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coriander chapter 1 . 12/26/2005
I'm so excited about this new installment! *does a little dance*
rtistysyko chapter 1 . 12/26/2005
XD I absolutely love this fic! I can't wait for the next chapters to come out and It's the Goblet of Fire! Yay! Best book! I'm really looking forward to how you do this book. It'll be interesting especially who will be put in the tournament. I'd almost say put both twins in and have 5 contestents if that's plausible... but oh well any way you do it will probably end up being wonderful. SO Update soon!
lermett chapter 1 . 12/26/2005
That's such a wonderful start for a new book... I can't stop smiling!

He could feel the magic reaching out to him this time, a purring warmth that slipped into his bones and took up residence there, as if his stomach had turned into its own cat.

Or maybe it just that this is the first really happy beginning... Hope you really won't write your chapter 55. At least for months. I'm not ready to face it now. :-)

Draco saying... “But what if someone chooses to obey you?” Draco asked. “Would you really deny that decision and force your own will over that person’s will?”

... that was so subtle, so witty. Well, Draco should be this and more if he is to be Harry's lover. Wonder in what position would it put you to be a vates' mate.

And Peter's letter! I enjoyed it so much! There IS savage strength in this one!

And the Maze, the Maze, the amazing Maze, the indulgent Maze... I too want Harry to come back there, but not the way James did... But why didn't the Maze like the Walpurgys night and that strange ritual that much? Because it was the same intelligent magic thing for the Dark as Maze is for the Light? Artifact rivalry? Or is there something else to it?

Oh, yes, I nearly forgot to ask... What does James think of Harry exchanging gifts with Lucius? Does he even know about it?

And I must confess, now that everything seems so good I'm getting more and more interested in what Lily is doing...

Till next update.
snowpuppies chapter 1 . 12/26/2005
You seriously kick ass. :P

Loved the Midsummer ritual, and well, Draco and Harry are always adorable.
jaz7 chapter 1 . 12/26/2005
excellent first chapter cant wait until the next,
Jamie chapter 1 . 12/26/2005
Good start! I like it. Keep it going please!
Strega chapter 1 . 12/26/2005
-delighted squeal- Ah, the next volume. You don't know how I was consoling myself with the thought I might have to wait a whole week for a the nexy installment. And here is is already. YEAH! First, light rituals just aren't as cool as dark ones. It might just be the evil in me but fire and visions just rocks compared to little paper boats and sunlight. :P Light rituals are PG. They're about as awesome as an Olsen twin movie. (The wholesome goodness overwhelms me! Curses) Give me secret meetings and necromancers any I found it really sad that while Connor was giggling about the tickling, Harry was reflecting that the sea would be there even after he was dead. Okay, can you say different perspectives? Merlin! I would have loved to have seen James' face if Harry shared that little happy thought with him. (James asks 'What are you thinking about, son?' Harry continues to stare at the sea "Oh, just my death." :D) James observing his boys and how they contrasted was needed. Connor is like his dad and Harry is one else. It's a good thing Draco is there. Harry relates and is open to very few people. Speaking of which, Snape was forbidden to enter. :D I only smirk at that because I can imagine his reaction. And it is not a pretty one. If he didn't like James before, well, this is isn't helping. Draco had a needed talk with Harry. I think Harry is rather mixed up between what a tyrant and a General is. In battle, those who fight under you usually have the same objective. So, when they follow your instructions, they are actually acting on their own interest. You have been chosen to be the main commander and to help them achieve their goals. Harry has studied history extensively. He should know that there was never an army that didn't have a leader. I mean someone has to yell 'Charge!' and know when to scream it. Harry should know there is a difference between a soldier and a slave, as well. A soldier has a choice, usually, and a slave does not. Draco is right, if it is a person's will to follow Harry and make them their can he force them not to? Good one. But Draco also knew when to make his point and when to relent. Harry listens to him and Harry will think upon it. No use beating it into him. I'm glad Luc took Harry's letter so seriously. And the fact that the Malfoys will openly follow Harry was inspiring. Now onto my favorite part; Draco. I adored him in this chapter. Don't get me wrong, I usually favor the boy. But he was just so...cutely possessive in this chapter. The very idea that Connor holds some sort of memory with Harry that he does not is enough to send Draco into a fit. And the fact that he doesn't like that Harry is not standing RIGHT beside him and could get out of arm's reach just had me laughing. Wow, I didn't think the boy could get any more protective or needy. I was wrong. XD Part of it stems from the need to guard Harry. Part of it is simply a Malfoy heir making sure what is 'his' stays his. And the other reason...well...I guess not even Draco knows yet. Let's just say that once the girls start noticing Harry, he's not going to like it. No, not one bit. Again, thanks for the post and please keep up your usual excellent creativity and story telling.
AnimeConPhotoWhore chapter 1 . 12/26/2005
\m/ *air guitar* HAPPY HOLIDAYS! Feliz Nuevo Anos! Happy 2006! *shivers* okay so we have about 4 days for that.. anyhoo.. i just wanted to say that you have posted Book 4.. i wasn't expecting it today.. i was looking for it further down the week ya know?/ but i was freaking shock to see it in my email... i scratched my head, grinned and clapped my hands.. i was so happy *nodding* i really love your be honest i hope you continue all the way up to his seventyh year... also i notice that there will be character deaths, gore and all that jazz... ROCK ON! i love that kind of stuff... hell i love it when i can read a good fic and it can get me fired-up.. expecially yours.. and what is up with Lily? will Lily be in this story.. i mean.. its amazing how you can keep all your characters straight..even thought they aren't yours but you know what i mean... anyho... i like this first chapter... good place to start with a Light ritual.. it was different... something Harry and I am not use to seeing.. it was nice.. it felt good.. it mad conner laughed and that was good enough for Harry.. *sighs* sometimes i wonder what the hell is going on in your mind.. and another thing and this will be the end of my review... WHERE IN THE HELL DO YOU COME UP WITH THESE DANCES? yes..this Pureblooded ritual dances? i swear you imaginatiojn is fuckin fabtacular...AWESOME! anyways.. until next chapter...toodles *waves*
arsenic-graffiti chapter 1 . 12/26/2005
Wai~! The first chapter~!

