Reviews for Harry Potter and the Hogwarts Guardians
Silver Warrior chapter 13 . 2/10/2007
Wes and Eric could provide the ebst back-up. Not only do they have the most individual firepower of all powered Rangers left, Eric UOLD give them Zord back-up (right?). And the team really does have the weirdest color combination. Sure, they got the three primary colors (Red, Blue, Yellow..and hey, those're held by the Trio!), but then they have the first ever female Green Ranger, and a White Ranger (Green and White at the same time? I just find it odd. Wasn't too crazy about SPD for that reason) who is in my opinion the fourth greatest Ranger of all time (Tommy is first, Kim is second, Billy is third, Adam is fifth). And draco will be making his Black Ranger debut in the next chapter, won't he?
Twin Tails Speed chapter 13 . 2/10/2007
This is a excellent chapter update.
darkcelestial20 chapter 13 . 2/10/2007
very cool chapter. really like how you ended it the chapter.
Tanydwr chapter 1 . 1/27/2007
Wacky idea. But I'm physically incapable of *not* reading it, if you catch my meaning... Although I'm old enough that I only really watched the first Power Rangers - I'm pretty sure it was still Zordan in charge...

Also, typing error in this chapter. You've 'Mark nodded', instead of 'Harry nodded' in his confrontation with DumbleD.

Lol, Tanydwr
spoonlord15 chapter 12 . 1/13/2007
Hello! This story is good but has not been updated since NOVEMBER!

Come on!
Trent m m chapter 8 . 12/19/2006
this is awesome it is the best story i have ever read
Trent m chapter 4 . 12/19/2006
this is a good story keep on writing
hpfan718 chapter 12 . 12/9/2006
okay, i have to admit, this story is awsome! but listen, you need to update more. also i just have a idea. maybe you could twist in all of the ranger except S.P.D.(cause they're from the future)or at least the MMPR and MF.
Jeremy chapter 12 . 12/7/2006
Great story! I love it! Just one idea. Could you add Mystic Force into the story? It would be good. Keep up the good work.
Ant Crown chapter 12 . 11/25/2006
At the beginning of the chapter For some reason I had to Quote DX (Degeneration X, WWE): Voldemort I got Two Words For ya: SUCK IT!

Anyway a great chapter.
HarryPotter'sCharmedTwilight chapter 12 . 11/23/2006
Cool chapter... Can't wait for the next one...

Update again soon...
Claws2 chapter 12 . 11/22/2006
So very glad to see you've updated this one again. I've been reading some of your other stories, but most of them, pained as I am to say it considering their masterful essences and my opinions on the later PR seasons, pale in comparison. Still, if you ever finish this story and manage to get the proper rights and permits, I would love to see if this makes as good a series as MMPR was.

Later all,

Twin Tails Speed chapter 12 . 11/22/2006
This is a excellent chapter update.
Cathe Moon chapter 12 . 11/21/2006
I love your story. It's hard to find good fanfic writers on the net. I think you're one of the best writers on the internet as far as I am concerned and even better... You actually spell the words right! Thanks and keep it up. I can't wait for the next chapter.
moonpower02 chapter 12 . 11/21/2006
Very nice keep up the great work...
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