Reviews for Undun
Guest chapter 8 . 2/25/2017
This is so beautiful
sarahmlopez chapter 8 . 9/7/2014
Thank you for this story. GREAT story, great angst. Loved this and the fact that they went to VA :)
ItsALifesJourney chapter 8 . 6/13/2013
I really loved this. Great job. :D
Guest chapter 8 . 1/29/2013
This was wonderful!I love how real the characters came to life,I especially love Mildred,She was hilarious!The scene between Benson/Stabler played out perfectly,very realistic scenario between are an amazing writer, i hope you continue to write more e/o!Fantastic it.E/O FOREVERRRRRRRRRRR!
zebraboymom chapter 8 . 2/14/2012
I know you wrote this a longtime ago, but I had to tell you how much I loved this story. It was so beautiful. I loved the way they were going to leave and where they were going to go. Thanks for this. I don't know if you still write, but I plan to visit your profile and read any other stories you have.
Cellar Door 26 chapter 3 . 6/28/2007
I love this story. Unfortunately, I have to sleep (my spelling can prove it!) so I'll have to continue reading later. Really great so far though, it's a shame I can't keep my eyes open.
scullyseviltwin chapter 8 . 3/25/2006
I heartily enjoyed that story. It was sappy at just the right moments; you captured the characters perfectly. Just an amazing piece.
TheConscienceThing chapter 8 . 3/21/2006
Wow... Just when I thought I couldn't love it any more... Beautifully done from start to finish, and I look forward to your future works.

Oh, and I completely agree about "Fault." I'm counting down the days til it's on, and hoping that it'll help reconcile the characters we see in fics and the ones we see on tv!
omegia chapter 8 . 3/13/2006
man this is great i love it great finish to.
idinakristinfan chapter 8 . 3/10/2006
I know what you mean about the fanfics. I sometimes watch the show and go "Wait..what? That already happened...oh. That was in a fanfic. Never mind."

GREAT STORY! I LOVED IT! I'm sad it's over though.
AliasCSINYFriendsER chapter 8 . 3/10/2006's all over? MAN. This was SUCH a great story! I LOVED IT SO MUCH! I wish there was more.

Oh, maybe a sequel? LOL ;o) Maybe? hehehe

Well, when you write more, I look forward to reading! _


~mandi *_*
CynthiaB chapter 8 . 3/10/2006
I agree with you about the characters being so distants in the show. But let's hope "Fault" will be the "solution", haha.

Great work with this story. Congratulations!

Can't wait to read a new story of yours.
Kelly of the midnight dawn chapter 8 . 3/10/2006
I'm with you that if "Fault" doesn't change anything I wanna go beat up Dick Wolf too. We should get together a possey to track him down lol. I don't know I always liked to think of there distance on the show as real evidence that they loved each other and that without the safety net of Elliot's marrige to Kathy, they well more Elliot than anything else, was afraid that he couldn't control his impulse to just grab her and kiss her and make love to her on top of their desks lol (I can dream can't I?)

Anyway now that my insane rambling is out of the way. Awesome chapter, such a sad ending for those kids though. This was a great story to read and thank you so much for writing it.

Please write another story soon

Caia chapter 8 . 3/10/2006
I think it's sad that Fin quit... somehow, I do see him quitting on the show, not sure why...

I loved reading it, I really did enjoy it. Thanks for writing it!
onetreefan chapter 8 . 3/10/2006
wow! that was so good! I so enjoyed this! great great writing!
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