Reviews for It Falls to the Young
septimusromanseverus chapter 32 . 4/14
The way Severus feels about the DADA prof is the same Harry felt about him almost. Make sense tho considering... spies.
Jissy2013 chapter 1 . 4/11
Poor Sev
Guest chapter 28 . 3/30
I just had to stop reading for sec to say I love this story. Very well written. Thanks so much for sharing
Guest chapter 15 . 3/18
I'm so stressed out I feel like bawling
toftetop4 chapter 3 . 3/10
Love it
It is god
ChocoMeoka-Chan chapter 40 . 3/5
So much dedication! Written for many years!
ChocoMeoka-Chan chapter 34 . 3/5
Liked Chapter a lot. No hate from me. Good prank. Poor Serb. Now that you mention it, he seems a bit Gary Sue but I think it's okay as long as you don't elaborate him being perfect and completely the center of attention. If sev was a llama, he'd probably spit on some of the slytheriens and stomp and break their bones too! Sev will be okay, mostly. Kinda traumatic, he might withdraw for a while and sulk and cry a bit in a corner when he thinks no one is looking... even if sev is okay, the marauders would annihaliate anyone who comes within three meters of sev with or without harming intentions. If going for humor, make them all mother hens (If you know what that is)Don't ask me for spelling...anjdkdndjkkte -Spelling for your word... also find a way of torturing Peter, make him suffer!
BraiveHart chapter 51 . 2/20
Is there a place where we can nominate best FICS ever written, because you have all my nominations and my votes. I've always loved the idea of Sev being a part of the Marauders and you did an absolutely splendid job if it. I commend you on your grammar, and I absolutely love the AN's. I was a bit skeptical about the half-demon revelation, but you did a wonderful job and made me into a believer. Although I do have one issue... I want to know what happens to Um-butt-ridge, the rotten toad woman deserves all the evils in the fiery depths of hell be unleashed upon her. She is my absolute most HATED character, besides Garridan (sp?) Snape, who deserves to have demons peel his flesh from his bones, while still alive. rant over, thank you for the delightful story eversomuch!
bo chapter 51 . 1/16
This. Was. The. Best. Thing. I. Have. Ever. Read. On. This. Site!
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( - )
Guest chapter 27 . 12/22/2016
1. For me it's almost Christmas but the break is good
2. Maybe?
3. Umm
4. I hope so
5. This question
P.T. Tucker chapter 51 . 11/21/2016
Ugh, you seriously have no idea how good this fic is. I literally just read it straight-through today and am seriously contemplating going back through and reading it again! I remember reading the first few chapters way back when it was still just a baby WIP and I'm very serious when I say it really set the bar for these kind of fics in the future - fics about Snape being a spy, Snape joining the Marauders, Snape/other people interactions (such as with the Tonks and Dumbledore) and it wasn't even complete! So now that I've finally come back into the HP fandom years later & read it in it's complete form, I have to say that it sets the bar even higher than before!

This is definitely one of my favorite Snape fics, though I also find myself adoring everyone else you wrote in here as well - especially Nymphandora. I loved her from the very beginning & the whole "only homework. bugger!" thing is probably one of my favorite lines, considering it's coming from a little girl.

And I love Snape's relationship with Dumbledore like you wouldn't believe. The whole "your legal guardian will be your headmaster, who just happens to be me" thing as well as the sweetness of Snape saying that he's Dumbledore's most favorite student ever and Dumbledore just continuously so amused with the Marauders & going along with them - honestly there's so many moments I adored. After a while I just stopped writing them down cause I figured there'd be too many to handle.

And that goes for the rest of the fic too. I usually try to keep a list of things I want to mention in a review, but there were SO MANY, that I just decided to wing it. Like, I love how the puke ended up coming back way at the end of the fic & saving Nymphandora and I love how you emphasized that Snape is MESSED UP from everything he's done and had done to him - dude has serious PTSD going on, me thinks. And the way you handled Umbridge - tbh that's probably the most inspired thing I've ever read in relation to her. Usually people go the route of canon or outright kill her in darker fics or it turns out she's a secret Death Eater. All of these are perfectly acceptable, but to have Dumbledore beat her with the very rules she loves so much - that's just perfection.

