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Kimmeenoelle chapter 32 . 4/16
I'm so in love with this story and time period! I really hope you choose to continue, it's one of my absolute favorites so far.
MyraKellvin chapter 32 . 4/15
Let me start of by saying that what you have written so far is amazing. You've got me hooked. The only issue I've had so far is putting James in jeans (as it is not period appropriate), but considering so many other stories I have read so far this means nothing. You have an excellent story so far, and hope I sincerely hope your busy working on the next chapter. I almost rarely read stories that aren't marked as complete at that lends to disappointment. However, seeing that you recently have updated I decided to give it a go. Believe me, the appeal to the story has not faded, and though I've only just discovered it the story seems to be going in undoubtedly going to an interested place. The only other criticism that I have (and understand if you don't take seriously as most likely haven't written as much as you) is that, magically, Lily seems to be headed for Mary Sue territory. I understand there is a reason for this as she is mentioned in a prophecy, and she probably has good basis to be. When reading a story I usually try to note the characters flaws; for Lily I could only seem to come up with three stubborn, lack of self-control, lack of decorum, and being inadequate at Potions? Forgive me if I am wrong and there is more then I found, but while she does have those flaws she has never really seemed to have to face a consequence of failure. I'll cut this off before it gets too long, and feel free to ignore what I have typed as it is your story. Regardless, please do not abandon what you have and see it through to the end. It is too great a story to be left without an ending.
Haruhi-chan131 chapter 32 . 4/14
This was so good! I'm glad you are still continuing this story because I love it so much! This was a great chapter and I loved every minute of it lol to the point where I was sad when I realized I was already at the end of the page. I can't wait to read the next chapter and see how exactly this will end for Lily. Because it does not sound good if she does for sure take on this deal, who knows what he'll make her do.
Have a nice day,
Guest chapter 32 . 4/13
This was actually a really cool update, I'm definitely gonna need to go back and reread everything when I have a chance tho. Thanks
SPECKto Patronum chapter 32 . 4/13
Ppp, i read it the day you posted it but I couldn't review until today. Sorry. You have great talent and when I first read your fic I was delighted by it but I had a great disappointment when I realized the last time you post something was a year ago and so I thought that was it. Imagine my surprise when I found out you it was back. Please, don't leave.
From a hopeful reader to a brilliant writer.
Mariana chapter 32 . 4/13
Hello! I am mexican and I just want to tell you that I love your story. I really hope you can find more time to write and update sooner, although I understand that sometimes its kind of impossible to. Please dont stop updating there is a lot of people that love this story and we really want to continue reading till the end, no matter how much we have to wait.
Have a good day.
Guest chapter 32 . 4/12
Thank you for continuing this! Please don't think we're outgrowing it, I'm always excited to see an update from you.
ISSTIAUTNG chapter 32 . 4/12
As always, another well-crafted and well-written chapter. I was so happy to see an update that I went back and re-read the story. There are many interesting threads that I look forward to reading more about, and hope that the next chapter will be uploaded more quickly than this one.

That being said, I must admit that I find your rationale regarding the story frustrating. Surely the number of readers and fans is less important than the loyalty and level of interest held by those who stand by the story in its twelve years? I'm sorry for my harshness, but I believe it is natural for reviews to decrease when months and years go by between updates. I have been a fan of the story for years, though I haven't always reviewed, and the presence of fans following you and this story on other platforms (Facebook, namely) should demonstrate the loyalty surrounding this story. I'm sorry that the numbers are disheartening, but you do the story and your readers a disservice by dismissing our interest.

Your writing is, as per usual, captivating, and I look forward to the next installment!
velvet martini chapter 32 . 4/12
Hey, loved the update - please don't stop writing the story before it's planned end! It'd be a shame to not get to the end! Looking forward to the next update :)
black16lily chapter 32 . 4/12
Loved this chapter! Can't wait to
EBB - Sonnet 43 chapter 32 . 4/11
I think this story is wonderful and have been enjoying reading it for years. I'm sorry your reviews haven't been up to what you've become accustomed to, but I urge you not to discontinue this story because of that. You have many readers who love this story, so please don't punish those of us who are still interested because the volume isn't exactly the same for every chapter you post. This is a lovely, unique story with lots of heart and I'm eagerly looking forward to the next installment.
whitedwarf chapter 32 . 4/11
I'm really wondering at this point if Lily has made an accurate assessment of her own dulling abilities. Is she being arrogant? I mean, I guess she hasn't really ever seen a real wizard's duel, has she? But then again, having watched the other students in class and what they were capable of she didn't see intimidated either. So I'm wondering if perhaps I'M underestimating her abilities :D

I can't wait for Snape to find out about her and James, really, I can't. He thought he hated Lily with Frank? Ha! And his shock to learn that James knew her long before he did? And as a muggle no less? He can hardly pretend that James didn't fall in love with Lily for who she is, not what she can do or her abilities, can he? Will that realisation and confrontation be at all soon in coming? Because I also can't wait to see James' reaction to Severus being the one to teach her defence :D

Can't wait for more! It's brilliant!
Emma chapter 32 . 4/11
omg this was delightful! I can't wait to hear how the duel goes down. I've been following this story since it's beginnings and feel nostalgic and excited with each update.
Guest chapter 32 . 4/11
Please don't give up writing this story! Even as I get older it's nice to have this little world to come back to!
Jen-nay chapter 32 . 4/11
You can't leave a story unfinished! I patiently await every update And there's nothing worse than waiting for an end that'll never come!
On that note, I can't wait to see how the breakup with Frank plays out and Dumbledore's reaction to it.
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