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Digimon Forever chapter 80 . 5/20/2008
Assalamu Alaikum brother...

Well... Nice job for finishing this story of yours. I basically loved it, and there were times were you kept me on my toes. The part I hated the most was the alternate universe with the 'Evil' Digiwira. I think you have an idea the part I loved the most, even though you didn't put much of it into Wira Digital, but that's still my favorite part. I apologize for not reviewing this earlier. Take care. Assalamu Alaikum...

- Scentomon
digimonfan1 chapter 80 . 4/13/2008
finally! i dont know what to say..

I am very happy that i can get out of my boarding school once a month, because it means that i can read Digiwira!. very nice id say..

hope u make other nice stories like this one!
Ishiino Gerdo chapter 80 . 4/11/2008
I finally read all 80 chapters! It took me like 2 weeks. I'm glad I'm done! Sorry I didn't review. I was too busy typing Kimza Chronicles. Wira Digital was off the chain. Hope your other stories do just as good.

Plus, Battle Against Zephromon will continue as soon as Part 1 of Kimza Chronicles is finished. The story will get a major writing boost thanks to my dedication to Kimza Chronicles!

I hope you do very well.

Your fan, Ishiino Gerdo.
WardPoint chapter 80 . 4/7/2008
I never knew you were a Power Rangers fan, lol! Seriously, I found the ending excellent. No plotholes whatsoever. and your final words jolted my memory from a certain PROO Episode... Lol.

I really do hope to see a PR fanfic coming from you soon... But please do get on with Vengeance and Legends.

But do take time to relax and enjoy your birthday. Here's a happy birthday in advance!
Crazyeight chapter 80 . 4/6/2008
An awesome final battle to the final chapter to a kick ass story! I loved all the allusions to the other seasons in this fic and it definitely seemed to cross all five seasons. The loss of the Juara digivices and the Wira's desire to keep fighting is reminiscent of the Digidestined in the first season despite losing their crests; the 'Trinity Burst' of the Tamers and the tales of the Tamer's partners (I especially liked the use of the Trinity Burst as I wasn't expecting it :P); the bit with Grademon appearing with the Wira's digivolved forms reminded me of the last episode of Frontier, and lastly the use of an ops makes me think of Data Squad. And of course there's the ever present 02. :D Nice job, however I am compelled to point out a couple instances where you misspelled 'matter' when describing the 'dark matter' that SkullSatamon used (you spelled it 'mater').

Nice to see the return of some old digivolved forms that we haven't seen in a while, particularly the DNA forms Reichmon and Lilymon, as well as the return of Sagittarimon Radiant Mode.

Ah...the happy ending that ends with the repair of the city, the discovery of all of those dead digimon reborn as eggs (looks like some digimon like Persiamon will finally get their second chance after all. I kind of liked that :P) and the talk with Grademon. Kind of nice actually, although it kind of stinks that the Wira lost so much of their powers. That's too be expected of course given the intensity of all the battles that they've fought throughout the course of the story.

Hm. You know, I never thought about that before...that bit with Grademon using the shield of Waja and how it could only be used for evil purposes. Somehow that slipped my mind. Weird.

Ah...JetSilphymon and Mistimon...or Shutumon and Sorcerymon. I was just starting to wonder what it was that had happened to them since they seemed to have dropped out of the story a while back. Nice to see that they get their final spotlight in the story...and grew a few brain cells too by sheer luck. If it weren't for the fact that they were evil I'd find them as being quite likeable as far as comedy relief villains go. But now they go off into that lovely sunset at the end of the story as becoming grand evil overlords. To each their own I guess. Somehow though I'm certain that they too will meet their end.

Some interesting bits at the end. I chuckled at Adam and Dina's conversation with each other. Gotta love that husband/wife teasing. :P Go Adam for skipping engagement and getting married right away. Come to think of it, that probably the most sensible thing he's done all story. XD

The ending was kinda 02ish in my opinion, but better then 02's ending was by a long shot because it didn't show the characters as necessarily living 'happily ever after'with dream jobs (not saying that your characters didn't do too bad for themselves though :P) and clone kids. They still have their regular set of problems, and are still doing their duty. Things aren't perfect for them and a new adventure looks to be on the rise even if we don't get the story as to what happens next. And that I know that I can be content with. It sort of leaves things to the imagination and not a final note on the story.

