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Haruhi-chan131 chapter 29 . 8/27
Yay an update! This was a great chapter! I just love how Lily proved everyone wrong because they pretty much underestimated her into thinking since she is new she does not know how to properly do magic! So good for her, but oh no she did not get to meet with James! Is this going to put an even bigger rut to their relationship?
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Guest chapter 29 . 8/27
There are no words... I'm so happy... If I died now I would be happy... But really almost 7 months and no L/J?
Supergoddad chapter 14 . 8/27
I do wonder when we will see James again and how he will react to all the events that have taken place.
Escapingthisworldwithfiction chapter 29 . 8/27
I'm loving this story and I am so glad you updated! I can't wait for the next chapter
Supergoddad chapter 10 . 8/27
I'm sorry I haven't made time to leave a review. I was just so stuck in the story I couldn't stop reading. I don't know what made me stop now, but I can assure you, it's a beautiful story. I have every intention to read until whatever end you see fit for the story. I will see you on the next review!
- Supergoddad
Guest chapter 29 . 8/27
It was great to read this chapter! Hopefully next one will come faster ;-)
AngelfromBeyondBelow chapter 29 . 8/27
Awesome chapter! :) I can't wait to see the interaction between James and Lily after she has not come, and what happens at Emmeline's party. I also loved Lily's interactions with Snape in this chapter and the way that she proved her own ability at charms.
bookloverforevah18 chapter 29 . 8/27
I'm so happy to see that you've not not decided to stop writing this story even it has been ten fricking years. You sure do have alot of patience hun.

Awesome chapter. Poor James. I really feel for him. Lily screw your head back on together.
Anon chapter 29 . 8/26
So happy this story is still going! I love it so much!
hennokappa chapter 29 . 8/26
I was so excited to get the email notification that this story had been updated! You've managed to give great character to each of the new individuals that you've introduced in this chapter, despite their short appearances, and I can't wait to see how Lily's relationship develops with Rue, Nyphadora and Regulus. Also, James is a git and it serves him right to be kept waiting. Looking forward to your next update!
Guest chapter 29 . 8/26
I loved this chapter, although it was a little hard keeping up with everyone's names because so many people were introduced at once. I hope you continue reintroducing people in the following chapters (to the readers, not lily obviously because she, unlike me has an eidetic memory). Overall i am very impressed that you have managed to keep the tone throughout the story consistent despite writing it for nearly a decade. That must have required a lot of forward planning so bravo.

Having just recently reread this story in its entirety, its been slightly bugging me that lily's mind reading ability seems to have disappeared. I would really appreciate if you could explain why that it just to tie up the loose end. Even if you just explain it is as a manifestation of lily's raw magic, that would be great.

I'm also loving that most of the friends that lily has made are male so far, i can imagine that is really going to bother james and delight the tabloid newspapers in the next few chapters. But at the same time i hope lily doesn't become one of those girls that complains about how most women are bitchy and social climbing (in fact it would be really funny to subvert the stereotype and have lily meet a male who wants to befriend her to further his own popularity).

sorry for this rambly review. i look forward to the next chapter. i hope you update soon. (also as a little request, i would like to hear whats happening on the war front again, it hasent been mentioned for a while)
Beaner883 chapter 29 . 8/26
I really hope you update again soon. I'm in love with all your characters.
toolazytologin chapter 29 . 8/26
Alymariet chapter 29 . 8/26
It ended too soon! I love it, but I am dying for some lily-James drama/romance! I also love that snape have her his book! 3 loving every moment, hope the next chapter comes sooner than later, though I'll still be here waiting either way! :)
SparkyPlug chapter 29 . 8/26
Aeeee! :) I'll do my best to make a post (with pictures) on Tumblr. Please update soon. Really want to see Harry soon, or a little more jily. :) love it so far!
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