Reviews for Murderess
QueenMeep chapter 3 . 6/4/2006
Oh my.

Not quite what I was expecting- I was anticipating an actual physical act of violence.

I love the looks on their faces, communicating exactly the opposite of what they were actually doing. I love the details, how Anakin should have known...

I adore that you've done this in his point of view, and that it's called Arson, rather than something to do with a funeral pyre. The sense of guilt surrounded in destroying the one you love the most.

What a bleak, dark picture this paints, yet how appropriate.

I wonder what happens next in this AU, with Palpatine now loose unchecked, the Chosen One and his Master no longer available to fight the inevitable battle of good versus evil, with grey undertones along the way. And I have a feeling you might not let us know... Agh! LOL

Very intriguing, indeed. You've got me thinking again, your worshipfulness.
QueenMeep chapter 2 . 6/4/2006
Oh how very, very different a proposal for Obi-Wan to make. I take it he has found out about their romance and thinks the only way for it to end appropriately is with his death? How very, very interesting.

No wonder he chose for Padme to kill him as well, with the loss of his other half.

I like the formal conversation between them, prior to her sucker punch, that he did deserve. I am so used to reading Obi-Wan in Obidala that I forget that it should be the proper way for them to talk, as more accurately they should not have even garnered friendship with Obi-Wan's belief in the Code. Although there's variations on that. But I digress.

Off to see what the next chapter of this very intriguing little AU is.
QueenMeep chapter 1 . 6/4/2006
I liked the phrase "At everything and anything but you."

Great way to put that. At times, the flow was a little difficult to follow, though I attribute this mostly to the fact that it is AU, and thus without the setup behind it, I had to think harder to fill in the blanks.

I like the way you used one line sentences, makes the narrative feel like it's moving faster, the short, abrupt thought processes that perhaps are going through Obi-Wan's head. That perhaps he's so overcome with whatever has just happened, perhaps Anakin's death, that he is now pushing aside emotion and this is what the result is.

Very intriguing. I'm glad you've already updated it a few times since, I get to see what has become of this once one-shot. Lucky for me!
Sur'ri chapter 3 . 6/2/2006
Interesting. A little hard to follow but interesting.
passon chapter 2 . 3/10/2006
In my last review I could have swron I typed chapter I but I guess there might be a bug in this reviewing system that strangely enough, censors numbers. Anyway, continue please...

Regards, Passon
passon chapter 1 . 3/9/2006
I sure want to se were this is going. Continue please. Looking forward to chapter I and will of course review it. In the first chapter Padme reminded me of a repentent mi'lady De Winter (Alexandre Dumas character) and in the second I can't quite figure what is happening other than Obi-Wan asking ehr to kill him?

Or does she suppose it would kill Anakin to not get "her"...

Hm *falls into deep thought*

Regards, Passon