Reviews for Freedom And Not Peace
Chalilodimun chapter 86 . 6/29
This book is probably my favorite this far, I can't wait to read the rest! I really love Harry, he's so forgiving and compassionate, something that is often lacking in stories. But I particularly like that every character is different, has their own way of thinking and all want different things.
Most of all, I'm in admiration before the fact that you wrote a chapter every day (I believe). That is insane and gave me some good motivation. Thank you!
Chalilodimun chapter 77 . 6/29
My poor baby...
Chalilodimun chapter 35 . 6/26
What a twist! I really didn't think that it would be Connor to become the Triwizard Champion!
Chalilodimun chapter 33 . 6/26
I really really like Harry! I felt so much what he said to Vera, I think I think this way too. Well, I'm hyped to see the rest
agirlintyedye chapter 33 . 5/5
Have you been watching my therapy sessions. Cause damn vera and harry sound alot like my therapist and i
SirchSidhe chapter 86 . 5/2
This is such an amazing story. I keep wondering about what will happen next after every section, but it's impossible to predict. Everything happens and keeps happening, and it's fantastic. I am constantly amazed how Harry manages to fight through and make steps forward, extracting correct conclusions from faulty arguments.
abc chapter 86 . 4/29
Wow. Just-wow. I literally skim through most fanfics which have long chapters- but this one. I read a few lines and I was literally transfixed. And I couldn't stop reading. This was beautiful and so, so, very good. I just- I loved it.
Drakena chapter 1 . 3/5
I think Draco and Harry are the kids in the prophecy
Kai.Julian chapter 8 . 1/26
Just realized that snape is the guardian wreathed in shadows from the prophecy
Riemann Euler chapter 8 . 1/25
So far I have enjoyed this series, it does so many things so well, however that just makes the, to me, missteps more pronounced.
The primary problem I have with the story is Harry and Draco's relationship, while I will admit I do not usually enjoy slashes, this pairing in particular, the set up and justification for it was done so well that I really think I could have liked it.
But the problem is that if we look at the trends of Draco's treatment of harry they show a faintly disgusting pattern, he seeks to control his movements, he guilt's him into doing what he wants, he very purposely limits harry's friends group, he feels entitled to dictate harry's life.
This is spread between moments were what the relationship could have been shine through which just makes it more frustrating.
I now the less annoying but disturbing part, all of this is being done to a person who has essentially no interpersonal experience at all. He has no idea what is correct behavior for a friend, he has no idea what should be demanded of someone outside a formal arrangement, and no one sees fit to tell Draco to back the f*&k off a little and stop treating harry like his property.
I am sure by this book people can guess were their relationship is going so I think it safe to touch on the later romantic development, while I am in no way in a position to cast judgement on it I would like to point out that Draco essentially initiated this with someone who had little to no sexual development and did so without giving harry the breathing room to discover his own tastes.
To sum up, while I don't think this was the intention, large parts of their relationship feel analogous to someone rescuing another from a abusive situation, falling for that person and then seeking to control said person.
fefeu1910 chapter 25 . 1/23
"There are too many people I can benefit by staying alive" THATS SO SAD
fefeu1910 chapter 18 . 1/23
dude, i really dont want draco being more powerful than harry. i dont think that he is prepared for this type of power

and i think that their realation shipp is goos as it was before. draco is the protective one and who has a better mental health

harry is the powerful,but he needs draco to support him

if draco becomes more powerful i feel its gonna mess up a bit
BlueMorpho1111 chapter 77 . 12/7/2020
This chapter is perfect while you're listening to Thriller~~
Not a user chapter 41 . 12/3/2020
*shakes head* Oh, Harry...
BlueMorpho1111 chapter 5 . 11/6/2020
May I say I love your Severus Snape more than anyone? He's so, so sweet! Your stories are brilliant, by the way.
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