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Nihilist intellectual chapter 24 . 5/17
I really like your Naruto fanfic AU, because it fixes the worst bullshit I had to stomach in the whole damn series.

1 Naruto and his toxic relationships.
Let's face it, Naruto being put on team 7 was the worst thing that could happen to him.
He was at the epicenter of a triangle of toxicity where he was trampled and abused by all of his teammates.
Seriously, what kind of cruel and idiotic bastard puts a poorly trained affection-starved boy, a gifted asocial emo, and an incompetent toxic fangirl together in a military squad?
And as for Kakashi, he may be a good shinobi teacher (specially to Sasuke), but as a team leader he sucked, especially in the department where these teens were most needed; socio-emotional education and teamwork.
Hell, it makes me want to tear my eyes out every time I see how Naruto was willing to waste his time and making himself suffer for the sake of a jerk like Sasuke and how he went after “Sakura chan” like a pathetic lapdog allowing her to take advantage of him without giving him anything in return for her kindness other than physically abusing him and humiliating him, anb he never, ever he was man enough to slap her for what a bitch she was.

2 Hinata and her lack of development

Hinata is introduced to us as a foil and opposite to Naruto, she is a clumsy kunoichi in a prodigy clan who is belittled by her father for not living up to the clan's expectations.
Then she observes Naruto's unwavering determination despite having far more difficulties than her and then she falls in love with him.
So why the fuck did Kishimoto never give her any character development, no skills, nothing at all, and turned her into a weirdo stalker who sucked in every battle he fought?
Damn, she wasn't even able to control her emotions when she babbled and passed out when interacting with Naruto and we're supposed to believe that useless shit was a chunin?
Please, what a way to humiliate the character to the point that a mediocrity like Sakura Haruno would end up shining more than her.
Kishimoto, go fuck yourself.
And as for Naruhina, it's so poorly written that even Goku x Chichi makes more sense as a ship, despite their development being even smaller and lamer.
Three clichéd, poorly written dialogues in the entire series and suddenly they're married and with two kids?
And as for Boruto, the less that is said, the better.
At least here in this fic they have interaction and Hinata strives to be something in life.

3 Naruto and his character development

Let's be honest, Naruto sucks almost as much as Sakura as a shinobi in part I.
He is stronger, braver and more imaginative than the useless bitch right, but he has some huge gaps in the most basic knowledge:
His taijutsu is so bad that he gets hit like a punching bag, his stealth is that of a cow, his strategy is charging at the enemy like a drunken boar, his chakra control is almost as non-existent as his control over his emotions, and as for his social skills, well that can be summed up as pitiful.
I think it would have been better if he had worked out on his social skills, before he started using more ninjutsu techniques. What's the point of mastering more ninjutsu if you're an awkward idiot who doesn't even know the elemental social norms or the basic shinobi techniques?
Oh, and I also like that Naruto kills in this fanfic, I know it's horrible for a child, but this gives depth to the character, as well as that he considers leaving his shitty village, but backs down when he thinks about the consequences.
Seriously, how difficult was it to give a bit of logic and reasoning to the character instead of turning him into a retarded queer with a battered girlfriend complex, Kishimoto you jerk?

4 the worldbuilding

Kishimoto is the king of wasting characters. The Namikaze, Uzumaki, Shimura clans, the Daimyos and well, all geopolitics was an aspect that Kishi threw away to focus solely on teenage boyfriends and their satellites.

But for me the worst thing was what he did with the Hyuga clan. The most powerful and numerous clan in the village ends up being reduced to the figures of Hinata, Hannabi, Hiashi and Neji and even these are not well developed.
What about the secondary branch and all the Hyugas that we saw in part i?

Hiashi only appears in Hinata's backstory, Hannabi is three quarters of the same, Neji dies, and Hinata is just Naruto's girlfriend.
And about Boruto, the less you talk about, the better.
Someone explain to me how Konoha's most aristocratic clan ends up becoming the equivalent of the Weasley family in the Narutoverse, with the stricht patriarch Hiashi turned into a jolly old man, Hannabi demoted to being Boruto's hot maiden aunt, and Hinata as a housewife who isn't even competent at raising her son.
Seriously what the fuck?
L-St James chapter 1 . 5/15
Estoy un poco triste porque esta historia se encuentra descontinuada, y realmente siento que me voy a quedar sin estabilidad para el momento en el que llegue al último capítulo actualizado.

Es un gran, gran comienzo de historia.
He dejado muchos fics porque no logran atraerme lo suficiente, soy un poquis nueva en el fandom de Naruto, haha, y hasta el momento me ha gustado demasiado este primer episodio. Definitivamente amo a Kurenai, generalmente siempre hay bromas por su genjutsu, loooool, pero amo como lo estás manejando todo.

