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Oathkeeper Zero chapter 56 . 10/20/2007
Live-action DigiWira. Cool to the Nth degree.
PieAnnamay07 chapter 56 . 10/19/2007
Hi again!

And the plot thickens...

I would have reviewed earlier, but my internet's been out for the past dayish.

Very interesting chapter! I can't wait till the next one!

A Faithful Reader,

Bluesv20 chapter 56 . 10/17/2007
I enjoyed this chapter. Oh and yes Erik my name is Jesus. Can't wait for the other five deadly digimon.


jack the ripper chapter 56 . 10/17/2007
Finally , as one would say , a break from the storm. Not sure if it's correct though.

Strangly enough I still think JD will overcome the curse, and teach Persiamon a lesson or 2 about bad behavior. That would be a sight for sour eye , JD as a teachter , teaching Persiamon manners. The hard way that is. Also it pains me to see the cousins splitting up, I always enjoyed seeing them being together and just having fun.

Well I can't argu with Persiamon ( the good one ) whene she said the cure is as bad as the curse itself. But also this chapter is giving me something to think about.

Xianmon can make the curse appear as a cat outside JD's body, maby whene it's off his body one could destroy it, seeing as it might not have a connexion with JD's with quite some luck the combined healing powers of Xianmon and the Saint Siblings could help. But thats just a theorie.

Till next time ;)
Gaurav chapter 55 . 10/15/2007
Dark Wish is an episode of Power Rangers Mystic Force.
PieAnnamay07 chapter 55 . 10/9/2007
M... updateyness! ...Woe, I totally had too much sugar... :P

I don't mind the darker tones. It shows that this story is actually taking things seriously, unlike the ...not so graphic seriousness of the anime... At least I think so...

Hey, can you check out my latest one-shot? I seriously think it's the best one I've ever written, not to mention the longest. If you can count over two thousand words long...

But, I really like the story. You're showing that all things can't possibly come out all pretty and perfect, there has to be some darker tones when you're doing that.

Sorry for being late again. School's stupid!

Hey, my school might go on strike on Monday... :P That'll really suck if they make the school stay till June thirtyeth...

Well, I'll review the next chapter when it comes out!

A Faithful Reader,


jack the ripper chapter 55 . 10/9/2007
What a way to end yet another great arc, Never thought that the Evil Wira could be that cruel. Like I said they were bad to the very core of there being.

Reading this chapter made me look diffendly to the Generals, normally I don't mind if one dies, but after this it's somewhat difficult to see them die, even if they are evil and all.

The cure is as bad as the curse, hmm. Thats food for thought. The way I see it one way to end the curse would be to kill persiamon. Tyhat way the curse would be destroyed from the source,maby a massive fight in witch JD aquires Juara mode and maby end the curse that way. But then again i'm betting that you've got a trick ore 2 up your sleeve for that.

O well, id say: "Suprise me ;)"

Till next time
Bluesv20 chapter 55 . 10/8/2007
I did enjoy seeing a good version of Lucemon always a bad one. And I have an idea of the cure and if I'm right then you are a genius. I can't wait for this next chapter.



P.S: I don't even know your real name I would like to know it if I can that is.
Moronthe2nd chapter 55 . 10/7/2007
Ahahaha. So THAT explains it! Cure is as cruel as the curse huh? I'm thinking it's a sacrificial thing. Ah well. keep writing! Adieu!

P.S-Ahaha. Lucemon was so cool in this chapter XD
Digimon Forever chapter 55 . 10/7/2007
Assalamu Alaikum...

Great chapter! I really like the Brightmoons. Gothic Adam's death by Shawujinmon sacrificing himself was sound justice. The good Persiamon is pregenant? And it's nice that she and Astamon are a couple.

If those Brightmoons were as good as you put them, I'm wondering about how different Phelesmon; Mephistomon; Lilamon, and Karatenmon were from their evil counterparts. I really hope you won't be planning anything like sacrificing Joshua in this story against the Darkshadows!

Then again, it's your story... Take care. Assalamu Alaikum brother...

- Star Otamon
Moronthe2nd chapter 54 . 10/4/2007
0.o Woow. That was just CREEPY. Okay...So what does the gothic counterparts have anything to do with the plotline? Or JD's tattoo, for that matter? I somehow think there's going to be this world-colliding thing...
Digimon Forever chapter 54 . 10/4/2007
Assalamu Alaikum brother...

Ouch... I hate gothic looks! So I think I hate the evil Adam more than the evil J.D. Chaos Labramon and Manuramon? Interesting names. I've haven't seen past Power Rangers Lost Galaxy, so I won't know about Ninja Storm. I'll need to see the Power Ranger seasons after Lost Galaxy some day. Great job and take your time in updating. Take care brother. Assalamu Alaikum...

- Star Otamon

P.S.: Thanks for the PM; it was rather clever, and thanks for your input on that story of mine. I'll think of adding more to it than before insha' Allah.
Bluesv20 chapter 54 . 10/3/2007
hahahahaha...that's realy funny...why is JD looking at me the same way he looks at Liu funny! I can't wait to see how similar and alike to the Power Rangers Episode it will be.


PieAnnamay07 chapter 54 . 10/3/2007
Hi, I used to be 'Superhumansaiyajin.

Woe, I'm so sorry that I haven't reviewed for a few chapters. I've been busy with school and stuff. Eleventh grade is so freaking stupid!

Oh... and in nonWira Digital relatedness... (I know that's not a word).

I posted my first Transformers: 2007 Movieverse fanfic and it was verry well received! As of now, I have six reviews and have been put on over five Author Alert List's, not to mention the ones that I was already on.

For not having seen the movie yet... I'm doing pretty good. :P

I hope you get more reviews! You certainly deserve them!

Over six-hundred thousand words! Really awesome!

Keep on writing!


jack the ripper chapter 54 . 10/3/2007
First off ,cool chapter and your right, The alternate forms of the Digi Wira are by far more evil than Lucemon could be, if possible.

Second of, I havent sen all the episodes op Ninja Storm so i'm not that familiare with it. Makes me wonder one thing though, the weapons that the now evil Digi Wira have will they play a part in the future or are they like the legendary weapons? Only time can tell ;)

Till next time
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