Reviews for Tears on the Balcony
Kristophela chapter 51 . 2/8
You don't do this to people! You got me staying up all night crying and I have a test tomorrow!
hogwarts' lily chapter 18 . 2/7
This is more than 10 years old, but then again HP is timeless
Guest chapter 1 . 2/5
Oh I LOVE this! And it's freeking 51 chapters!
DemonicLilith.2002 chapter 44 . 2/1
I really love it...tomorrow is my maths exam nd I can't stop reading this ...but plzzz sm1 any1 just tell me in which chap james and lily r going to be together?
L chapter 9 . 1/27
Your writing is decent, if a bit long winded. I tried my best to give you a chance. I'd been looking for a long L/J fic and you had three novel-length ones. I just cannot continue. The characterizations are awful. Lily is a bitch. She and James are awful. Riley is awful. In fact, she's one of the main reasons I can't continue. She is a blatant Mary Sue. I skipped over her lines. The fights are annoying and repetitive. I'm sorry. Like I said, you're a decent writer, but I have to pass on this.
sapphiregirl1020 chapter 51 . 1/23
Aw... This was just so perfect! I never expected to be on such an emotional rollercoaster ride when I clicked on this. Truly an amazing piece of work xx
boopboop chapter 8 . 10/27/2016
have you tried publishing this as a book? I want this published without one word changed, i love it so muchhh
boop chapter 2 . 10/26/2016
i love thiiisssss
PhoenixLament94 chapter 9 . 10/17/2016
I found this story a few days ago and I am honestly just frustrated with it. Lily is a damn bitch and the only thing they do is bite each other's head off. The characters have no depth. They care only about yelling at each other or not caring about school. It's ridiculous. Plus, there are truck load of tense errors that just make it such a difficult read. Sorry, but this could really use some work.
AngelFires chapter 48 . 10/7/2016
That conversation between Lily and Sirius was epic. I read it twice. That's the Sirius Black I always imagined. Deep and understanding. I mean he really put it out there for her. They're both afraid to finally be with each other, because what if it doesn't work out. That Sirius/Lily sequence showed how insightful and intelligent Sirius really is. He's not just a kid that spews bacon from his mouth when he speaks while eating, he's a young man with vision and undying loyalty to his friends.

I was a bit disappointed about the Riley/Sirius reunion. I guess I expected a bit more. I mean there was no reaction from either of them from seeing each other on the platform and it seemed a bit off. I mean I didn't expect a confession of yes we're together now, but a bit more than completely ignoring each other. When they finally did reunite, I expected a bit of a snogging session, but then I was hoping for some conversation. I expected Sirius to ask Riley about her Grandmother, the ball, her family etc. but instead all they talked about was James and Lily. And it's fine if they talk about them because they are their friends and there was a shit load of drama, but I don't think it's the only thing they would have talked about. So yeah that was a bit disappointing.
AngelFires chapter 47 . 10/7/2016
I really liked Sirius character in this chapter. He was very stoic and dare I say it?...mature. I loved it! And the Marauder drama was fantastic. I like when the Marauders get along but I love when they fight, because there's always so much emotion
AngelFires chapter 46 . 10/7/2016
Poor Kristina. First her boyfriend tells her he loves her, then he kisses another girl. I hope Lily and Potter stop fighting, because it's getting annoying. I hope this seals the deal.

I like how James' relationship with Kristina doesn't seem forced. It's very natural and you can tell that they both like/love each other (the only problem being that James likes/loves Lily more). Kristina has a personality and is very likeable. She's (as James already said) fun, spontaneous, adventerous etc. She seems really lovely and I feel really bad her, because her heart's about to be broken. I don't know if she pops up in the sequels but I hope she finds someone who appreciates her as much as she should be appreciated. But alas it is destiny's time to intervene and put things on track. Lily and James belong with each other, eventhough I'm having trouble picturing them together in your fanfic, sorry. I don't know what it is, but they are so mean to each other and have the crossed the line so many times that I can't picture them together at all. Their conversation tend to drag on and on and I usually skim over them, because it's always about the same things and it becomes a bit uninteresting. However, I will continue reading this story, because I love the Riley/Sirius and Kay/Lance storylines and the Marauder interactions are also quite amusing. Although I do find Sirius Black extremely childish. When I compare him to my guy friends at that age I feel embarrassed for him. I always pictured Sirius as some casually cool guy that's witty and confident. He has his moments when he thinks logically and acts his age, but there a bit rare. And I don't mean for him to be super mature, but he acts like my tween brother, who is super immature and whiny. And it's not just you that portrays him like this. I've read a lot of Marauder fanfics and he's usually either like you portray him or some predatory bad boy with no personal space when it comes to the opposite sex. It's a real shame in my opinion, but that's only because I have an idea of Sirius Black and when the writer doesn't meet my ideas I don't really like their characterization of him. But that's the thing. It's not my story. It's yours. And I will continue to read it, because I'm intrigued by how everything will play out.
AngelFires chapter 33 . 10/5/2016
OMG! Finally! I've been waiting ages for Sirius to tell her (or show her teehee..). Wow that build-up. Can't stop fangirling. I just hope she doesn't push him away.
AngelFires chapter 21 . 10/3/2016
Okay, first off, Lance's letter was arrogant af. I mean "the best thing that has happened to both of us", "I hope you'll realize what you're losing"...What a jackass! I know he should feel hurt, but he doesn't have to be so fucking mean to her. Obviously she's having a hard time dealing with this. If he really cared about her, he would be a little understanding. His feelings are selfish. He's not thinking about what she's going through, he's only thinking about his butt-hurt, sorry-ass feelings.

Secondly, I realized that there's a lot of drama between the Gryffindor 7th years and the whole school knows and gossips about it, but we never hear anything about anyone else. I mean I'm sure there'd be a dispute between, say, two Ravenclaws during breakfast or lunch so that the whole school would know about it. All I mean is that the only drama seems to be going down with the Gryffindors. Not sure if htat's intentional or not.
AngelFires chapter 19 . 10/2/2016
Oh poor Kay. Lance seems so sweet and omg I feel so sad for Kay. I hope Riley sees reason and will acept Kay and Lance together so that they can actually get back together.

I thought it was a bit odd when Sirius was explaining to Lily why James might like her that Sirius mentioned all those little details about her, like grace, sparkling eyes etc. I mean only someone who's got a crush on someone notices details like that. I highly doubt Sirius would have taken any of that in.

I love Marauder scenes! I really like when they have serious conversations. I mean it's hilarious when they're goofing off, but the serious conversations give the characters more depth in my opinion.

I'm curious to see how the conversation between James and Kay will pan out (if he finds her of course). I don't remember them ever being just one on one with each other and having a conversation. Should be interesting.
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