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Christian Riojas chapter 70 . 12/27/2014
Here's some ideas:
Ben and the Final Fantasy X gang go into the world of Final Fantasy VII series, you know, from after Crisis Core up to Dirge of Cerberus, that would be cool if you did that!

After the first idea, Ben and friends head for the world of Final Fantasy XIII! Think of these ideas as continuations of your chronicles.

Hopefully you will put them on the list!
Christian Riojas chapter 70 . 12/27/2014
The story is good, but there is one thing I'm going to have to tell you. You're not putting in enough Ben, Yuna, Rikku, Paine, and the rest of the Final Fantasy X gang together in this story. There's not enough of them in here! Also, you should put Ben and Rikku back together, you know, the loving way they had! As well as Tidus and Yuna, and Shuyin and Lenne. Hope you see this.
Faermage-KH Junkie chapter 66 . 1/28/2013
There s one thing I'd like to point out, if I haven't already reviewed this chapter.

While I didn't notice it the first time I read it, I've just reread, all in a row, the last several chapters of the fic, and Ben's reappearance with Kari is pretty sudden. The last we heard of him, he had just Planeswalked out of the Palace of Creation, trying to cope with the sudden existence of Manes in his mind. Now, he's back with Kari. He mentions that she's offered to train him, but the offer's never actually addressed in any of the previous chapters. I assumed that you'd put it in there, but after doing some searching, this really is the first time we've seen Ben since before the fight with Hyne.

I think it might've been a little better if you'd added in a piece, or even a little flashback-y piece, about how they found him or he came out of... okay, I can't call it the emo-corner, but you understand what I'm getting at. Though I really really do like the piece you have here... I just think it could've done with a lttle more lead-up n previous chapters.
LovlyRita chapter 66 . 9/28/2012
Hello! I've come to review your story! I'm sure you thought I had forgotten about it :) I just wanted to say that your writing, as per usual, is flawless. The story line is very interesting and engaging and OMG BURN NOTICE. Something that I recognize! I think that's the um...first thing I've actually known about in your story, so I could totally see the parallels there *pats self on back* well done with that! honestly, it's been so long since I've read and there are so many characters that I recognize names and vaguely remember back stories but some of them I was like..waaait..haha. I think I need to go back and review a few chapters.! anyway, nice chapter, perfect as always! :)
Faermage-KH Junkie chapter 65 . 5/10/2012
I'd read most of this before, but it's nice to see the final section with Revolver and Darius. They have an inteesting relationship, and I"m looking forward to seeing moe of it. I love interesting family dynamics.
Teamplaya101 chapter 64 . 1/11/2012
Woah woah woah

So your trying to explain that fayt Made rikku break up with ben? I dont understand i really loved the romantic situation between Rikku and Benji D:

Please tell me your not trying to mindfuck me

Cause the Bond between the two is what made me come back every time posted a new chap on both of the previous OC involvment in the 2 games

Plz i begz u fix the relationship with Rikku and Ben!

And u will make me very :D
LovlyRita chapter 63 . 10/6/2011
THE FINAL CHAPTER! So excited to see this!

Starting out- how interesting to see where Hyne came from, and how she ended up like she did. You know, with Freya being such a..caring soul, I was always wondering why she would make someone like Hyne, and I really think that that is a perfect explanation for it! how deliciously scandalous!

Oh and they are realizing she is the 4th pillar of reality...very very interesting...

And Arragious realization that he's being controlled! I bet he would have never thought that he would allow himself to be controlled like that. That's great. I love how easily Hyne just tosses people aside, she just doesn't give a crap. OMG and this is just brilliant. The fact that she willfully takes control of his heart..her little speech. Beautifully done, so in character, and it really displays her power. And the fact that Freya or anyone else didn't stop her immediately, I find to be very interesting.

Oh...apparently that's why. She can just disarm Odin. Daaaayum gurl. Oh and now Arragious is dead and...Freya is PISSED. Good, I'm glad. This is going to be amazing I can tell.

Awww Katanas...looking out for ein.

How chilling. "Katanas DeValle do you know what your sins are?" What a great line. Love the verbal showdown between the two of them.