Ansiosa de ver como avanzará la historia del equipo 8 con ellos!
Espero que te encuentres muy bien, y gracias por compartir esta historia!
f5 chapter 24 . 5/11
Pretty great. It's a Naruto story and he's of course the central and most powerful character but it's pretty obvious that the biggest beneficiary of the AU change is Hinata. Maybe the author disagrees, but I didn't really get the sense in canon that Naruto suffered for mentorship after he graduated from the Academy – Kakashi isn't the most active presence in his life, but Jiraiya, and later the toads are very dedicated to helping Naruto become a better shinobi and a better person. So giving him access to Kurenei's "Thinking Woman of 2010" guidance sands off a lot of his rough edges and impulsivity, but doesn't really change the overall arc of his development. Hinata, by contrast, is a mistakenly sidelined character in canon (although this is more of a post-timeskip problem, when Naruto just forgets, somehow, her incredible declaration against Pain). Her storyline bouncing between her abusive upbringing, dealing with her feelings for Naruto, and becoming a credible fighter is something that gets fleshed out as a natural extension from canon principles. I was pleasantly surprised that the canon outcomes of her prelim bout against Neiji and Neiji's final showdown with Naruto were retained. Sometimes the extra training and the main character plot armor still aren't enough! In terms of managing the abuse storyline, the concerted efforts of various parties to foster her away from the Hyuga household as they learn the extent of her hardship is well plotted. About 10x better than Sakura's canon storyline – actually, Sakura's cameos here provide a 10x better story than she gets in canon too.

Kurenei works well as a "smarter than everyone else" fixer. The general attitude of shoring up weaknesses in canon without harping on them is appreciated. Her affection for the three genin comes across as genuine and she makes smart and insightful deductions about their personalities and motivations, which she uses to put them on paths to both social and professional/martial success. I confess I was disappointed that her canon relationship with Asuma is almost entirely absent here. It makes sense for the direction the story eventually takes, as her role as surrogate mother to Naruto and Hinata (and Shino, to a lesser degree) becomes more and more emphasized in the later chapters. But Shikamaru is my favorite of the younger generation in canon, and I was hoping to see more collaboration between Teams 8 and 10 engendered by their leaders' romance. From the standpoint of romantic structure, I think it would have been very justified. Kurenei is 100% certain for the entire story about Hinata/Naruto and self-assured in general, so it would be entertaining to have her a little flustered and unsure about herself in this instance. Introducing a thread of moving on from her lost genin crush would have deepened the emotional questions explored by her past.
f46adpg chapter 24 . 5/7
Can you continue the story plzzz
EVIL-SAGE chapter 24 . 5/7
yeaaaah though id like it if he took her to the hokages monument oh well this is fine too
EVIL-SAGE chapter 22 . 5/6
Ehhh im not sure how i feel about the tutrle summoming i would rather naruto summon the animal most alligned with himself like foxes wolves or somthin
EVIL-SAGE chapter 19 . 5/6
Ok That That was a masterpiece i did not see that coming *slow claps*
EVIL-SAGE chapter 18 . 5/6
phew i really thought he was gonna do it
EVIL-SAGE chapter 17 . 5/6
that chakra pulse was awesome
EVIL-SAGE chapter 14 . 5/6
EVIL-SAGE chapter 9 . 5/6
hell yeah i always loved the brothership parts in fanfics especially with shika chouji shino and kiba
EVIL-SAGE chapter 8 . 5/6
this was an amazing chater and story so far i loved it.
crashthisnow chapter 20 . 4/22
Sorry but killing kurenai killed this story for me, yes I get that it implies possible struggle and growth but it also strays away from what you had created so far (a comfort story based on kurenai being the one that is there like a parental figure for both Naruto and Hinata) and that just doesn't feel correct/right so really good story so far(chapter 20) but in my opinion to early for someone as important as kurenai when you have no one els that can grow into that position.
Crevanille chapter 9 . 4/22
I... feel like this world's Shino and Hinata definitely strike some of the most thoughtful interactions with a much more introspective, yet very much still familiar, Naruto.

Honestly, it's nice seeing ppl just stick up for the poor kid.
Like, Hinata straight up raging and Shino all but 'shouting down' his family's stupidity felt both genuine and cathartic.

And yeah, best Kurenai yet!
She's usually very hit or miss in stories for me.
Noonzakai317 chapter 24 . 4/20
It seems every few years I run across Team 8 and every time I fall in love with it even more. The thoughtful and detailed storytelling is riveting. It has been seven years since the last update but I still hold out hope that this amazing bit work will get to a satisfying conclusion. Thank you S'TarKan for all of your wonderful stories.
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