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pikaree1 chapter 49 . 1/11/2015
Excellent finale and conclusion, wonderful overall story, and priceless ending. XD Yes, again, Kouji. Yes, the bandanas.
And I'd love to see a short (or maybe not…?) follow-up story following Kouichi and Kako's relationship and Naoko's apparent quest for Kouji's heart if you're willing to write it.
pikaree1 chapter 47 . 1/11/2015
That wasn't horrible! That chapter was AWESOME! Only two left…
pikaree1 chapter 45 . 1/11/2015
"Are you sure you want tobe a goggle brain, krill?" Kouichi asked, squatting down in front of Shinya and lookinghim straight in the eye. "I think you've got the potential todoa lot more than that."

Scratching the back of his head, Takuya nodded and murmured sheepishly, "He's got a point..."
"Can I be a bandana brain?" Shinya asked, sounding excited.

"JOB TAKEN!" Kouji snapped, glaring downat the younger boyand folding his arms.

XD Funniest part in thr chapter, and there were a LOT of funny parts.
pikaree1 chapter 44 . 1/11/2015
Uh, Kouji, that's not how you treat an egg…
And I'm surprised it actually worked…
Plus, I never thought I'd say thia, but way to go, Kanaye!
pikaree1 chapter 43 . 1/11/2015
Holy Lucemon eating beans, Hideki and Rai are fighting AGAIN? Oh, just great…
pikaree1 chapter 42 . 1/11/2015
Kakoband Piximon are the bestest friends an insane possessed guy who's stuck in the recesses of his own mind and conciousness could have, yup yup! Right, Kouji? *snickers*
pikaree1 chapter 41 . 1/11/2015
Hideki! The pictures! GIVE ME THE KOUICHIAKO PICTURES! *lunges at Hideki and grabs the photos* Muhahaaaa…
And, uh…
…is Piximon REALLY Lobomon's rookie form…?
Weird. VERY weird. Weirdest thought EVER.
pikaree1 chapter 40 . 1/11/2015
Pfft… Twerp two thousand! Who are twerps three through one thousand ninety-nine?
pikaree1 chapter 38 . 1/10/2015
ETERNAL SLAPPING! XD LOL. Hilarious attack name! Reminds me of how in the prequel Kouji used 'Lobo Kendo' as an attack name and Hideki made fun of him… Hilarious and pute gold! XD
pikaree1 chapter 37 . 1/10/2015
Kouji, you weakling, youblet yourself be possessed…
And yaaaaaaay for the Kouichiako moment!
And yaaaaaaay for Shinya who gets to help save the world!
pikaree1 chapter 36 . 1/10/2015
I repeat: Noooo! Kouji! Snap out of it!
Hurry, guys! Hurry and save the world!
pikaree1 chapter 35 . 1/10/2015
Noooo! Kouji! Snap out of it!
And Kouichi and Kako argue like a married couple… From this day forward, I'm calling them Kouichiako!
And dragonsunlight? I loce this fic.
GemmaniGirl chapter 49 . 12/31/2006
*will review Cursed Gifts tomorrow* Holy crap ;_; this updation seriously majorly cheered me up since I've been going through a dilema and a reviewer really just didn't help. In fact, she made me feel bad T.T Sorry I've never been good at critiquing your stuff XP *sucks at doing that* Omg T.T This was a spectacular ending chapter! Though it makes me quite sad. I'll miss this fic~ A new Digital World, good. Hm, something about this chapter... I can't figure out a way to word it. It was amazing but... I donno, just surprised they all went back to normal XP Though I don't blame them. Bit confused why Kouichi was so happy Kako left oO I'd write more but no words are coming. And I'm sleepy. So I'll just say one more thing...

“Not again…NOT THE BANDANA!” Best. Ending. Line. EVER!

XD See ya in Cursed Gifts!
Berri chapter 48 . 8/14/2006
First reaction: *ROFL.* xD

Wow, this series is just plain AWESOME! I read NtB a while ago, forgot about it, found NtB3, read it, got inspired to read NtB2, which I just finished.

Poor Kouichi-kun... *Pats Chibi/plushie-Kouichi.* Hehe, I recently found out that it's possable to turn people into plushies/chibi's with mighty Author[ess] powers! And it makes 'em look so CUTE! Well, in Kouichi-kun's case, CUTER! KAWAI! *SQEE!*

Ahem. Right. Back on track. Which track was that? *Blinks.*

Oh yeah. Kako is so COOL! xD Especially her obsession with sweets... And chocolate... It's the holy food! YES! CHOCOLATE!

Plushie-Yamato: *Pokes Plushie-Ken, points to Berri, and rolls eyes.*

HEY! *Huffs and pouts.* Aww, just one more chapter and NtB is done? Totally? *Eyes get teary.*

Plushies Yamato: *Hits Berri upside the head.*

OWIE! *Rubs head.* I should get the awesome Authoress here to set Kouji on you... *Is now a HUGE fan of OOC Kouji/slightly OOC Kouichi.*

You sounded kinda sad in some of the endnotes, you should do a bunch of stuff you like, that'll make you feel happy! :) And if that includes writing more NtB... YEA! Oh! Maybe some side-stories about Kako-chan! Or Kouji-kun's many ways he's annoyed his brother... *Giggles evilly.*

Plushies-Ken: Since apparently I'm the only one with sense here, I'll cut this review short so that review-thingie doesn't break. *Hits the submit review button.*
GemmaniGirl chapter 48 . 8/9/2006
Avenue Q is so disturbingly wrong... And yet hilarious *has seen it* I knew Schadenfreude was familar! But I couldn't remember to the A/N. XD Why do characters like to take their authors over? It was interesting to see the chapter from Kouji's POV. And yay Piximon! Immediatly asking if she did her homework. Gotta love it. Next chapters the last? I'll definatly miss this story a lot. Its kept me hanging even to the last. You have real talent I'll definatly look forward to more of your stories after NTB ends.
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