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Stoneage Woman chapter 5 . 1/9/2006
Hey, this story was really sweet! :D Aragorn' and Faramir's relationship is bloody complicated. Mellon nin, ion nin, and adar nin. And I remember they've called each other brothers, too. Some relationship they have.

Men. Can't understand women, huh? Thank God, because otherwise, we'd all be in BIG trouble. LOL. There'd be no more complicated love stories if men understood women!

Again, very well written story. You rock. This goes on my faves, as usual. Ta!
Nienor Niniel chapter 5 . 1/9/2006
Ah, nice ending! Especially the idea with the Elven Cloak.

But now I fear that our heroes will have to suffer greatly in the following weeks... It is just good that we know everything turned out well. Yes, of course, you say that it might be an AU, but I know what to think!

Greetings! Nienor
Elenhin chapter 5 . 1/9/2006
Ahh, that was a very nice ending. Elbeth even got to dance, with a nasty boy non the less. Funny, al boys seems nasty to her, eccept those she really likes. Thought I doubt she sees Strider as a boy. Now, had they asked her to dance with Eldarion, that would have been more of a nasty boy.

I loved it how Faramir and Aragorn agreed in one thing, there is no way to understand a women...

Why would anyone need green things hung in the air to be able to kiss, well, I can see the romantic reason for it, I even agree with it, but I also agree that it shouldn't be needed.

Here is a bit of fact you might find interested as well.

Christmas times are here spelled Yule, very close to the sweish word for it 'Jul' which is pronounced the same way exactly.

Hmm, the gifts were a nice touch as well, yet again a remark to their ability to get themselves in trouble, and yet so sweet and funny.

Very well done meldir nin. Take care, Elenhin
Patty chapter 5 . 1/9/2006
Don't know why particularly, but the idea of Aragorn

twirling little Elbeth around the dance floor is simply delightful. That it would quell the talk of her illegitimacy is icing on the cake!

How ever did you think of giving Faramir an elven cloak!

It's a wonderful gift.

Thanks a million for this sweet story. It's a lovely

gift to us, your devoted readers. May you and yours

be richly blessed in this new year!
demeter d chapter 5 . 1/9/2006
So nice to finish with such a charming, happy chapter! As I said before, i am sure that you will be able to write them out of the fix there were left in in "Web". I am also sure, that it may not be easy!

The cloak for Faramir was such a nice touch. "Because you helped Frodo and Sam"... Another who probably would have deserved such a cloak as an honorary member of ther Fellowship would probably be Eomer of Rohan. Not only did he fight side by side with Aragorn, Gimli and Legolas, but he and Eowyn both married into the family of the Stewards of Gondor. And Merry considered him a life-long friend as well.

this was indeed a pleasant, happy yule-tide gifr to your readers. Happy New Year to you!
Raksha The Demon chapter 5 . 1/8/2006
Sque! Loved it when Aragorn and Faramir called each other 'son' and 'father'. And Aragorn's dance with Elbeth was precious.

Aragorn and Faramir may be very wise, but they certainly don't understand women!

This story was a lovely Yuletide treat! I'm honored to have helped in its creation.
Laerien chapter 3 . 1/6/2006
I didn't know that warming your hands very quickly can harm you in any way... Well, you learn something new every day. :o)

Your descriptions of Aragorn in this chapter (the aura of peace, the kingly stance in the moonlight etc) were beautiful. I do not like when someone writes about him only as a sometimes mischievious, excellent warrior. He is that too, but the way he acted in the HoH represented something else. Yes, this aura, the warmth and peace he radiated, I cannot put that into words.

Now here is a 'mistake' of yours. (Just constructive critism, you know). I don't think there is need to always say things like this.

"He had spent his entire childhood vainly yearning to hear such words from his father. His new lord gave him all the love that his father had denied him and had become both as brother and father to him" (btw, the period is missing here!) It appears in every one of your stories, in the loner ones, maybe even several times. At places like this, you repeat yourself.

Now Gudrun doesn't remind me of my grandma, as she admitted that it was the King's. :o)
Raksha The Demon chapter 4 . 1/5/2006
Eowyn is right about the degree of trouble to which Aragorn and Faramir are prone. I think the ladies should fit their husbands with very loud bell collars before letting them out of their sight again. Or larger escorts of brawny guardsmen.

