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Truth seeker45 chapter 1 . 4/7/2015
Wow... Pretty amazing. I'm impressed with your writing skills. I don't know many people who are this talented in English. By the way, I'm also a fellow Malaysian with abilities that is mostly involved in English. I don't normally write stories and upload them online, especially chapters as much as yours. But given in this fanfic, I feel like I'm not the only Malaysian who likes writing fanfic. Keep up on the good work. Interesting characters and personalities... I hope this could boost up your motivation.

Young fellow Malaysian
MasterShaper chapter 1 . 9/5/2012
Most interesting. It's rare that I find Malaysian fanfiction writers with this level of grammar and proficiency.

(not that I'm the greatest writer out there to judge, but I've learned from my mistakes)

Hmm, in all honesty won't be reading this one in great detail since I'm distracted by a story of my own that's murder to write (and some annoying things called exams and assignments), but I'd just like to congratulate you on your work thus far.

Hopefully we'll see more stuff from you in the near future.

A fellow Malaysian
titan616 chapter 37 . 4/1/2012
Wow, a fullmetal Alchemist reference this chapter, nice. I'm glad you decided to use Dagomon, he's awesome and it was a shame they didn't do anything else with him in 02. This is a great fanfiction, and the final chapters of the Deception Arc were especially good.
Marrilyn chapter 27 . 12/12/2011
So that's what JD do. Now I kinda hate him now for a bit. I know a guy like that and he's a motherfucking bastard. Unfortunatelly he hasn't changed like JD did.

Oh, I'm such a Archnemon lover! I love that digimon! Thanks for putting her here.

I'm glad that JD and Liu Ying are friends now. Jus tone thingy I wanted to say - I'd die to have Liu Ying's telekinesis. It's just a perfect power. That or Adam's teleportation. All their powers actually. They'd be great for cheating during the test.

R.L. Stine, Fear Street... Are you fucking kidding me? I love that series. Stine rocks! Finally Liu Ying and I have something in common. I really like your story for that reason as well - I have things in common with your characters and it helps me relate to them. It's like I'm reading my and my friends' adventure ibstead of some made up story.

"How can you read this? There's no picture."

I used to think that way about books, too. That's until I borrowed R.L. Stine's "Dear Diary, I'm dead" (I'm not sure it's the esact title) and saw that reading isn't all that bad. Now I enjoy it. I'm currently reading book four or Harry Potter.

But spiders aren't bugs...

What kind of school has the right to tell the students what kind of hair length they can have? Military school?
Marrilyn chapter 26 . 11/5/2011
That Emily girl seemed to like Manny. Funny, I never imagined him as a big guy - in my mind he's skinny and avaredge height.

Poor JD and Manny, getting punched. I really liked JD in this chapter, he seems like a nice person. I feel sorry for him due to his family being the way they are...
Marrilyn chapter 25 . 11/3/2011
I was about to take a rest from reading, but the title of this chapter lured me back. It's quite appearing I really like books, stories and show episodes about nightmares coming to life.

So bibik knows about JD and the Digital World? What I like about your story is that you include the family into the plot as well.

How can the doctor get Adam's approval if he's under 18? Or is he not a mnior anymore is Malaysia?

He then laughed lightly and leaned towards the table beside him and began copying the answers… - sounds like something I'd do in a situation like that. Everyone at my school does it. I laughed at that sentence - first his paper was empty, but then he copied everything from his neighbor XD

Adam's brother? Now that's interesting. I like how you made Tsukimon evolve into Piddomon, I haven't seen a lot of Tsukaimon in fanfiction (or the Digimon anime in general) yet. Great idea!
Marrilyn chapter 24 . 11/3/2011
Wow, never knew Adam had so much power within. That creature that saved them from the Dark Ocean must be Ophanimon.

I'm happy Adam has forgiven JD. I really like JD and I'm glad that he now has new, real friends to hang out with.

I wonder what kind of a history do Liu Ying and JD have... maybe they dated in the past and broke up quite... wildly, so now they seem to kinda hate each other. Or, to putit better, Liu Ying hates JD for something he might've done to her (on purpose or it was an accident).

Poor Sorcerymon got slapped for being a man... you're very naughty, Shutumon. But what do we know, maybe he has the hotts for her because she hits him, like a fetish or something...

I like Adam's use of his powers. I know for sure that any kid his age would use it the same way (I know I would and I'm only two years older than him - I'm 15).

W-w-w-w-w-what? Lisha in a car accident? HOW? No, I want her to be okay, she's one of the best people in your story. She's very nice. Please don't let Adam become an orphan.
Marrilyn chapter 23 . 11/2/2011
"First hate spell, now love charm? I don't believe it." Soo true. Poor guy's been through a lot.

No, JD can't listen to Dagomon. I know he won't. As strange as it may sound, I believe in him and his kindness.
Marrilyn chapter 22 . 10/30/2011
"Woah. Nature Digimon freak show!" XD you go, Penguinmon!

Lilamon kicks ass! I really like her, she's one of my favorite digimon!

