Reviews for Rescue from the MoonPalace
Hibaku chapter 1 . 1/9/2006
The explanation of the disarming was weird, but whaddaheck.


Okay, maybe I'm biased. I love stories that tie in with the manga. I thought this was novel and written really well. The story was well thought out, Tsukino was portrayed just as she would have been in the manga and Raiha was Raiha. Perfect.

I'm glad you managed to string up the details in the manga (Raiha leaving the UBS arena to save Tsukino, getting Raijin to save Tsukino etc.) and weave them into a substantial fic.

Well done. This is a favourite. Oh yes one last thing. I like it that you made it a one-shot :)
Amethyst185 chapter 1 . 12/27/2005
Another story well done. I thought your portrayal of Tsukino was lovely, and I liked her a lot. Raiha also behaved the way I had imagined he would behave in such a situation.

I noticed that Tsukino called her husband Koran-san, which shows their very formal relationship I guess. When Koran told her that she couldn't keep the boy I would have done so anyway, so it was curious that she didn't do the same thing. However, now that I think about it, it would have been out of character for her and very dangerous.

The guards were despicable, all of them. To treat Tsukino in such a manner! It made me happy that Raiha dealt with them they way he did. They deserved it. It upset me somewhat that they were so important to the story, even if it is logical. They are the people who guard Tsukino day in and day out. It is my opinion that poisoning Tsukino would have been more painful for her than if she exploded, because her death would have been slow and painful. Of course there are poisons that kill quickly, but I don't think that the guards would have known the difference or cared.

As an afterthought, the explanation of the disarming of the bomb was not strange at all to me.