Reviews for Abyssus
KidzRule chapter 35 . 6/20
GREAT final chapter!

Final verdict: EPIC story, though it has a few faults - the ones mentioend in my earlier Reviews plus Kakashi's semi-O.O. - but these faults don't completely ruin all enjoyment of this fic. And your writing is really good! :D
KidzRule chapter 34 . 6/20
What. The. Fuck?! This chapter started off awesome thanks to Kakashi's fury, but Snape REALLY being evil ruined it for me. Woulda been better if he'd have been a cruel bastard yet not downright evil...
KidzRule chapter 33 . 6/20
Wow. :D
KidzRule chapter 30 . 6/20
*cackles* Gai is the best!
KidzRule chapter 26 . 6/20
*takes a page out of little sister's book by punching Marcus out cold*
KidzRule chapter 25 . 6/20
Seriously? You coulda had at least the team-leader Slytherin be a good person!
KidzRule chapter 23 . 6/20
No. Just... no. NO WAY can Sirius take on ANBU Kakashi without getting killed. And I thought they'd had a conversation - well, Kakashi got Sirius to talk - ages ago?
KidzRule chapter 22 . 6/20
*facepalms* Dammit, Sirius! What an idiot...
KidzRule chapter 21 . 6/20
Why the hell does Hermione get a stupid healing technique instead of a minor water or earth jutsu?! ...I guess this means Kakashi thinks she's worthless. Except that doesn't make sense as he earlier said Hermione's smart. *confused look*
KidzRule chapter 20 . 6/20
What did Gai blackmail Kakashi with to get him to do that?
KidzRule chapter 19 . 6/20
Ah, Kakashi the badass teacher!
So that's what Gai's up to!
KidzRule chapter 18 . 6/20
Amazing... I didn't see this coming! :D
KidzRule chapter 15 . 6/20
AWESOMENESS! *grins Obito-style*
KidzRule chapter 14 . 6/20
GENIUS idea! :D
KidzRule chapter 13 . 6/20
I'm kinda pissed off that Snape is evil in this. But at the same time, not pissed off since he IS evil in canon. ...Screw it; I don't care!
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