Loved the description of the Fab Four's outfits; and Elbeth's desire to have leaves in her hair just like "Uncle Strider".
QueenofFlarmphgal chapter 4 . 1/5/2006

Oh, awesome chapter! Arwen and Eowyn's banter was great, and so was the triumphant return of Aragorn and Faramir. I loved the carpet stuff, and especially Elbeth- "Can I have have leaves in my hair too?” Too cute, and funny!

Can't wait for more!

JuliaAurelia chapter 4 . 1/5/2006
Great update! Arwen and especially Eowyn were cracking me up. Eowyn's statement that Faramir had to have a bath or he wasn't coming to the feast or getting into bed with her that night was priceless, and so like her. Aragorn's remark about Arwen always being worried about the carpet was funny too. Well, you figure Elves would be very picky about the state of the carpet, since they like to walk around barefoot so much.

Elbeth was delightful in her non-frilly dress (very clever of Arwen) and the Yule Log ceremony was lovely. Looking forward to one more chapter of this before BOG resumes.
lucidity chapter 4 . 1/5/2006
How sweet. I like how close Arwen and Eowyn have become as well.

The poor guys get nothing more than a smack across the head for coming back so late! Sad. They weren't even given a chance to explain. I can understand Eowyn worrying though, since the guys have had so many, many, many mishaps befall them in the not-so-recent past.

I do hope Eowyn will make up for not kissing her delectable husband when he returned, otherwise he may be wondering why his wife is so cold compared to Arwen, LOL!

More soon!
Lhaewin chapter 4 . 1/5/2006
“They might well be, but they are our husbands and innocents abroad, outside of a battlefield !” Eowyn said grimly “Only they could go for a ride in the forest and be drugged by a crazy old woman. Then there was the time that they went swimming and a goat ate their clothes. When you were giving birth and our backs were turned on them ,Faramir managed to get into a fight with my brother. Then,while we were in Ithilien together Aragorn was kidnapped ! And there was the time they went camping and ..” She sighed deeply. “The moment we they are out of our sight, they get into trouble!They are as drawn to disaster as ducks are to water ! How can you be so calm ?”

That was my favourite part - and also the bit when Aragorn and Faramir came home and were sent to bath. It was really funny.

A nice story, Linda. Thank you. :)
the great THEM chapter 4 . 1/5/2006
Aww! So cute!
steelelf chapter 4 . 1/5/2006
Aelaer chapter 4 . 1/5/2006
Scene: A few miles outside of Minas Tirith, along the southern edge of Mt. Mindolluin. Near the mountains is a large forest filled with many trees... including pines. Plodding through the snow is Laire, looking at all the pines. Behind her is the King himself, accompanied by a few men and a large, simple sled.

Hello! Sorry, I did not review the last chapter, I was busy making my way to here. Aragorn came along to help me find a tree! And he has some volunteers to help us bring a tree as well *grins*

Anyways, one thing about the last chapter: it is 'Pelennor', not 'Pellenor'. A common mistake... indeed, probably the most common spelling mistake! Right alongside 'Iluvatar' *grins*

Anyways, 'twas interesting to see the old woman's change when she saw that he was indeed the King.

And I love Elbeth! I hate frills and bows too... I completely empathize. And Aragorn's response to her inquiries! Priceless! Ah, I must say, the child has grown on me. *shakes head*

*searches* Aragorn, do you see any good trees?

Aragorn: I am not sure what exactly you search for.

A good pine tree for the Citadel... not too small... not too old... not uneven...

Hey! Like that one! *runs up to a large pine* This one is nice and big... *looks up* Very big. Hard to decorate... but that is what ladders are for! *grins* Can we get this one?

Aragorn: *nods* All right. *nods men over, and they start chopping it down*

*grins* Let's get this baby up in the Citadel before nightfall! Oh, the headservant shall be... displeased *grins evilly*

Cannot wait for the next update! Oh, and a very happy new year to you! May it be filled with many kings and stewards! And working Word programs! D
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