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logan chapter 24 . 18h
I almost fell out of my chair when I saw the author alert. I really love how thoughtful you've been with this story and I can respect that you let the romantic aspect develop organically. God I hope you have another installment soon.
NerdyShipper chapter 24 . 18h
Guest chapter 19 . 18h
...Wow. I have never, and I mean NEVER seen anyone think of removing the Caged Bird Seal like that. Bonus points for Neji getting pwned in the process.
Z-King chapter 24 . 19h
Hooray new chapter and Naruhina romance stars!
Kalessin92 chapter 24 . 20h
Damn...I think I got something in my eye _
chibi-Clar chapter 11 . 20h
A www. Beautiful.
XaoOfTheMists chapter 24 . 20h
Holy Balls, an update already?
Ai no Yami chapter 24 . 21h
Hooray for another excellent chapter! I continue to enjoy your takes on the characters and I'm curious what will happen at the Kumo chuunin exam!
sagar hussain chapter 24 . 21h
Great chapter.
patrick the almighty observer chapter 24 . 21h
well this is going to be interesting. wonder what Hinata's father is planning. also I like the Naruto special, truly this is the greatest honor Naruto has ever received. By the way what was the secret that Iruka didn't want every body to know? I have a felling that I am going to have to reread this story soon. and finally Naruto and Hinata finally get together, here's hoping that they will be able to stay together.
Mojtaba13 chapter 19 . 22h
Stopped reading halfway through the chapter...bitch please...gtfo with this bullshit seriously trying to convince us that the hokage cant simply reverse the decision the council made...dafuq ...what if the council decided every child should be taken from their parents when they're 5 years old and all left handed people should be branded with mark...hahaha seriously taking the fucking council cliche so far...lets not even talk about dumb the whole toad contract if summoned animals couldn't control themselves around an aburame...
xbox432 chapter 24 . 22h
Glorious update. Hinata and Naruto's interaction was adorable, and I liked "The Talk" Iruka gave him. I'm REALLY curious as to who, or if, you will have take notice of Iruka. He's a really nice guy so I'd think some of the girls would take notice of that. Maybe Ayame heard the little talk as well and will get interested in him?

I also have to say that I love how well you've captured Shino's speech patterns, it's almost like he swallowed a dictionary. And the way Naruto inner monologues his own translation of what's being said is great.
Fro52 chapter 24 . 22h
The only proper response to a new chapter of this story is as follows: squeeeeeeeee!

That said, it is also the only response to the end of this particular chapter. As always, looking forward to more. And now I'm off to read it from the beginning again as it has been too long.

*flies away*
F. Flotsam chapter 24 . 22h
Great chapter! I really love how well you handle Naruto and Hinata's relationship - it's really sincere, and strong, but hesitant for both of them which seems really realistic given both of their lives and experiences. And Naruto's difficulty with love and the understanding of it and all the different kinds was such a great twist because it makes SO MUCH SENSE. A lot of what we learn about complex and subtle emotional differentiation and identification comes from unspoken, life long lessons and examples we get from our family and friends, that is often taken for granted and instinctive. That Naruto has to go through this explanation and deep thought is fantastic! Thank you so much for sharing!
sarcastic melody chapter 24 . 23h
I love this story SO much, you're a great writer! Thanks for the update!
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