Reviews for Freedom And Not Peace
Guest chapter 80 . 7/29
God I DESPISE Dumbledore. Why wont he stop meddling with Harry's mind and life? He's absolutely cruel, while thinking he's some benevolent being.
Insanity Studios Ink chapter 46 . 6/6
oooh what I wouldn't do to send Albus a howler right now
Insanity Studios Ink chapter 1 . 6/5
86 chapters? I'm gonna be here a while damn
Reaver chapter 86 . 5/24
I only wish that some things you did not leave implied to the reader as being commonplace knowledge - unless I am mistaken, one of the things I was sorely disappointed about was lack of even a brief description for the Order of the Phoenix. Or it may be my lack of sleep.
Good day. Too optimistic a subresolution if you ask me. But I am not the one asked.
Reaver chapter 56 . 5/24
True fanfiction emulates the style and wishes of the original creators in question.
I think that, although you stick to what is canon a little too closely, that this work has become something else entirely. Altogether. Despite my poor wording and presentation.
Reaver chapter 42 . 5/24
"It's pretty damn obvious all the damn time." Now THAT right there ladies and gentlemen is the mark of invective flawlessly executed. Great context, great double emphasis, and it writes the mood better than anything conceivable without it
Reaver chapter 12 . 5/23
There is one complaint that I have about this story; mainly with invective. Although I will freely admit that I am quite liberal in frequency of curse usage, and definitely think that they form a very essential part to a series that was dulled to try to encompass a younger audience, I feel that your curse words are ofttimes misused or mistimed. I understand the intentions, and perhaps it's a reflection of what is really happening in the context of the story and the minds of the characters, but the placement is inappropriately jarring. I do not think there is enough to support your use of cuss words - yes, they should be emphatical or shocking, but I just don't get the appropriate magnitude of impact, let alone the correct implications, of many of your decisions regarding curses.
Your writing is still just as amazing as it always is. And one thing I will say - just as J.K. Rowling's writing gradually expanded, yours has flourished, but even more so, from the slightly rambling - if still fantastic - beginnings of this story, to a true magnum opus that has discussions held about the work even to this day, on social networks and most especially in places that discuss the best fanfiction writers of all time
GlowDust7501 chapter 82 . 5/21
I don’t know why but Draco is annoying me so so much in this book and I know it’ll get better but it’s making this so hard to read
NiariaGal chapter 36 . 4/30
that truly is the hardest letter
NiariaGal chapter 41 . 4/30
I love an oblivious Harry
NiariaGal chapter 37 . 4/30
fuck this is intense
NiariaGal chapter 35 . 4/30
Lily deserves to die
NiariaGal chapter 33 . 4/30
ofc he can't
NiariaGal chapter 32 . 4/30
I like this
NiariaGal chapter 31 . 4/30
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