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WolfoftheMoonStorm chapter 85 . 3/9
I really should have reviewed more often while reading this series, but I've simply been so caught up in getting to the next chapter that I never paused to. I regret that now, and I fully intend to go back and pick out my favorite chapters to review. Maybe not all at once- because I still want to keep reading- but it is certainly a goal of mine. However, I felt that I absolutely had to pause here and leave a review.

I am actually in tears right now. I've always been a pretty emotionally-involved person when it comes to the stories I read, or the shows/movies I watch, but I've recently grown to have better control over it and I find myself crying less often. This series is simply a masterpiece. It deserves to be higher up in favorites and reviews than it is. I find myself holding my breath each chapter; trying to piece together clues and foresee future events. I'm intensely invested in each decision a character makes, but I'm on no one's side as much as I am on Harry's.

The last few chapters have been physically painful to me, because they are just that amazing. The struggle Harry is in the midst in is astonishing. Especially since I can't just point a finger at someone and say "They're doing the right thing." Part of me wants justice for Harry just like the people around him, but a large part of me also understands the reasons behind Harry's decision of mercy. He can look beyond the things done to him and see that, perhaps, Dumbledore and Lily are victims of the world too. I'm stuck in this tug-of-war of wanting to see them pay for what they've done, but also recalling that the line between revenge and justice is very fine; especially when it's personal.

And I find myself as exhausted as Draco must feel. Harry never does get a break. Everyone around him treads on his wishes just a little bit. Oh, sure, Harry needs to heal and justice needs to be dealt, but he's right when he says Snape is too fixated on the past. I can see the moments when Harry needs to be a bit more selfish than he is being, but then that's not what he wants to do. Simply "leaving it alone" will only hurt him in the long run, but the people around him don't seem to see that he's moving past that, even little by little. When McGonagall and Connor went to Snape I understood their motives, but also felt so tired. Of course it's for Harry's sake, but they knew full well that he's in a delicate spot and they actively ignored the one thing they knew he DID NOT want messed with at the moment.

It's impossible to see the "best" course here; only the inevitable collision at the end.

This series aches to read, but I just can't put it down. I'm too invested in the world you've crafted. I want to see what happens next. No, even more than that, I want to follow Harry's footsteps as he overcomes each next trial and eventually- hopefully- finds that moment of rest he so desperately needs.

Perhaps the best way I can phrase it is as such: I have spent most of my time on this fandom searching for a fic that presents a darker HP story, with that touch of world-changing powerful Harry. I find so many that turn back time. I find many that turn Voldemort "Light" and Dumbledore "Dark". I find many that create a wrong-BWL and remove Harry from manipulating influences, but do so by shading him bitter and distant. I've read many that resolve things with two school years. For all that they are still wonderful stories, they do not craft their narrative with such careful detail as you do. Here I see a Harry that, yes, grew up far to fast, but still shows in the little things that he is still only fifteen. He dances in politics and faces down Dark Lords, but he struggles with intense emotions and clings to the times he is handed unconditional love. He has flaws not in the sense of a weakness of power, but those of emotion. For all that he has grown, for all that he understands there is no shame in screaming under the Cruciatus, he struggles to see there is no shame in tears. I think what draws me in the most is that, no matter his power and choices, he is, above all, relatable. Perhaps I cannot understand the weight of the tasks he chooses to foist upon himself- after all, I have never been asked if I would attempt to free an entire race from their bonds- but I can relate to the emotions he displays. The isolation he feels at times, wonder at unconditional love, fear in the face of appearing weak, the exhaustion that comes with distrust, and so on.

If anyone ever asks me what else I could think the Harry Potter series could have been, I will unhesitatingly direct then to Saving Connor. This series will always be among the most favored and cherished of any HP fanfictions I have ever and will ever read.
IOpenAtTheClose of your life chapter 77 . 3/3
IOpenAtTheClose of your life chapter 60 . 3/2
dragonfox123 chapter 1 . 2/18
Interesting chapter
gemsaysfeelings chapter 86 . 2/17
oh my god YES
gemsaysfeelings chapter 77 . 2/17
gemsaysfeelings chapter 76 . 2/17
oh my god
gemsaysfeelings chapter 57 . 2/16
Rosier can be creepy with his poems and intelligence and stuff, but, sometimes I want him to join Harry's side
gemsaysfeelings chapter 46 . 2/16
Maldita perra loca. This chapter is just...Gods, I hate Lily and Dumbledore so much..
gemsaysfeelings chapter 28 . 2/15
I have the feeling that Harry is gonna be a big cat- one that can purr, like cheetahs and cougars. I don't know, but I like the idea :D (im so stupid lol commenting on this story after years its finished)
gemsaysfeelings chapter 12 . 2/14
im just so excited
John chapter 24 . 2/6
Wtf Draco is obsessed. Lmao
Anon chapter 81 . 2/1
Things were going great but as the graveyard arc started... It became a mess. There is long fic and then there is a dragged fic. It has just become the second one.
Guest chapter 75 . 11/26/2017
Is it okay if I daydream about killing Harry for his stupidity?
Guest chapter 64 . 11/26/2017
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