*snickers* Draco's loyalty to Harry is so endearing...

I loved the Maze. 'A mother looking upon a favored child', indeed. _ The 'staring' part reminded me of this line: I stared at the Abyss, and the Abyss stared back.

I noticed that the passing of time wasn't defined in this chapter. Is this because Lux Aeterna has a timeless feel to it?

Finally, I'm looking forward to seeing the pairings.

Great chapter! Hope to read more soon~!
Oobyll chapter 1 . 12/26/2005
Excellent start! Can't wait for chapter 2!
Nony chapter 1 . 12/26/2005
Oh, I'm really excited about this one. The last one was so.. not.. canon, that I wonder where you're going to take this one! I love this Arc, it really is wonderful.
SusannahMio chapter 1 . 12/26/2005
I love the light ritual with James. Its good that Harry's learning about that kind of thing too. So far I'm glad everythings working out. But could connor be anymore pathetic? Ugh, I can't stand him. I know he's just as much a victim of Lily's as Harry, b/c he was so sheltered and didn't have to be strong. But come on, how does he expect to be the boy-who-lived if he won't even try? Now aside from that slight rant, I feel the need to mention that I love your stories. I LOVE THIS STORY!
fiery frost chapter 1 . 12/26/2005
As always, the speed of your updates leaves me both happy and incredulous.

The story itself has been something I look forward to, every day, and I will happily read this story as well.
Miss Lesley chapter 1 . 12/26/2005
The Chapter was very good. I am sorry that Snape can not visit, the fireworks would explode. There was a lot of intense moments in this chapter. Peter's letter. James doing his duty as Remus friend.

I love the james realized that while Harry will protect Conner, Draco will protect Harry.

I love how you compare slytherin friend and Gryffindor friedships. I like harry/Draco intense quiet bonds, than Ron/Connor. On many level Draco and harry understand and know each other.

Ron and connor seem lacking. More like Ron wants to be in his good graces. How much is ron willing to risk for connor?

will we find out why the room door was warded? Draco is going into a strong and wise wizard. Only he can get harry see that being a general does not meean complusion. A leader is the one willing to make the hard choices, after looking at how his action effect those under him. while relaizing it might be wrong, that thers might die or that things might turn out find.

If people in your army know where you stand at te beginning and agree, then as long as you follow through and take responbility then you are different. Thats why I think Lucius was so profoundly effected by harry gift, it showed that he would not be a pond, or at the wimps of his master, he knows up from who and what harry is, and what his goals will be.
AchillesMonkey chapter 1 . 12/26/2005
SQUEE! Draco's getting all jealous! Yay! I'm so so so happy this is started! PLEASE UPDATE SOON! This is on my favorites list and you are on my favorite authors list
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