seeing as you officially 'ceased to believe' in this saint 400 years And everyone takes part...yep, that does sound very fun.

I'd like to visit Sweden one day. In fact...maybe I will. I'll try and make it in time for the thirteenth of December, I want to see the pointed hats. Pointed hats make me think of the traditional Spanish parade through the streets to the temple, I forget what the procession is called, but one group of people dress in long black robes and put on tall black pointed hats so that nobody knows who they are, and they walk backwards to the temple as penance. I think the festival is in honour of the Virgin Mary. But pointed hats...they're often associated with darkness and evil, aren't they? The Death Eaters in the fourth HP movie wear tall pointed hats. And witches and wizards in medieval times were associated with evil, and they were depicted in pointed hats.

I like hats.

I also like this story. It's interesting, and I really can imagine everybody gradually getting lost in the song or smiling at the cuteness of the procession, and then a hungry Snape glaring at them all angrily for, err, interrupting his breakfast.

And, of course, the saffron buns. I'm glad to see there is somebody else who appreciates saffron and its distinctive flavour. Hurrah! Yum, you get to eat ginger biscuits in this celebration as well? WOW.

Back to your fic. Yes.

Luna is, as always in your stories, an amazingly brilliant and individual character. Crotsnots! And the candlewax dripping down into her hair, and she just doesn't care. Go her!

Neville in a white pointy hat and white robes...aww. So cute!

I really love this story. The idea of someone poking out their own eyes is...pretty nasty, though.

Woah, I've rambled on for so long that it's already time for dinner. Ha! Well...bye!

Illusional Facade chapter 1 . 12/20/2005
I'd love to be Luna's friend. It's so cool. Cute fic, it's good. :) I just love learning different cultures, it's cool i learnt about one just by reading ur fic. :)
Deb-lil chapter 1 . 12/14/2005
Oh my word. of all your fics, this is my new favorite. I was laughing the entire time, the ENTIRE time while reading this. I don't know...everything flowed smoothly, it is-of course-one of a kind, and the utter humiliation the boys felt in the beginning was hilarious. Prepare yourself, Bagge, this is going to be one hell of a review.

When I read the descriptions of the outfits, I thought, 'All right, he's finally gone crazy. Bagge's lost his mind.' I love how Luna is just so...Lunaish. Neville is trying to understand, and needless to say, it's not working well. Hermione doesn't know whether to defend the tradition or not, Ginny...seems rather excited, and Hary and Ron are simply mortified. I love the dynamics between the six of them in this story. Now I see that you ar not crazy, just a highly talented writer.

'Yeah? They eat rotten fish in Sweden as well, but I can't see us doing it here.' Are you joking me? I guess I'm not one to talk because my American comrades eat hamburgers-yuck. I don't beef-or meat in general for the matter. But rotten fish? ...Alright, you have to tell me...does it taste good?

'Ron bent forward, talking to his still madly laughing sister with that loud, slow voice used for children and fools.' Oy, I know that voice All the boys that are running in and out of my house all the time treat me like a little kid. In fact, just the other day, one bent down to my level and asked kindly, 'would you like some apple juice, Deb?' No, I would NOT like apple juice, thank you! What am I, like seven? I don't drink apple juice, I drink...well...water. That's basically it. I have a strange liking for water.

Okay, maybe I'll stop quoting your story, maybe I won't. We'll have to find out, eh?

Next up on my nine-mile-long-review is the Crotsnots. Brilliant! That was spot-on Luna and hillarious!

I loved the bit with Malfoy. It'll be the death of us if we ever see him in a starboy outfit. And then Luna comments honestly about making fun of Ron. I went into a brief fit of hysterics when I read that, and my brother had to slap me.

The story of Lucia was freakin' creepy. She gave up he eyeballs? Honestly! And Luna finds this fasinating...why am I suprised?

The little song was very cute, and the school reacted in a very believable way. And Dumbledore! Always respectful, the man is. He rather enjoyed himself, didn't he? I love in the end that everybody broke into applause.

You seriously do this in Sweden? I'm sure you make a very adorable star-boy. But as you didn't seem to enthusiastic about it in your author note, look on the bright side: no more star-boy for a whole year! Perhaps the novelty has worn off for you.

I'm not sure about American christmas traditions, mostly because I'm Jewish. I do know that parents tell their kids Santa Clause rides in a sleigh pulled by reindeer, and he drops down the chimney and deposits presents to all the good little children. And then, when the kid is nine thereabouts, the parent will have the decency to say Santa is not real. Now one of two things can happen: the kid will either shrug and get on with his life, or he will have a nervous breakdown. Bit sad really, but they still have fun on christmas.

And me, my favorte tradition is to laugh about how the Maccabee gang whipped the Assyrian army to the next solar sysem! Whoot! I love a good happy story!

Alright. Need I add another of yours to my favs list? I think so sir.

Keep writing!

Luna Obsessed chapter 1 . 12/13/2005
Brilliant! :P

What an original idea - and the characters were...well in character! :)

Ron made me laugh and Luna was so lovable, as always.

Looking forward to more of your fics,

Tabby x
Anna chapter 1 . 12/13/2005
I really really like this story. You portrayed the characters accurately, did some amazing description, yet not too overdone and I quite like the song and story.

Considering how terrible most Harry Potter fanfiction is, I was delighted to read this. Please continue writing.