And I love how you pulled in a lot of HP logic for things. Like, how Snape took the luck potion & then just happened to run into a reporter not only willing to run with an anti-Umbridge story, but actively looking for a story - it just made so much more sense than Snape running into him on accident & I just love that you remembered the luck potion existed at all. Or any potions, tbh. I really appreciate a Snape-focused fic that does more than just allude to him making potions here and there - that his potion knowledge helps save Tonks and helps him heal the Marauders in the middle of nowwhere and helps him make the greatest prank ever (which was the BEST btw) and helps him ultimately defeat Umbridge - I just love that beyond words.

And I love how Snape is still Snape in this. Sure, he gets resorted into Gryffindor, but it's emphasized he's basically Slytherin incarnate & it shows when everyone's about to go rush out into Death Eaters & Snape just says NO. I really liked that part. Especially since it also emphasized that these are CHILDREN and while Snape's the same age, they have no idea how to handle real threats like he does.

Snape's part as a spy was awesome as well, of course. It's what originally drew me into the fic way back when. I love how he was literally the head of the intelligence on Voldemort (not that many people knew that) and the little mentions here and there - like James' dad saying that some people still remember how many people he saved.

So, anyway, as you've probably gathered from my rambling, I really adore this fic and think you did a wonderful job! It was a pleasure to read!
SlytherinMoony chapter 51 . 11/17/2016
Guest chapter 51 . 10/19/2016
Totally love the mix of angst, humor, and drama. Too bad you are not planning a squeal. Great work!
Guest chapter 49 . 10/14/2016
this madness was beautiful
TJ Jordan chapter 50 . 10/1/2016
I really enjoyed your story. The moment I started reading it, I couldn't stop. In fact, I read all through the night (thank goodness I didn't have work the next day, definitely would be regretting the sleep I missed ;)) and reached the final chapter (ten hours later, not kidding). So much to talk about, but lets start off with the important stuff (to me anyway).

I really liked the development of Severus's character through the story, including his relationship with the Marauders. At first, I was worried about making Sev and his sworn foes friends, considering the 'history' between them. But, I have to admit, you handled it pretty well. In fact, I dare even say that you did it in a clever way. We all know that the Marauders are very immature (well, minus Remus, but his problem was that he didn't do anything) and aren't all that bright, but having Severus be a good influence on them is what ultimately helped the friendship between them really work. We see them become more smarter and responsible, while still retaining their 'Gryffindor' characteristics. Having the betrayal of Peter Pettigrew play a part in how Severus and the Marauders becomes friends adds to it, along with Severus's past as well (I'll get to that later). But I also like that the Marauders have a positive influence on him in return (the that Lily should have been). It feels damn refreshing to see a story focus on a subject like this, since its always the same whenever Severus and the Marauders are involved. Just seeing the Marauders (especially James) actually care, worry and respect Severus is both amazing and shocking. All I have to say is this: "Great job!"

Now, lets talk about the redevelopment of Severus's past. Not going to lie, I was a little 'mixed' about that (at first). Adding in demons felt like the story was bordering the lines of 'Supernatural'. In fact, I was half expecting Sam and Dean to show up later on. But as I read on, I actually came to accept it. At the very least, it adds to the tragedy of Severus, including his 'complicated' relationship with his own father. In speaking of which, I actually liked that you took liberties involving Sev's parents. Having Sev's father be part of the Death Eaters was an interesting change, as it gives us a connection as to why Severus becomes involved with the Dark Lord as well. And while some people may complain about un-solved mystery about Severus's mother, I'm actually really glad you didn't give us an answer. I liked that we don't know, because it puts us in Severus's shoes and adds to the tragic backstory of the main character, allowing for us to feel for the guy. Not everything needs to be explained. While the 'demons' part of the redeveloped backstory seems a little off, I still think you brought some new breath air into the lore of Severus's past (surprisingly, considering we still get he same Batman-brooding side of him).

