Reviews for For Love and Honor
SimplyAdventures chapter 1 . 8/24
So good
PrinceFroze chapter 17 . 8/21
This is killing me ! Years years since a new chapter I knew going into this I knew it but come on ..
JK chapter 17 . 8/14
It was brutal then, finally, it was beautiful. It was agonising to read about all the pain Harry quietly, for the most part, yet bravely endured. It was both sad and heart warming to read about the love shared between Harry and Hermione and the deep level of care and concern they have for each other. It was devastating to be reminded of Sirius' departure from Harry's life when they should all be together as one big family. It was lovely to see the playful but ever loving interaction between James and his wife Lily. I was delighted by the way they care for, seek to nurture and protect Hermione like their own daughter and how easily and readily they accepted her. It was brilliant to see that after all this time James and Lily still love their son so much and would just about do anything for him but are ready to be a positive morally guiding force for Harry and keep him out of serious trouble. I was never really sure how I felt about James as a character but seeing the love he has for his family and his friends, the lengths he's willing to go to save them, his own hero complex, and his quick wit, sense of humour, affable personality and devotion to those he loves, not to mention his ingenuity and resourcefulness when it comes to solving problems makes him immensely likeable. I like how Hermione stood up for Harry to her parents, how she stood up for herself in front of the Order. I love strong, brilliant, perfectly capable independent Hermione Granger who also has an intense need or desire to be truly loved by someone important to her. The care and compassion she demonstrates towards loved ones and even those she doesn't know, not judging Harry's parents straight away was remarkably brilliant. I hope this perfect balance of needing to be in a loving relationship whilst also being skilled, talented, intelligent and powerful enough to protect herself and her loved ones without relying on Harry or another man to save her all the time continues because it's wonderful. For the first time Harry and Hermione are truly equals. The power dynamic between the couple is finally balanced where neither one fones across as bein superior to the other. They have their own identities and abilities and whilst they do need each other, they can also maintain their indeoendence and survive on their own. The way their romantic love is developing out of friendship is so pure and so beautiful, so comforting and healing it feels so natural and right. Like they're meant to be in a way that doesn't follow conventional fanfic and writing tropes or clichès. It's not overly sappy, but it's not full of explosive but pointless and unnecessary conflict and drama. The main protagonists have somehow managed to handle an incredibly difficult situation with a lot of maturity and intelligence. I don't like the Dursley's or Dumbledore. They're the perfect villains, brilliantly written and portrayed in a rather scary manner by the author of this fic. I would love to see more friendly interactions with the goblins. I like fanfics that give other sentient magical creatures a chance to shine a little bit but mostly I just love the way these characters are written in this fic and the way their interactions continue to unfold. It's teasing, it's playful, it's charming, it's sweet, it's wonderful when master manipulators and abusers aren't around to ruin things. Honestly, I just can't wait to see how more of the story unfolds and continue following the rest of the plot because I'm hooked on this story. It's addictive to read. Everything is executed brilliantly by the author and it's turning out to be a fantastic read if you can just get over some of the Dark content that should probably come with a few trigger warnings. If you can keep open minded a d push past any initial mental discomfort and keep reading you should because it is totally worth it. I love the story even if parts of it made me apprehensive, angry, or sad for the characters in the story. I just want to keep reading and reading it right to the very end. The author is an underrated underappreciated genius and I envy their creative brilliance. Overall, it's excellent. Please, people should, no need, to read on and follow the story.
Deehan Haq chapter 16 . 7/15
Sometimes it's so peculiar to see wizards' inability to consider mundane solutions :") Lily could very easily find high quality bio-friendly paint for those contacts, and ghat wouldn’t obstruct the view as they're solid metal irises anyway, and wouldn’t interfere with magic either because no electronics
Eagle-Eyes chapter 17 . 4/15
Great story...

Hope it continues..

Keep writing as life allows...
rolandrichardson16 chapter 2 . 4/15
What the fuck is wrong with you? Seriously. The first chapter is pretty good and then the second comes around and it's acid getting poured Into MY eyes because I have to read this shit.

If you're going to write torture porn then you damn well better tell us RIGHT at the beginning.
metameric1 chapter 17 . 3/30
2006... well, I can safely assume that this has effectively come to its end. Nonetheless it has been a magnificent ride and I honestly thank you for your work. This tale is top shelf and it leaves me happy that there is evidence of real talent out there despite an ocean of mediocrity.
Samurai Ladybug chapter 17 . 3/11
Anitaxp chapter 17 . 2/2
This was a great discovery! I just wish it was finished, but either way is still a great story. Thank you for sharing!
LCat chapter 17 . 12/6/2022
Hope you are well. I really like your story. Maybe one day you could finish it.
ggf1 chapter 17 . 10/7/2022
Just reread. The premise that Dumledore lied to James and Lilly is interesting.

Brit4Shains chapter 17 . 10/3/2022
Too bad this was never finished, and based on the dates, highly unlikely that it might be...

Oh well...
Raeven chapter 17 . 7/9/2022
Please update
Guest chapter 1 . 6/12/2022
This story is a confusing mass of suck, made it to chapter 7 before giving up, just awful.
Bast Misao chapter 17 . 6/6/2022
I like this story, but are you ever going to finish it?
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