Reviews for Pixie Stix
BlackBeautyQueen33 chapter 9 . 8/14/2011
Omg I was laughing so much I had tears in my eyes thanks so much for this I really needed it. Chapters 5 & 7 were my fav
Mel Storm chapter 6 . 3/8/2009
personally a guy has to have the right look to wear eyeliner. *shurgs* but you're right...guys in eye liner are hot
BlackxValentine chapter 8 . 7/12/2008
Sorry for a double review but love the 8th chapter too, i almost dropped my labtop laughing from angel being afraid! XD
BlackxValentine chapter 9 . 7/12/2008
The last chapter i was falling out of my chair laughing!

I loved this...and i really loved the Rock vs. Rap chapter...XD
ImaPseudonym chapter 9 . 2/4/2008
Completely cracktastic. Well done. _ (I wish I hadn't been eating dinner during the cockroach chapter, though. o.o)
phoenix-echelon chapter 4 . 11/22/2007
it's okay, i get the musical go-kart thing. that happens to me too.

and people think i'm wierd because i eat oreos in the shower...before you ask, they taste better in there.
Illeonora chapter 9 . 7/9/2007


that was priceless lol

good job
Masterarcher chapter 9 . 12/21/2006
HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA! That had me laughing harder than I have laughed in a LONG time! Thanks so much. Although some of the chapters Bobby was a little out of character(I think he would have murdered someone rather than be in the balleyLOL) it worked. This is so going on my fav list!
RaeGhost chapter 9 . 10/28/2006
Love your storys so far i really liked the pixie stix one mostly because i'm like addicted to them:D These are really funny you have to make more.
Noc007 chapter 9 . 6/16/2006
Good ending.
XxCrash.And.BurnXx chapter 9 . 5/29/2006
AH! POOR U IF U CAN'T FIND U DVD! dude, it sleeps next to my bed! but anyway u have no clue how hard i was laughing!

x-Whizzified-Magic-x chapter 9 . 5/27/2006
Ahaha That chapter was funny! Bobby taking ballet how hilarious! Please update!
x-Whizzified-Magic-x chapter 8 . 5/26/2006
Finally women u flippin' updated -mutters- Its was funny, jack was so mean to Angel. Scaring hin like that, shame on him. Please update soon and i mean it!
XxCrash.And.BurnXx chapter 8 . 5/23/2006
u. have. no. idea. how. hard. i'm. laughing.!

let's say dying of laughter to a millionth power! my dad actually asked if someone was up here tickling me i was laughing so hard!

XxCrash.And.BurnXx chapter 7 . 5/23/2006
that sounds EXACTLY LIKE MY FAMILY! me and the walkman(jack), my brother and my dad wrestling(jeremiah & bobby) and my mom kinda like "shut the hell up and stop yelling!" (angel and no i'm not calling him a girl)lol loved it!

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