Reviews for Team 8
Jc11o chapter 2 . 4/11
It's good
bagofpopcorn chapter 9 . 4/10
I think I'm in love with Shino
bagofpopcorn chapter 7 . 4/10
I really want to shake Hanabi hard.
bagofpopcorn chapter 4 . 4/10
Their teamwork sounds fantastic. I love reading this.
DrunkenPanda chapter 22 . 4/10
All I can say is he it is a masterful story and gets you hooked.
Billy Ruffian chapter 8 . 4/8
I dunno if you're ever going to finish this story, but I thought I should mention that this chapter is one of my favorites on this entire website. It's the payoff from the character development you've given to Team 8 in the previous chapters, showing how they are all evolving and learning more about each other. I really liked how both Hinata and Shino had different ways of finding out about and reacting to Naruto's tenant, but both were very supportive of him (even if Shino was less obvious about it). Hinata showed her inner-steel and overcame a bit of her self-doubt, Kurenai-sensei demonstrated her protectiveness toward and pride in her team, Shino admitted a mistake and gave quiet support to his teammates, and Naruto now knows he won't be abandoned by his team for being the Kyuubi's jailer.
Jondarme chapter 2 . 4/8
Rather enjoying the story. Thank you for writing it.
Tainted-Hourglass chapter 24 . 4/8
This fanfic is awesome. I dare to say that it's even better than the manga/anime. I've read this fanfic four times, and each time I read it I notice things that I didn't have enough knowledge to realize before (because english is not my first language). I just found out who 'the four' are, for gods sake! For what I have the knowledge to tell, your grammar is impeccable, and I have yet to see any misspelled words. The construction of the characters is great, and I loved especially the way you made Naruto. Also, I have to say that all the characters actually ACT like the characters Kishimoto created (of course, this is pretty rare in fanfiction...). Anyway, I hope that one day this fanfic will be updated, as I'm longing to know what will happen next. By the way, sorry for my english
Psycho Ray chapter 14 . 4/7
It was so nice to see Sasuke's beaten in such a humiliating manner! I wanted to see everyone's reaction to that, please tell me you will show it in the next chapter!

One line can sum the most important part of this chapter: "What variety of flowers would be appropriete?". I want to kill Neji myself! No, I want to torture him in a way that would make Ibiki cry out of fear! Damn, I'm so mad at him!

Well, other than these two points, all I can say is that I enjoyed the fights, a lot. I don't really know how to review fights, but rest assured I liked them a lot.

Plus, Hinata's fight with Neji (and I'm still mad at him!) was much more intense than in canon, and closer too... Now I want to see Naruto breaking every single bone of this son of a bitch's body!
Psycho Ray chapter 12 . 4/7
This was one of your best chapters so far, if not the best. You did an amazing take on the Chunnin exam!

The first thing I'm always pointing out, is how good, albeit strange, it is to see a smart Naruto, specially a well developed one that actually has reasons to be. The best part is that it just took one thing to make such change: a team that both cares about Naruto and is responsible and matured enough to help him improve.

What made me like this chapter so much was how you managed to put this new Naruto to good use in the Chunnin exam. He actually managed to cheat the test efficiently! Hell, even better than Shino or Hinata!

Plus, he found out how his Kage Bunshin works years earlier, and that is soooo nice! He is now even more welcome suited in an reconnaissance team. It also opens the option of his over-powered trainning. I do wonder when you will get to it, and how much you would make use of it.

Well, think about it, if I was Naruto, I'd be trainning with all every single clone I could create just all the time, that is no reason not too. However, Naruto needed this ability on canon to counter his own stupidity (which, as you have demonstrated, is only a consequence of having no one to teach him properly). I think Team's 8 Naruto would be able to master the Rasengan pretty quickly, specially if Hinata helped him.

Therefore, he would be over powered as f very fast if he started spamming Kage Bunshins on his trainnings. How will you deal with this problem? Will you not allow him to use this method at well? Will you nerf it so each clone can only improve the tranning speed by a bit? I'm really excited to find out!

Then, you showed a bit of Kurenai's past, with the information of her parents dying in a fire. I can't help but think it might not have been an acident — as it's often not — and is probably related to everything else — as it often IS. All I can do for now is to wait for more information...

Oh, the scene with all the Jounins reunited at the Hokage's tower was funny, but when Genma, Hayate, and later Ibiki showed up, damn, I cracked hard. That was hilarious!

Finally, we get into the second part of the exam, where we are shown how extremely cute Hinata is, and that Shino is a genious for using his kikai bugs like that. I don't know if he does that in canon, but it was very smart.

What I'm truly not used to, however, is to see a smart Naruto, specially one that understands Hinata's feeling. Well, he only undertands the top of one huge Iceberg, but that is still so much more than what I expect of him. Naruto talking to Hinata like that is SO CUTE! I have to work hard to contain those girlish NaruHina shipping things from taking over my mind...

Now, let's see what more you'll thrown at us! Orochimaru? The sound nins? Kabuto-your-sonofabitch? Wait, with this better version of Naruto, Orochimaru may even find him more interesting than Sasuke! Oh, actually, he wants Sasuke because of his Uchiha body more than anything (yeah, it sounds a lot like a pedo), so probably not...
Alphabetta chapter 23 . 4/7
Aw squirtle.
Hope the four names are Donatello, Michelangelo, Leonard and Raphael
TheWateringWizard chapter 24 . 4/6
Yes he finally asked! So sweet! That scene was 276k words in the making. Now I just hope you'll come back to this fic and finish it. You're such a talented writer
TheWateringWizard chapter 22 . 4/6
You better make Turtles freakin awesome! Do they have sage chakra?
TheWateringWizard chapter 20 . 4/5
I feel bad for not being sad at Kurenai death... I'm maybe too tired
TheWateringWizard chapter 19 . 4/5
Wow... I wasn't expecting Naruto to have done such a thing! He's awesome! I suspect Hiashi to be in league with Danzo. He might have been denied the position of homage which was taken by Minato and therefore hates Naruto
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