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A Horse Called Hwin chapter 7 . 9/28/2006
Long but GREAT story! And... Ha! I knew Alexander had missed the gigantic problem with Olympias! Poor fellow, too content to realize that sooner, heh...

The description of the characters are very exquisite and detailed, and this is just the exact ending I've been contemplating for Alexander had Hephaestion not died.

Splendid story and enjoyable to read!
Norrsken chapter 7 . 4/17/2006
What a wonderful conclusion. Alexander at long last learns the very high price he must pay for the resurrection of his beloved Hephaestion. I'm happy to see that after a hard struggle with himself he realizes there are things more important than his pothos and longings for endless wars and conquests. The Ivory Eros is a most demanding master. What he asks from Alexander is the things that are hardest for him to give up! At the same time he saves the King from himself and the Unlucky Fate is averted.

This is what I would have liked for our friends in *real* history. A happy return to their native country, living in domestic bliss. Through the AR concept and your clever imagination this has been made possible!

Only one thing makes me feel sorry. You give Hephaestion such a big and happy family to return to. Due to dynastic troubles and power for struggle the only one waiting for Alexander is - the Queen Olympias! Something tells me their reunion won't be all that happy...

All the best wishes,

Norrsken chapter 4 . 4/14/2006
Hello moon 71,

This is such a wonderful AR, using its possibilities to the very best. I just love your clever blend of Greek Mythology and *real* history in your wonderful resurrection of Hephaestion. Losing his memory by drinking from the Waters of Lethe seems like a curse - but it also gives him a truly new life! It's quiet a humorous touch, letting him confront his detractors again, asking them why they did hold such dislike for him. No wonder Eumenes was speechless!

It's most exciting, Hephaestion having to start all from *scratch*, exploring all the facets of life and his powerful position as a new and IMO better man! He has even forgotten his love for his Beautiful Golden One - but fortunately all comes back to him again.

Your Ivory Eros surely is a good and beneficial deity, very far from the Evil Discord in your other story.

I like this story a lot, you being able to give our friends a new and happy life together by means of the AR concept. It has become one of my very favorites in the Alexander universe.

All the best wishes,

purple lolly chapter 7 . 2/27/2006
I love this story when i first read it I almost (ok then did) cried :(

It was that moving.

Also a really cool twist at the end left me wondering what was said.
Joyeee chapter 7 . 1/8/2006
I'm so behind with this review, but I'm also glad to see that you've got several more stories up, weehee! As to this final chapter, it's so sweet, and I'm always very impressed how deftly you combine humor with the other emotions, especially the ones that are so commonly depicted with, well, anst - love and uncertainty in love, family relations, etc. Alexander's glorious conquests have ended, but this chapter opens up so many new doors for them - family, navigating politics back in Macedon, wives and maybe children... Are those doors open for future stories too? (Pretty please?) Again, thanks so much for sharing your work!
parisad chapter 7 . 12/29/2005
Sorry for commenting so late...Do you know how I loved this story? It's very beautiful and sweet in some way. And you managed to put a little amusement at the end, with the mention of Alexander's mother.

Good work really!
RedRaiderHottie chapter 7 . 12/25/2005
that was such a great should do a sequal...i would really like to read alexander's mother's reaction to his return and heph's interaction with his are a good writer and i'm looking forward to reading more stories from you...thank you for the wonderful christmas gift
Trust No One chapter 7 . 12/25/2005
Great finish to a very fresh story. I was a bit surprised that Hephaistion decides against taking Drypetis with him, but you did kinda leave the door open there saying that Alexander would assess the situation first before deciding. The last line was quite amusing, I can just imagine Olyimpias' (Angelina Jolie's) face here. I hope to see more from you soon, you pulled off the combination of angst and humour very neatly.
Fredericka chapter 7 . 12/24/2005
Thank you so much for finishing this for Christmas! And...Alexander's exclamation at the end? Is that a TBC?

I too was very disappointed in the recently-read (well, skimmed really) "Queen of the Amazons." After reading "Lord of the Two Lands" I eagerly checked it out from the library and it was almost as if a different author wrote it! Leads me to believe that "Lord" owed much of its excellence to Dr Reemes-Zimmermann’s collaboration. Reads rather like a first draft.

Will be e-mailing you for that list and again, thank you for sharing your delightful fiction with us.

Hope you have a very Merry Christmas and that the New Year brings you all good things.

CoralDawn chapter 7 . 12/24/2005
Great story and a most satisfactory ending! I love the way this story slowly interweaves the myth of the Odyssey - the "other" Homer epic! The struggles are not so much physical here, but mental and emotional on Alexander's part as he slowly reaches understanding over almost a year since Hephaistion's "rebirth". And I can't help but feel that Olympias is going to be most unhappy about her son coming back to Pella instead of her going to Babylon. Perhaps Alexander can ship her off to Babylon when he reaches Pella? LOL!

