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Amethyst185 chapter 2 . 12/28/2005
Yay! Now I found out when this story takes place AND that Kaoru is in it! My favorite sentence in this chapter was “Koganei smiled cutely up at her.“ The image it produced in my mind couldn‘t have been more satisfying.

I found it enjoyable that you altered the tournament fight scene when compared to the manga. It insured that reading about it again wouldn‘t be boring.

When Kurei implied Raiha‘s interest in Fuuko I was amazed that he didn‘t see it as a betrayal to him, which was a relief to me. After all, Raiha might be in love with the enemy.

It’s astonishing that Kaoru was the one with the insight into Fuuko’s mind. He knew that something was bothering her, and I liked that HE was the one to notice it first. It was nice of Fuuko to treat Kaoru as an equal when talking to him.

Wow, Neon had an easier time apologizing to Fuuko than Recca did. It made me like her even more, especially since I didn’t expect it. It almost made me feel like Fuuko and Neon could become friends in the future, which would be so cool. But I’m getting too far ahead.

I first thought that Kurei would surely have killed Fuuko, but Fuuko is important to the story, so that would have been unreasonable. I couldn’t think of an explanation as to why he didn’t kill her, but I‘m just glad it wasn't so. It would have been too sad.
Amethyst185 chapter 1 . 12/28/2005
Oh, the first chapter is so good that I just have to keep reading!

When Recca accused Fuuko of rushing into things without thinking, among other things, it made me think that this description rather suited himself. I found that funny.

I also noticed that some of the same guards that appeared in "Rescue from the MoonPalace" were also present here, like Kurogawa. They really seem to enjoy kicking people while they're down, which they also did to Tsukino.

I was wondering where Raiha was while Kurei was being beaten up. Since Raiha would never desert him in the face of danger, I figured that he must be on an errand or mission.

What I also found interesting is that Fuuko thought Yanagi wouldn't heal Kurei. I figured she would, because Yanagi even healed Genjuro, that horrible and cruel old man. Maybe this was before that incident?

It was kind of Fuuko to approach Kurei with the intention of helping him, even if it might not have been such a good idea. It made me think of coming near a wolf that has caught its leg in a trap. Who knows what Kurei might do to her, now that she has seen him in such a state. Look at what he did to Neon for telling Recca about his past! Luckily for Fuuko, he passed out. That made me breathe a sigh of relief. At the end of this chapter, when he does figure out that it was her, it will be exciting to find out how he will react.

Thank goodness that Neon figured out that Fuuko wasn't the one who injured Kurei! It was typical of her to think that Fuuko was responsible for Kurei‘s state, but most of the time such a situation isn't cleared up and only complicates things for far too long. It's nice to know that Neon is intelligent and even listened to Fuuko's explanation. If this were the typical case, the explanation would just have been ignored. Neon also used her eyes, and saw that Fuuko was uninjured. Smart woman.

I found it a little odd that Fuuko didn't figure out why Kurei let himself be beaten up like that. She heard the story about how the push of a button would kill someone dear to him. Isn't it obvious that it's blackmail?

It was good to see that Recca wasn't to proud to apologize to Fuuko, even if she had to help him a bit with his wording.

I'm curious as to where Kaoru is. Does this story take place before he shows up? It would be nice for him to be included, so I'll find out when I keep reading I guess.
Tanuki-chan chapter 4 . 12/26/2005
::swoons:: I'm in love with your Joker. Seriously. He's so adoarbly dense and so not at the same time!

Anyway, I LOVE what you've done with this pairing. It's very rare for me to find a well-written fic about the Uruha and the Hokage interacting with each other without being too focused on OMG!RaiFuu/ToFuu. Your story manages to center on Fuuko without creating too much romance and thus subtracting from other characters' screentime (like Joker), so great job on that! All in all, nice fic, and I hope to see more from you!


alex chapter 4 . 12/26/2005
hi! i really like this story...hope you continue it! _
Joy-phoenix-dragon chapter 4 . 12/25/2005
well u sure r fast to update... probably e next chapter would b more on them ritez... if they will to end up 2gether..? e fight btw e two group would b slightly chance tt like bcum neutral..?
Joy-phoenix-dragon chapter 3 . 12/24/2005
it great but it would b better if u add in more ku n fuu..
windy-goddess chapter 2 . 12/22/2005
i would like this to be pairing fiction. n most of all , i love it to be pairing was indeed very rare but i love this pairing a , can u write more romance in ur story about for ur update alwiz
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