'Big and puffy version of Gayathri'. Laughed at that. Man, her and Manny didn't exactly waste time did they? Two at once? Oog. I may be a guy, but I can sympathize with her wanting to deliver her kids at that stage of her pregnancy. It doesn't look particularly comfortable and my Mom likes to joke about when she had me. Snickered at Liu Ying's giving a worried at JD when hearing about Gayathri's pregnancy too. Oy. *Shakes head in amusement*

I noticed that JD mentioned something about Agumon and Gallantmon...I take it that Agumon has achieved Gallantmon as a Mega evolution now?

Again, a nice ending to your story, and I thank you for creating such an awesome story and presenting it to us. It's definitely been a pleasure, and an honor to read this story. Wira Digital forever!

Moronthe2nd chapter 80 . 4/6/2008
Ahh, it's finally over. I'm so betting there's gonna be a sequel for some reason _

I'd say I'm quite satisfied. I don't think there's anything missing, IMHO.

Hope to hear from you soon.~
Phoenix of Rebirth chapter 80 . 4/5/2008
Dang a great ending to a great story! When I first started reading this story I didnt know what to expect but you passed all limits with this story. I hope you change your mind and follow up on the epilogue because it sounds like a start of another good story

One part in the epilogue had me laughing though when you talked about fairymons and Dianamons rivalry.

Well great story cant wait to see some more
Blafor chapter 80 . 4/5/2008
Hmm... I like how you used Trinity Bust against SkullSatamon. That was something I wasn't expecting at all, yet it was cool how you established how it worked.

I liked how you had Grademon reappear. The digieggs were also nice twist.

I think you added a lot to the characters in the epilogue and I really liked it.

Anyways I have to say that overall this is one of my favorite stories in the Digimon section so good job.

I'll be waiting for whatever you work on next now. :)
2ManyBroKeNhearts chapter 80 . 4/5/2008
Didn't see that coming. Nice finale and epilogue,'s over already? Aw man!

This is one of my fave stories and the only other characters story I've ever liked. Good job, thumbs up!
jack the ripper chapter 80 . 4/5/2008
A unexpected but great final chapter, Although I didn't read the story from day one, i'm glad I did.

Trinity Burst , the name has something, simulair to Omega Purification. And i'm glad i've got to see Reichmon in action again, he's a very powerfull , but underused digimon. At least on the Digi Wira team. I'd love to see him more in action some other time.

Otherwise , it's been one fantastic rollercoast, and i'm glad i've joined in.

As for faverits etc. , that part i'll mail. ok? Once more thatnks for the ride , and maby till a diffrend story.
Bluesv20 chapter 80 . 4/5/2008
Ah, the is almost a little sad, but this was probably my favorite ending in all of the Digimon Fics that I have ever read and that is a good five years of reading. Well all I can say it has been a pleasure and good luck with your medical studies I have decided to become an endocrinologist specializing in diabetes...let us both become good at what we do.


Inkbug chapter 80 . 4/5/2008
Wow... it's really hard to believe that this is over... but it's a good ending. And you should be proud having written something like this!

Hands down this is the BEST OC fic that I've read. The action scenes were very well done- (as usual). And the ending was wonderful, if not a bit confusing- I did have to re-read it. Nice X-men nod there, I was wondering if that was what you were aiming at when you mentioned the Cerebro. Haha.

Either way, congrats on finishing, and I look forward to reading more from you some time!

Until Next Time!
Moronthe2nd chapter 79 . 4/3/2008
Zomygosh, I leave for a few weeks and so many chapters have been updated.

Oh, where did I dig up the patience to read it all? _

XD Just kidding. It's been pretty good so far, can't wait to see how it wraps up! D
WardPoint chapter 79 . 3/31/2008
Really nice chapter. I've been following it ever since you posted it up.

Good descriptive battle scenes, and it was a really nice twist when Persiamon swapped places with Pupsamon.

But please, go back to Vengeance soon!
Bluesv20 chapter 79 . 3/28/2008
Hm...Omega Purification huh?...I'm guessing you meant it at Great Purification instead of Final Purification. But I did not expect Persiamon to sacrifice herself in that manner...I thought she would have saved JD from getting killed by Reapermon in some wayor another. Ah, and The Dragon Fist Claw Explosion...a very nice replacement to Melancholic Bone Claw...oh and something I forgot to ask that I remembered when watching Charmed...what inspired you to give JD reminds me of Billie from Season 7. No more words, the next chapter is all that I am waiting for...since I have nothing to do for Spring Break.


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