Reviews for Imprisoned Realm
Kris chapter 55 . 8/29/2020
A lovely intricate plot!
Stan chapter 55 . 8/14/2020
One of the best HP fanfiction, EVER!
LoveHP chapter 54 . 8/12/2020
Hi Chronic-Insomnia,
I can't PM you, hence why I'm writing a reply to you here.

First of all, which Harry are you referring to as all forgive and forget? Both have certainly not forgiven or forgotton.

Canon!Harry defo has PTSD dulled down with the use of the Tentibus Mentis Potion, but he certainly does not want to revisit the past and doesn't want to talk about it. Yes He'd love to see his Mirror family again, but a part of him wants to leave that world in the past. He has his own life. He is healing and happier than he has ever been in his entire life.

Mirror!Harry has not forgiven and has will never forget. He will never be okay, unlike his counterpart, but he can at least start to heal a little with the support of his parents. What have they done to him, besides believe he was a murderer? Harry knew what he was getting into when he kept up with the deceit.

He has taken out his revenge on the Notorious Thirteen, especially Bellatrix, who had suffered a fate worse than death.

Chronic-Insomnia chapter 55 . 8/12/2020
Bit of a lackluster payoff for a story that was 95% depressing grimderp. I guess it's all forgive and forget after everything he went through.
Andrew MacKenzie chapter 53 . 8/9/2020
*I had to post this two chapters before as your new update states I already posted for it*

I had thought this to be finished. It is nice to see an epilogue. I had picked this up many a year ago and it is quick the epic. Glad you finished it!
Scarlett Woman chapter 55 . 8/8/2020
Congratulations . It makes me feel old to have read this from the very start. It may not be the best fic but it was as original as you could get it. That takes a lot out of a writer especially with the path you choose for Harry. Well done!
CMVreud chapter 55 . 8/6/2020
Hooo~ what a ride.
wujuninja chapter 13 . 6/13/2020
Harry got raped. part of me died in pain
Guest chapter 55 . 5/21/2020
What an incredibly creative and dramatic story! Every bit of it was written very well. Wish you all the best!
Guest chapter 44 . 4/9/2020
Well this js going to be a very mixed review. Ive tried reading this story like half a dozen times. Ive never made it past the first few chapters until this current attempt.

The first few chapters arnt bad, but more so overwhelming in terms of getting into a story. Too many sides, too much minutia. But get through them and the story picks up significantly. Its actually pretty good for a while there. Its not perfect, it has some silly decisions, the action scenes as a whole are rarely clear. But the story is interesting, the tone consistent, the plot was even creative.
Somewhere around the halfway point of the story the quality begins falling. Cheap filler moments, silly out of character reactions, poorly written bits. Honestly about 5 to 10 chapters of pointless and not necessary bits. But over all it was still decent.
The past few chapters before my review have become a slog. The action is poorly written(which is fine, ive read good stories with mediocre action because the rest is worth it) and the important characters are all just being annoying and dramatic for no reason. Things are happening entirely out of characterization just to advance an increasingly convoluted and unnecessary storyline. Main Harrys arc was very good, but has become an utter mess. I find myself skimming stuff that you likely spent plenty of time working on because it feels utterly pointless. Everytime you set a conflict, resolution and growth for a character, you just undo it for no reason. Im finding no satisfaction in reading this story anymore. And i feel that its a shame because there was some real quality and creativity in parts of the story.
Im going to try and continue this, but if nothing major changes in the next bit, Im out.

Eitherway, thanks for sharing. Sorry for criticizing.
Hiraya1998 chapter 55 . 4/5/2020
Im glad I read this one. Stay safe
lemon-rind chapter 2 . 3/27/2020
Interesting premise, nice job.
Lets see what happens next
sohamzone chapter 55 . 3/15/2020
Amazing story. Wonder what happened to Fawkes in the Mirror Universe
adamantiumsleep chapter 55 . 2/26/2020
Very gripping, original and intense story.
Love Dimension/Time travel premises and this delivered well.

I have to admit though that the middle felt repetitive/going in circles. Some characters were in the annoying side and had no development. (Michael, James)

It makes up for it in originality and grit, I enjoy stories with a bit more range into the darker parts of life and this story does it well without glorifying it.

Harry and Mirror ended up being terrible pushovers and weak considering that they have sort of godlike power. Making them Mages and then have them suppressed anytime it would matter feels stupid, why have the concept at all.

And dangling the old Knowledge of the Goblins about the Peverell Mage in front of the reader and then have Harry never know was aggravating.

I wish the return had happened after two thirds of the story instead of the end. It would have been cool to have Harry depart before the great showdown, have his own war with his new abilities and experiences and then hear back from mirror harry how it went or meet them again.

Well worth a read, a breath of fresh air.
Thank you for writing.
Azure Shine chapter 39 . 1/29/2020
uhhh great
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