And they are fighting...very intense, well written fight scenes.


ein has a magical shield. Very interesting. Reminds me of Harry Potter when he has a shield and watches Snape kill Dumbledore. so sad. :( It must be so shocking for him to see this.

Wow, and Ein comes in with the shocker! how admirable of him. And brave too. Asking Freya to stop. Wow, that was so great of him. And the fact that Hyne is entertaining his questions. He makes a very good point to her, about destroying everything. And she doesn't seem to be the type to ever ask for advice about anything, so the fact that she does that here is quite symbolic and different.

lol I'm glad Freya and I are on the same page.

Wow, what an interesting way to end this book. It's been so long since I started reading it...almost a year (And I know you've been writing it for much much longer than that) but I wish I could write some summative comments. I think we've seen quite a major shift toward the end. I think I need to spend some time in the Wiki, I can't remember some of the characters and everything What a great job. A massive massive congratulations for achieving this epic amazingness of a story, for all the hours and hard work you put into it.

You're awesome, dude and I cannot wait to see what you have in store!

Faermage-KH Junkie chapter 63 . 10/6/2011

When I first started reading, I hoped and prayed I'd be able to see this through to the end. Even though we're nowhere near yet, I can honestly say, part of me doubted you'd ever get this far.

But, you have. You've gotten this far, and you'll go farther - and its a privelege to watch it all happen right before my eyes.

I can't wait till next chapter, and the interlude after that - just like I can't wait to see the next arc, and the next, or even the end of Book II and the start and conclusion of the Finale.

It's been, and still will be, a bumpy ride.

But I'm honored to have been here to see it.

Always and forever,

Your Fangirl
LovlyRita chapter 62 . 7/27/2011
Here I am with your review for this chapter!

First of all, i LOVE Ein's introduction to the Ethereal plane! He's all innocent and such. And I love the line that Katanas uses: "Home of the cerebral and idealistic." So simple, and yet an excellent description of the place. Aww I continue to love Ein throughout this whole beginning section! Especially when you describe his excitement, it really makes me excited, and also kinda gives you a feel for what it would be like, to meet this God of exciting and daunting that must be for him!

OOH YAY. The return of the "child." Have been SUPER waiting for this! I like how complacent she is, almost lazy in her response. Very interesting. And OOOH Liam Bayloh 3 my favorite :) LOVING that the "girl" called Angel quaint, he really is anything but. She is such a fascinating character! And interesting that Angel should find himself trapped, knowing that he has someone to protect and willing to do so even though he knows it's so dangerous.

OH NO! Angel! Sad day. But it was so effortless for her to do that. I am SO interested to see where you are taking this...

Love the bit with Ein and Freya. Absolutely inspired, and it kinda reminds me of the "if you could ask God one question" and I love that he used it to confirm legends or whatever he knows about Odin. Excellent use, and really lightens up this chapter some, especially after what happened directly before this bit.

Ok, now with Kisara...what the crap happened! Oh no! that "girl" is ruthless, why do I like her? Haha. But still...poor thing. What are you doing?

Ahh there's her name! Hyne. Oh Hyne, what are you doing! Poor Lady Freya, as if she isn't going through enough already!

Wait! WHAT! That's the way you've ended the chapter? On the most epic cliffhanger ever? ahhh! I just love how flippant Hyne is! Like she's all knowing and...ah. Even though she's evil I just love her for that mean streak. I think I decided I liked her way back before she actually materialized here but...hmm. I'm worried about Angel, I'm worried about Freya. It seems like Hyne could do a whole helluva lot of damage, so I'm very interested to see where you take it! Brilliant job, as always, friend :)
LovlyRita chapter 61 . 5/25/2011
Hello friend. I know it's been a while since this has been posted, I'm sorry for the wait. First of all- Loving the opening. It's full of intrigue, I like that Angel and Kisara are there with him. And stupid Manes in his head...baiting him.

Manes is very well...spoken. It seems like he chooses his words carefully. I think the dynamic between Ben and Manes is very interesting.

ahh there it is. The description of the Vayash Moru. Poor Poor Angel :( I wonder what fate awaits Ben though. It seems pretty black and white. aww Poor ben now! He has so much to ponder. I really like the little cliff hanger here, and as usual I'm cliniging on to your every word.

