Reviews for Team 8
Sanity Demolisher chapter 1 . 6/12
Just did a reread of this story and remembered why I loved it so much. I hope life is treating you well and that you'll have some time to return to this story in the near future. Best!
JazLawliet chapter 24 . 6/10
You're a fantastic author, and I really enjoy this take on how Naruto's life could have progressed. I'm excited to read more of your work.
Guest chapter 20 . 6/8
I don't like how you killed kurenai off
silvereagle2121 chapter 24 . 6/7
awesome story. I really enjoyed reading it. I hope that it gets updated again.
Your biggest fan chapter 18 . 6/6
Ive read this story three times now and I'm still waiting for a new chapter please update
Yarikoi chapter 24 . 6/1
I've just got to say, that it's incredibly unfair to your 18 THOUSAND plus readers that you haven't updated in over a year. You have the most popular story on this website. That means that you have 18 thousand people waiting for you to update, which you seemingly can't do within a year. Just try and picture a body of 18,726 people. That's how many people love this story and are waiting for you to update. How fair is that on them?
spnMom chapter 24 . 5/31
I flew through your story and I hope you will keep it going. I love Kakashi with Naruto because they are such opposites... but I have always wanted to see Hinata and Naruto on the same team. You have also opened my eyes to the calming influence of Shino. Thanks for sharing.
YungMoolah chapter 24 . 5/27
Mad regrets reading this cause this is so damn good and looks like it hasnt been updated for over a year :'(
Bloody-Asphode11 chapter 24 . 5/26
the date above says this beauty of a fic was and is still gathering dust for over a year now...


bloodyrosethorn chapter 24 . 5/25
Do you think maybe sometime down the road in this story that kurenai sensei could pop up in a dream during the worst time of naruto, hinata, or shino's life to give a moral boost or something. Just a sort of a 'your doing the right thing kid keep going ' short and sweet message. I think that would something sweet to do, or maybe have her ghostly figure pop up in the epilogue at naruto and hinata wedding in the background with a proud smile on her face or something.
TimothyLin chapter 3 . 5/25
Thanks for the chapter.
TimothyLin chapter 2 . 5/25
Thanks! I womder how this Naruto will turn out.
TimothyLin chapter 1 . 5/25
Thank you for the chapter.
Concerned chapter 1 . 5/25
Has this story been dropped? The last update was a year ago. I reallylike this story and hope the author hasn't forgotten about this.
djgreen88 chapter 20 . 5/23
Okay, while I can understand it's important to the story planned out, I do not intend to read this story further. Breaking through the genjutsu is badass and all that, but I've lost all interest in the story after that.
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