Reviews for Team 8
saltkettle chapter 1 . 6/21
To be fair to Naruto, he manages to be pretty darn sneaky in that orange jumpsuit, though that is probably a fair bit of refuge in audacity, because no one expects sneakiness from someone who wears a target on their back.
netbreaker0 chapter 24 . 6/21
well so he finnaly came o9ut and said it I wonder what kind of ramifications this will have on their teamwork.
my tea chapter 24 . 6/21
oh my gooood finally he asked her out yaaasshh my babiesss :""D
randall neal chapter 12 . 6/21
Another superb chap. I love that changes in the written test part. Naruto and Hinata are getting closer!
Aura chapter 24 . 6/19
This is by far one of the best fanfiction I've ever read, Naruto or otherwise, and I was so excited to see that it had updated since the last time I'd thought to check on it! I just finished a reread from the beginning and I honestly can't wait to see where you'll take it from here. Thanks so much for such an awesome story!
Regreme chapter 1 . 6/19
Just thought I'd mention that it seems your fanfiction profile is no longer linking to things like the blog or the like. Don't know why, but figured I'd inform ya of that.
Guest chapter 19 . 6/19
Neji looked like a weakling :(
Advent of Shadows chapter 24 . 6/18
I used to be a big fan of this story, though 24 chapters in 9.5 years probably explains why I lost interest. Especially since it only appears to be half finished at best.
greensword101 chapter 24 . 6/16
"Thus, a couple was born!" I can't wait for the next chapter! I am loving what you have done with this story and I don't care how long it takes for this story to end, I will wait. Thank you from the bottom of my heart for bringing this to life. :)
greensword101 chapter 23 . 6/16
Loved the pokemon reference with Squirtle. How is naruto going to learn control over the nine tails? And is it just a natural thing for Pervy Sage to call naruto a brat in this story? Sorry for not calling the old man by his real name, I don't know how to spell it. Keep up the good work!
adrogoz chapter 23 . 6/16
I love how you populated the Turtle contract with other famous turtles. Squirtle was funny to throw in first, but I'm assuming Clothahump and Kabuto are from something, The Friend to all Children is obviously Gamera, and would I be right in thinking The Four, with their "hard to pronounce names", are a certain quartet of mutant ninjas?
RimK10 chapter 4 . 6/16
That was awesome! You know the part about when Naruto and the rest of team 7 had a mission to the bridge? I believe a lot of life changing moments happened because of Naruto, so I'm wondering what happened to the new team 7 without Naruto. And I like how you made all of team 8, including Shino, start to improve and change. Hinata and Naruto are getting so much stronger than the original! Wouldn't this make a Butterfly Effect? I'm pretty sure it will. And I would love it if you did make your fanfic like that. But I know it will be impossible to make, way too much thinking for how much it would change everything. I wouldn't mind too much if you didn't. Your fanfic-making is already amazing! ;3
greensword101 chapter 22 . 6/15
I wonder what kuronei wrote in her letters to hinata and Shino. So naruto now knows that Pervy Sage is his godfather? Can't wait to see how team 8 changes within 6 months.
greensword101 chapter 21 . 6/15
I got a little more emotional during the funeral. It was nice to see hinata comfort naruto, but Shino was an added bonus. Hinata really is coming out as her own character now, she openly defied her father and therefore humiliated him. The fight between tsunade and naruto was funny at the end. Since hinata is now working for tsunade, does that mean that she will learn medical ninjutsu? It makes sense since she was able to make her own medicine and that's a big thing for being a medical ninja. She kind of played the role as healer on her Team in the series too. I noticed it, she was technically the first but didn't know any healing jutsu though.
Jukian chapter 24 . 6/15
thank you for making what is in my ipinion a creative and realistic take on naruto. I hope that you continue to work on this :D
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