I love how official your little bits are about...whatever is going on here at vector industries. And look at this...Lindsey Geneave. I am intrigued. Kidnapped by Vector industries? not dead? Um...that's a shocker!

Senior talking to Darius? I MUST HEAR MORE! I kinda like Darius. I've got to be honest, I don't know why. But I do. After reading about this whole thing with her, I always felt kinda bad for him. I'm quite interested to see where you take this.

You've got two things going on here, I am highly intrigued by both. Excellent job, you're a rockstar as always! :)
Omega Gilgamesh chapter 47 . 5/18/2011
Kind of redundant to put "read and review" at the end of a chapter, don't you think? Usually, we have a read the chapter in order to get to the end.

Bad jokes aside, very interesting. Makes me wonder why Destine is making such a spectacle of things.
Omega Gilgamesh chapter 45 . 5/18/2011
FINALLY found where it was that I left off. Sorry about not reading your story in a while. You know how it goes, you forget that a new chapter is up, and then the next chapter is up and you're like, "Man, I still need to read that last chapter, but I don't have time to read two chapters, I've got things to do." And the cycle only perpetuates in time.

The storyline's getting interesting. A chapter or two back, it said Andrea's theme was the song Step on the Bleach OST. I couldn't find that song anywhere. Are you sure you got the name right? Also, I would like a contribute one of my favorite VGOST tracks, Omen from Xenogears. Real haunting.

And finally, one last thing I want to mention: I started a story along the lines of Destiny's Call and Chronicles of the Chosen. Thought you might like to check it out.
Psy4 chapter 61 . 5/18/2011
Glad to see you're still here. I'm also still around so keep writing. Can't wait to see where this goes.

Just wondering. Will anything come of the Benji/Darius rivalry? Not anything hectic or malevolent but Benji has a debt to pay for the ass kicking he got in the previous book. Lol.
LovlyRita chapter 60 . 3/3/2011
Let me start out by saying I'm terribly sorry for the delay in this review. Moving right along...

I love the descriptions of the soul society. Gives a better insight into what is going on there, and since it's always been something that I'm a little confused about, I really enjoyed reading about that. But I feel like you told me once that this was heavily influenced by Bleach? I can't remember haha.

Now there's an interesting word. Seireiti. lol

Ooooh Odin trained Arragious? This has a strange Star Wars Episode III feel to it :p hehe. Love it. Makes things even more intense!

wait, did a building just fall on Arragious? Why is he not dead? Did I read that right? Y'all are just crazy, you know that?

Alright, and now we're to Ben. Ok, LOVE the dialogue between him and Manes. Great imagery and threats and everything. Very good. So wait, is Manes inside his body or outside? I don't know if I understand that 100%. It reads like he is outside. Hmmm. Oh wait, no...he's in his mind. That's what I thought. Am I so confused or what? haha.

Wait...where did he get angel wings? Is there something that I am forgetting here? HELP ME! lol

Angel! Oh and he's talking about dollet. That makes me happy because that 's something that I kinda always wanted more information about.

Whoa, Ben is a total bad ass. Love the whole two fatal errors thing. Very nicely executed. And you know, Manes did have apoint about Ben as a planeswalker, so it's very interesting to see the reasons why she did choose him. And Ben does have such a strong mind, so it works out well here. Ooooh Manes in chains, love it very much. I like that Ben is finally back in control, but I'm really interested to see more stuff from the Ethereal plane and just what the heck is happening right now is Soul Society. Great update, amazing work as always, and once again I'm sorry it took me so long to get to it!
Faermage-KH Junkie chapter 60 . 2/24/2011
Two words, Ben:



That really sums up my feelings on this chapter. Completely aside from the fact that Odin just ripped Arragious a new one in the most awesome fashion ever, the scene with Ben and Manes had me wanting to stand up and CHEER. You completely kicked Manes' ass; plus, you did THAT in the most awesome fashion ever. You showed him who's BOSS.

Really well-writtehn, too. Both fights werewritten in such a way that I could visualize every move in my head like a movie.

I also love the scenewith Angel and Kisara; it really gives you a look into Angel's mind as well as the past, and like you said, there's a lot of room for expansion there.

Welp, seeya next chapter! -Miri
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