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Khrysalis chapter 25 . 8/17
Poor Mikey. Like Leo, I kind of thought he needed to learn a little lesson too, but Leonardo would have preferred for the lesson to have been learned within the safe control of a simple conspiracy between himself and Donatello. Still, it was the actual danger that seemed to be what hammered the lesson home.

Donnie really did suffer the most during this, didn’t he? Being Raph…really is kind of rough, isn’t it? Only the toughest turtle of them all can be Raphael.

So right now I’m at the latest update. I will wait patiently for the rest of the epilogue. In the meantime thank you, thank you, thank you for this wonderful, wonderful story. I’ve enjoyed every single last sentence of it. Spent the better part of a day doing nothing but reading and reviewing it. I appreciate the time and effort you took in writing it.
Khrysalis chapter 24 . 8/17
:D I fairly roared with laughter by the end of this! The mental picture of the Foot getting deluged with sewage and dumped into the sewer stream was even funnier than the earlier banter about neutering rabbits!
Khrysalis chapter 17 . 8/17
Back to laughing. Should have taken this story in doses. My ribs as well as my stomach ache. Sweet revenge, and Donatello deserves it! Casey doesn't, of course. If I had come in on the middle of this day I would feel like I was in the Twilight Zone too.

Nope, Mikey still hasn't quite learned his lesson...
Khrysalis chapter 16 . 8/17
It just fits that Donatello would be the first to learn the lesson his father is trying to teach with this whole incredibly difficult and trying day. (...I wish someone would tell Raph to either unplug or take the batteries out of the radio...)
Khrysalis chapter 23 . 8/17
That floor has needed a lot of emergency cleanings today.

I'm glad that Splinter is really thinking about it all, at last. Even a consideration I hadn't had myself—about how the boys react according to the way they are treated, and about the changes in their behavior. Most noticeably, Donatello. It's hard to ignore it when one of your most well-behaved children suddenly starts becoming your most difficult child.

Speaking of him being difficult, he's run off on Casey now. ; Sneaky ninjas!
Khrysalis chapter 22 . 8/17
I understand what you mean about writing. When I first began reading your story I did notice that it was begun at the very end of 2005 and last updated in early 2015. I haven't gotten there yet, but I did see the last update was designated Epilogue A, suggesting that there will be an Epilogue B, perhaps?

In any case, this same thing happened to me. I write mostly for the Rurouni Kenshin fandom, and my most popular story was finished all of eleven years after I first started it in April of 2005. Life just gets in the way... It felt great when I was finally able to mark it as complete after all these years. You're right, sometimes you can lose your skill with words, or even your feel for the characters if it isn't practiced.

As for my comments on the story: Splinter is concerned enough to feel the need to go after his three other sons. He so rarely leaves the lair he must be very worried indeed!

The Foot have finally showed up. Well, Raph was itching for a fight...

Mikey really is being a bit of an ass. I can see he's trying to make a point, but I can also see he's having a little bit too much reckless fun too. Leo gets it already. Let's see if Mikey gets it soon as well.
Khrysalis chapter 21 . 8/17
I read the first two sentences, and once again I found myself resting my face in my hands before I could read on. It’s worse that I thought—of course Casey wouldn’t deliberately decide to get him back (particularly not with the risk of being seen in a public place)—no, Raphatello doesn’t need the help to get in any more trouble! Why Master Splinter thought it was a good idea for any of them to leave the lair like this I have no idea! I knew he’d regret this day. Maybe some valuable lessons can be learned all around, but the phrase “no pain, no gain” keeps coming readily to mind!
Khrysalis chapter 20 . 8/17
Heheh. Good ol' Casey. Or at least, I'm saying that now while he forgives Donatello so easily. After the twists this day has taken, I can't help but wonder if a straightforward fellow such as himself doesn't plan on some revenge of his own for getting caught in the crossfire of Donnie's revenge. Nothing dangerous of course, just an inconvenient or embarrassing little something to get even.

Or maybe not, maybe just Donnie getting to see a bit more of how Raphael deals with life. I'll see.

Mikey's setting himself up for a fall, I see. It really is a little funny, his antics, and what he's saying to the others, mocking Leo, but I hope before this lesson is over that he sees the care and concern behind all of his big brother's chastisements and lectures.
Khrysalis chapter 19 . 8/17
Any time they talk of leaving this lair and taking this switcharoo madness with them I get a little bit nervous. At least in the lair Splinter can keep things from getting out of hand...

Laughing at Mikey again this time. Just like back at this morning's training when Leo wasn't paying attention and Mikey wouldn't give him any indication about what he missed. Maybe Michelangelo still needs to learn that lesson about the burden of being a leader, but he knows Leonardo's ways fairly well, ignoring Leo's input about where they should go just like Leo would ignore Mikey's.
Khrysalis chapter 18 . 8/17
I still say Donatello deserved his revenge, but then I didn't get deluged with raw sewage or have to be in the vicinity of those who had. I thought maybe Donnie was already done with his part in the learning process, but then Splinter did say sometimes it took Raphael a while to learn, and Donnie does seem to be channeling Raphael a little too well.

Glad this exercise was only for one day. I hate to think of the permanent damage that could be done or the havoc wreaked if this was meant to go on for a week or even just three days.
Khrysalis chapter 15 . 8/17
Something had to give eventually. Poor Donnie, usually the slowest to anger.

I've enjoyed every chapter of this fic, but I think this is my favorite chapter so far. The first one that doesn't have me giggling, strangely enough. A lot to think about, if I was willing to give myself time. Donnie, throwing colorful tantrums as a child? An interesting thought, and again I'm reminded how well Splinter knows his kids. Not just for his memories of their upbringing, but how quickly and easily recognizing just how far Donatello has been pushed.

The last couple of paragraphs had me smiling a little. Mikey still hasn't quite learned and Leo's still in character.
Khrysalis chapter 14 . 8/17
Oh, dear. After this chapter I had to sit with my face in my hands for a moment, and now my tummy hurts from laughing. I think maybe Splinter should consider ending this exercise early before the changes become irreversible.
Khrysalis chapter 13 . 8/17
Heheheh... :D I'm glad Splinter didn't make them swap names for a day too. That could get really, really confusing what with the way they've blended into each others' personalities as far as they have.

Leo's noticed something I had not considered. Watching Mikey be him and Donnie be Raph, he's looking at himself and Raphael from the outside for once. Again I applaud the characterization, and the great writing.
Khrysalis chapter 12 . 8/17
Loved the banter. I also love how Splinter commands his sons with just a look or a few words. I'm actually looking forward to Leo teaching his youngest brother that lesson, but if Donnie won't cooperate (still a Raphael-like thing to do, not cooperating even if he won't get into a fight and storm out) I wonder what'll it be, then.

It occurs to me, not for the first time, that Michelangelo's name is five syllables long. Splinter never uses their nicknames. It's got to be a bit aggravating when he needs to get Mikey's attention quickly (like when he's hopping around bleeding all over the floor), and it likely takes a full three or four full seconds just to say his name.
Khrysalis chapter 11 . 8/17
I continue to enjoy myself! There are things I should be doing right now, but I just can't put this story down.

Or maybe I shouldn't talk about enjoying myself when there's a possibility that Mike has lost one of his only three fingers. I feel the need to run down the hallway to check on him myself.
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