Reviews for Why?
Amethyst185 chapter 1 . 12/27/2005
Thank you for addressing me, even though it isn't allowed. It made me very happy! Now, as you can see, I have registered.

As usual, you did Raiha's character well. For example, it seems just like Raiha to kill people because they talked ill of Kurei, since he always seemed to go to extremes whenever Kurei is concerned. He would surely have killed Mokuren if he had heard his speculation concerning his loyalty. That thought made me grin a little. Too bad he didn't hear it...

I found it interesting though that Jisho asked Raiha more than once about his devotion to Kurei, since I had thought of him as not being so curious because he seemed so quiet.

I also liked Neon's first conversation with Raiha. He was so nice to compliment her fighting, especially since he was the one who was initially shocked that she wanted to join the Jyushinshuu. It also showed that Raiha doesn't elaborate when speaking. Neon almost had to wrestle every bit of information from him. It surprised me when Raiha only mentioned that he would use the Raijin in one circumstance, to save Kurei should he need it. I thought he would also mention the destined battle between the Raijin and Fuujin, but maybe he learned about that later on or didn't count on it at that moment, since he didn't know whether the Fuujin had been acquired by someone or not. Their second conversation was also nice, especially when Neon gave Raiha a new mission in life, telling him how he could still help Kurei even after Mori Koran was dealt with.

I was slightly taken aback when Joker asked Kurei what none of the others had dared to ask him. Then again, it does make sense that if someone were to ask him, it would have to be Joker; he is often very blunt when talking to Kurei. I was even more surprised when Kurei told him the reason. What possessed him to do that? I don't understand why he would tell him of all people, since Joker joined him on the condition that he could quit whenever he pleased, which means that he could also switch sides and become an ally of Mori Koran's. I thought that Raiha might have told Kurei because he thought he would keep the info secret. In my opinion, Kurei didn't have the right to tell Joker since he knew that it was something that Raiha didn't want people to know. Saying that it was none of his business was the answer I was expecting from Kurei.