Reviews for For Love and Honor
HartleySkarsgard chapter 17 . 7/16
12 years since the last update but dammit if I'm not bummed this has been abandoned :/
censoredentity chapter 17 . 5/21
Inu-bitch chapter 17 . 5/9
Update soon please
tyrannicpuppy chapter 17 . 4/30
Well damn, that was a hell of a ride. I read the first chapter while waiting for my lunch and it seemed so promising I couldn't wait to get home and keep reading.

Then, chapter two and three happened. Talk about taking a turn. I mean, damn! I was worried what I had gotten myself into.

You threw some amazing twists, and now I can't say I've never read a story where they are around after being at the attack. I thought I was so original with my idea for that.

The Order, I have serious misgivings about. Every one of them. The Ministry is in typical form. I'm bummed out that we haven't seen the Dursley comeuppance yet. I want to watch that bastard suffer.

It's most probably wishful thinking after such a long time, but I really hope you come back to this story some time. I want to read the rest of it. Harry's concentration seems to be getting close and I want to see him in action now with the changes.
Lizzarnia5887 chapter 17 . 4/23
I love this story! I'm sad that you haven't updated in awhile. So I hope you update soon
Lizzarnia5887 chapter 3 . 4/22
I thought hermiones father was Johnathan not james
NightApproaches chapter 1 . 4/14
1. Evil Dumbledore is manipulative and evil.
2. E.D manipulatively convinces everyone that Hermione is a murderer.
3. Give her verituserum.
4. Doesn't believe anything she says.
5. Stopped reading this story because of reasons.
observentuser chapter 17 . 4/9
Loving the story. Hoping (fingers crossed) that it is just on an extended hiatus :-)
stefanie1955 chapter 1 . 4/4
Omg xD This is going to be so interesting. I am reading this with the full knowledge that it has not been finished, but I shall enjoy what has been written.
TakemyKryptonite chapter 17 . 3/23
I give you 10000 points for writing this story. But I'm also taking it away because you stopped midway. :(
Paddybee chapter 17 . 2/24
More please!. This is lovely.
Guest chapter 17 . 2/11
Isn't it just awkward when you love a story that hasn't been updated in 12 years? -_-
Guest chapter 17 . 1/28
Oh no! What happened to this incredible fanfic?!
You can't leave us hanging
DarkBloodWolf13 chapter 17 . 1/19
I adore this story, and I really hope you find the time to continue it. I’m fascinated by it; I’d love to know what happens.
NorGuard chapter 1 . 1/7
God. i want to read this. but i cant. it has been dead for 12 years in azkaban. hehe sorry.
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