As for other characters, I thought you did an excellent job in writing so many characters. Dumbledore highly resembles the one we all know (love or hate), the Marauders are exactly like I expected (with surprising development later on), child-Tonks was written very well (I'll get back to her later), and everyone else is just written almost perfectly. I gotta hand it to you, I thought you did a good job.

One specific character I was very surprised by was Lily Evans (aka the future Mrs. Potter). When I first began reading this story, I was surprised by how very little mention (in fact, the more I think about it, almost none at all) we get of her. Because in the original canon (the main book series), Severus and Lily's origins involve each other very heavily. So it surprised me that we getting a fresh new take, where the two are strangers to each other. But anyway, getting back on track, I really love what you did with Lily's character. I was worried at first, because we all know how he is in canon. In fact, the chapter (can't remember which) where she goes on a rant about how screwed up the Ministry of Magic is and also Severus's unfair treatment by the school and media, has to be the defining moment of this character. That was where I fell in love with her, that was where I got a full glimpse of the Lily Evans we never got from J.K. Rowling. You made her more human by having her realizing her faults and becoming a true friend to Severus.

Also, I want to thank you for 'NOT' having a romance between Severus and Lily in this story. I got worried that it would happen (especially after the spider-sequence), but I felt that you made things much more simple and less complicated by taking away that crush that Severus has for Lily. Thank you so much for doing that! :)

Now, moving on, I just want to say that I absolutely love what you did with Nymphadora Tonks. She is absolutely adorable and badass in this story. I like that she can be strong and emotional, brave and concerned, smart and silly, mature and childish, all at the same time. Even her relationship with Severus is just beautifully done. She is a great influence on him, just as mush as he is on her. Kinda like with the Marauders, the two balance each other out. Every scene with her is never enough, I want more of her (right now!)

I also like that you created a mother-figure out of Andromeda Tonks for Severus, including Ted Tonks and Dumbledore as father-figures as well. Lord knows Severus really needs people like them in his life. Just seeing Andromeda show affection for him (like as if he's their son) really touches me. In fact, it feels refreshing.

The backlash towards Severus in this story is also definitely handled well. While it is at certain times very frustrating, it adds to the story and Severus's character. Even the parts when its revealed that he has killed just adds to the complexity, allowing multiple layers of his development. We understand why Severus did what he did, but the choice of how we choose to see him is still there for us to decide.

Alright, so lets get right to the negatives I have with this story. I highly recommend that you don't read this if you don't like criticism, and I apologize if my words hurt or upset you.

One problem I had with this story is that it has its 'high' and 'low' moments. What I mean is that it will have something intense and exciting happening in a couple of chapters, but then everything will die down for the next chapters afterwards. Just when things get interesting, they pretty much either resolve themselves or go no where. It kinda ruins the momentum of the pacing. Another problem is that a lot of your story if left very much unresolved in the end. We never really learn about what happens to Voldemort and the Death Eaters, or what happens to Severus's father, or Severus's (supposedly) big part in the war, or even if Umbridge gets fired (I sooooo hope she does!). We get so much setup and buildup for certain plot-points and characters, that it feels disappointing to see them go nowhere in the end. It would be like if Harry Potter ended with Harry becoming Headmaster after Dumbledore's death in HBP and the final scene is him celebrating with his friends. The conclusion to this story ends too abruptly and leaves too many unanswered questions.

Alright, that's all for negatives. I apologize if I hurt your feelings, I was just being honest. But I have to say that I really enjoyed your story. While there are some problems, there are tons of great things that make this story great. I don't know how you found it within you to finish this story in a seven to eight year span, but you did a great job in writing this. So thank you for the hard-work and the dedication to this fanfic. :)
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