"Go Sunshine-Beam yourself," Such a perfect and funny line- Adam can be so funny sometimes.

Wow, wow, wow... PussyCatmon doesn't know how to get them back? I'm sure as hell Adam wouldn't be happy if he found out about that... I hope everything turns out well.
Marrilyn chapter 21 . 10/30/2011
Poor JD. I really feel sorry for him. I know how hard it can be at home - I've been through it. I can sympathize and feel his pain. My family isn't the greatest either.

Adam's older brother? He had an older brother? Will he maybe appear in the fic in the future? I'd like to see him as an enemy or a ghost. Maybe his brother ended up in the Digital World instead of dead.

Hakim's moving away? To Saudi Arabia? Poor kid :(

Dryad General? I think it's either Rosemon or Lotusmon. One of them has to be... or someone fanmade...

Not the Dark Ocean! Everything but the Dark Ocean! I wish they don't get hurt or something... Poor JD...
Guest chapter 20 . 10/30/2011
"Watch it, hamster," Penguinmon warned, and shot a look towards Labramon. "And don't make me spew a nickname on you too; I have one in mind and it certainly is not pleasant to these youngsters' ears."

Penguinmon is so funny. I'd really like to see Labramon's reaction to being called a bitch. I bet it'd be priceless.

Finally Karatenmon got his ass kicked.

"Badly injured, and he's still in his I'm-a-great-general-don't-mess-with-me mode." I really like this line, I could just picture our dear Shutu saying it.

LOL how Shutumon and Sorcerymon mocked Karatenmon. The birdbrain got what he deserved. I'd do anything to see the look on his face when they told him everything. Serves him right! I'm glad he's finaly dead.

Poor JD. I really hope they find a place in their heart for him and forgive him for what he's done. I'm feeling really sorry for him...

I liked this finale. I can now oficially say that my favorite characters here are Shutumon and Sorcerymon, for obvious reasons. The twosome rocks!
Marrilyn chapter 19 . 10/29/2011
"PussyCatmon" XD good one, Penguinmon. I'd die to see TobuCatmon's face when he heard this.

For a second I thought Manny's mom was cheating on his dad and Debbie was forced to cover for her. XD Silly me...

I love Penguinmon, he's awesome. Just a character we needed.

"You can't do this to me!" IceDevimon shrieked; his voice a mixture of surprise, anger and pain.

"Funny, I thought we just did it! Bye now!" Penguinmon replied. "Nyeh, nyeh, nyeh, nyeh, nyeh, nyeh!" The blue penguin then blew raspberries towards the imprisoned IceDevimon.

This is funny. In fact, that whole scene when they pretended to argue was funny. You've really got sense of humor!

Damn! I thought Karatenmon was over and it turns out it were just Shutumon and Sorcerymon in disguise? NOOOO! Damned bird always gets away, I hate him.

I'm starting to like Manny more. He's not that bad after all. He's actually a really nice person and a great friend.

I hope JD becomes kind soon too... I'd like to see him be good.
Marrilyn chapter 18 . 10/29/2011
I saw doctor Abu on one of your pictures - family theme. So does that mean that he and Alisha will end up together? Abu sounds really nice.

"Brat," Shutumon merely huffed.

"Birdbrain," JD retorted with a smirk.

XD their little arguments are funny. I love Shutumon - she reminds me of Toxica (who was my favorite character when I was 10 - and still is, even though I'm 15) so much.
Marrilyn chapter 17 . 10/29/2011
I know how Gaya feels. I've felt that way many times - you want something not to be true, even though you know that it is so you convince yourself it isn't...

I really like how you jumped back and forth from reality and dreams. Those flashbacks are really nicely written and show exactly how Manny's start of darkness was... I love it! This story is getting better and better with every chapter!

I knew there was some goodness in Manny's heart, even though he used Gaya (I'm calling heer that because I find her name hard to spell). And the ending... it rocks, even though I hate cliffhangers. I wonder if Manny will save Gaya.
Marrilyn chapter 16 . 10/29/2011
JD Kamaruzaman... I can't help, but like JD's last name. So unusual, yet so pretty... sounds a bit weird , but nice. I love it!

Gaya cannot be anorexic just because some asshole told her she was fat. She's perfect the way she is. I know that I'm chubby, but I'm myself. So, go Gaya! Nothing wrong with being different than the others.

Jackie is funny. A really great character. Maybe he should sometimes visit the Digital World.

So Adam uses Liu Ying and Gaya's energy for his power. Poro girls, but at least Adam is responsible and can follow the rules. Still, I hope that, if they ever get their powers in real world, that Adam and the girls will use them for personal gain. I really like that.

The design of Satriamon is really great. Looks like a real digimon!

Don't worry, Gaya. I'm an only child and I've gotta tell you - it rocks! Al freedom and fun! No need to worry about being alone, it has its good qualities.

Gaya, Gaya... it's Manny! Don't be fooled by his superficial charm. It's all a lie. He doesn't love you - he's using you! Snap out of it... I hope he doesn't hurt her.
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