I agree with your sentiments about the historical Ptolemy - he definitely was a shrewd one who managed to come out way ahead. He also seems to have suppressed history as far as Thais' encouragment about the burning of the Persepolis palace is concerned! On the other hand, I find Selecus, the other great dynastic founder, whose Perisan marriage was happy and lasting, to be more straightforward. The reason I don't like the historical Perdicass too much is his support of Roxana's murdering Darius' two daughters within days of Alexander's death. But as for not too much mention of Hephaistion by Ptolemy or anyone else, my theory is that once Alexander became King, he very actively discouraged personal stories about Hephaistion and him from spreading, and kept their physical relationship very, very much under wraps. Perhaps he wanted the adult Hephaistion's identity to be that of the dearest "friend" and not the King's "eromenos"? Otherwise, why is there no mention about them being lovers in the primary sources, especially once the Persian campaign started?

I ordered "Lord of the Two Lands." Unfortunately, Menen's book seems to be out-of-print. I'll try the publishers for "The Golden Vine" - previously I shied away from this because of the Amazon prices! (Here's a website for those interested:

Hope to see more stories from you! Have a very happy New Year!
Baliansword chapter 7 . 12/24/2005
I love where you have taken the story. I am going to miss the updates though.

I am glad that Alexander will be leaving with Hephaestion. I do, at the same time, feel a little sad for Bagoas. Yet at the same time I still think Hephaestion and Alexander are the best couple. I'm glad you let Alexander stay with him.

I like your ending. It would be interesting to see how Olympias reacts to her son coming home. I'm in the process of writing something along those lines now. Anyways, the only other thing that I would have liked to known was what Hephaestion saw. I'm just curious like that.

I hope to see more of your work soon. You have a friend always. Great job, I applaud you.

Queendel chapter 7 . 12/24/2005
A wonderful conclusion to an enthralling fic. Since we know the future, I guess Eros price was not too great for either Alexander or Heph to pay, as they are both alive, in love and going home.

Heph is so happy that it is wonderful to see him expressing such joy, and Alexander, although giving up a life of glory, still seems contented to be with his Heph. And I love it that Alexander now only have sexual desire and passion only for Heph.

It was very funny at the end when Alexander thought that the only drawback to returning to Macedonia will be his mother *LOL*

Thanks for sharing. Looking forward to more fics soon.

Have a blessed Christmas and a successful new year.
Baliansword chapter 6 . 12/24/2005
First of all I have to say that I love Hylas. New characters are fun, when used right. I made an entire story using an OC character, so don't feel pressured. Its rather refreshing to have another view.

I enjoyed this update. I liked the use of Ptolemy and Peridicuss. Most of the time when these two characters are used they are not very complex. I think you did a wonderful job of making them people instead of just filler space.

I almost felt bad for Bagoas, however, that ended when I remembered that he was Bagoas. His situation is terrible. I can feel his pain. At the same time I still favor Hephaestion though, so he doesn't get too much sympathy.

I just want to strangle Alexander at the end when he leaves Hephaestion. I don't know why, but it seems as if he may be reverting back to the Alexander that almost lost Hephaestion in Ecbatana. I'm not sure where he will go though.

Great update, hope to hear more from you soon.

Trust No One chapter 6 . 12/24/2005
Hm, the price is getting quite dear. Alexander shows all signs of wanting to give it all up and follow Hephaistion. And he wants to do it now. He doesn't understand that both himself and Hephaistion probably need a little time apart, in order not to mar Alexander's (possible) choice bu resentment later. But, because he is Alexander, he can't help but wanting everything now! Or maybe you have something entirely different in mind and are laughing at my clumsy presumptions. Btw, before I forget, like I did when i reviewed the other chapters: loved how you weaved the Odyssey into this story.
Joyeee chapter 6 . 12/23/2005
Ack, in the last review I meant no other Bodyguard besides H., not Companion. Sorry! I'm very glad you like long reviews!

Sidenote: Heh, often through "The Persian Boy" I wanted to scream something on Hephaestion's behalf - not that he needed it, or that he would have wanted someone else to speak for him.

More of the supporting characters, yay! Perdiccas is very perceptive and one can tell that he prefers action to waiting around. It wasn't for nothing he was the first regent after Alexander's death. I'm glad you had him say all that, because I think in most fics those insights would've been given to Ptolemy. Ptolemy might seem like he's not as willing to face the hard truth, but this ability to let go helped him secure Egypt and, alone among all Alexander's would-be successors, die peacefully in old age. He has his qualms about Hephaestion - that line "The dead can't look at you, can't smile at you . . . can't insist they're quite content as you strip them of all the honours they fought for." is great! Despite his relatively nonchalant appearance, he does care. But since he can't fix the situation, he'll make the best of it he can, and not trouble himself about it more than he can help.

If Ptolemy can feel this, what is Alexander thinking? Is he thinking at all? (Feeling the urge to scream on Hephaestion's behalf again, though no one would appreciate it . . .) He starts building a connection with Stateira, then cuts it off just because she didn't stop Hephaestion and Drypetis from getting close, which was something he wanted in the first place. Stateira, Bagoas, Hephaestion . . . Even after his epiphany that he just might go home, he seems . . . self-absorbed, cruel, even. I don't think that's what Eros wanted, especially since, as you wrote, he left his room to escape Eros' gaze.

A major figure of the world stage at that time, who should have died, is now alive, but certain things still must happen - Eros said something about having to keep balance. So Perdiccas still becomes second-in-command. Ptolemy's suspicion of the water (that Glaucas blamed for H's death?) is a neat touch too. The parallels you keep drawing between your story and the history are cool, and like the mythological background, really enrich your wonderful story!
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