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Tisley chapter 28 . 8/4/2012
I'd read through this a while back when going through the stories on this forum, and I'd wondered at the time what you had planned to happen in it. Glad to see you've posted another chapter! Looking forward to see what you have planned next.
BuggyQ chapter 27 . 1/22/2012
I don't know how I missed this story for so long. The only bright spot is that I didn't have to wait for you to get this far along. Here's hoping you pick this one back up-soon! I dunno how far you planned to take it, but I hope at least through Sandtown. It is beautifully written, particularly Jennifer's internal dialogue. I loved Tobias in Resurrection, and seeing her developed so well in this one has been a real pleasure.

And finally, I have to give you kudos for bringing me to tears with the final scene with Mercury. You did such a fine job of making me care for the little guy. That combined with the execution of the refugees, and I've been a wreck tonight.

I know it's been a while since you've touched this one, and I don't know what all else you've been working on, but consider this a plea for another chapter. And a sincere thank you for writing as much as you have. You've added a great deal to the CP world, and I really appreciate it.
HAL-9001 chapter 26 . 12/26/2009
Well done so far, on this and your other CP fics. I like the very in-depth treatment that you are giving to our favorite pilot's past.

"She had to rely on others to fulfill their duty to the same degree she did..." That's actually pretty funny; everything else that Lord Dread is teaching them drives them to self-sufficiency, but history has shown that individuals don't win wars - teams do. I bet that's one reason that she likes the Power Team better.
TesubCalle chapter 26 . 12/10/2009
Poor old, useless, unsanitary Dr. Peterson. What a pathetic figure. He's lucky he managed to survive this long, is all I can say about him. That he didn't incur Dread's wrath ages ago for gross incompetence, (his bluster aside) is beyond me. Yet we all know people like Peterson; people who somehow managed to make it into positions of leadership who have no leadership skills whatsoever, and make subordinates' lives miserable.

This chapter was actually rather disturbing! This mass cull of the over 21-year olds by Dread is absolutely deplorable.

And Jennifer watches her dream of flying extinguished right along with the lives of those found to be wanting in the loyalty department...

This is wonderful the way you're turning the screws, showing us how one incident after another will conspire to make her continued presence in the Dread Youth and her service to the machine absolutely untenable.

She may be free from the claustrophobic, stifling mountain walls of Alaceda, but in many ways, Med Lab One is becoming even more of a confining prison than anything Jennifer has ever before encountered.

Thanks again for the timely update; I'm pleased you're loving writing this at the moment, because as you'd hoped, I am loving reading it.

So update quickly, okay?
MzSnowleopard chapter 26 . 12/10/2009
and the story continues. I like the balance between what has happened and what is to come. Wilkes is classic.
TesubCalle chapter 25 . 12/3/2009
Brilliant. Just brilliant. Thanks for updating so quickly! This chapter continues along the path of excellence that I've come to truly admire throughout the past 24 chapters of this story.

Jennifer's personality is so well-defined and perfectly realised, it's like she's your own creation. You're not leaving one aspect of this character unexplored. Every detail, every nuance, every trifling irritation, fear, expectation and desire receives such care and attention in your hands, Jennifer feels *real*.

I loved the nightmare sequence. Parts of it recalled her disturbing swimming 'lesson' experience, which I thought was a nice touch (don't know if the comparison was deliberate...probably was, knowing how focused you are on such details.) Great visuals with the murdered refugees, Pryatel and Bofor. It's also a perfect set-up for the horror Jennifer will witness at Sandtown. It's quite clear that she will *not* be able to maintain that blank canvas of her mind that she so desperately desires.

Stubborn Jennifer! Aggravating a serious injury like that isn't terribly bright. I'm constantly being surprised by the level of (dare I say) compassion among members of those under Dread's influence. From the pilot and co-pilot to Dr. Arlen, I'm finding it interesting that there's kindness in their actions. (The pilot *smiled*! A smiling Dread-head? Will wonders never cease!) And Arlen, who allows Jennifer to have her way when they reach a compromise about her reporting for duty? Double-wow. But I suppose most of it comes from a sort of 'code' within those respective lines of work... Pilots and doctors do have their own ways of doing things, and perhaps even Dread isn't so powerful as to completely eliminate habits so ingrained.

Yes, you're leading us through Jennifer's most important and influential pre-Power Team existence. Thank you again for not skimping on details. Based on everything we saw in the series, Jennifer Chase had to be a complex character! There's no two ways about it. Her past can't be candy-coated and white-washed. I am really starting to feel the weariness of her journey now, more than ever. The center can't hold much longer, can it?

Here comes the begging: Update soon, please! (and thank you).
MzSnowleopard chapter 25 . 12/2/2009
I love it! Talk about being in 'the zone'. The way the pilot and his co-pilot behave is more human than machine. You have me wondering if they might be something more. Of course you're right- pilots are a brotherhood and they do take care of their own. I have several friends who are pilots of various sorts and they would agree with this. The quip on 'experimental rats' is too funny. And it's nice to see some of Jennifer's cockiness show. Good job.
Windjammers chapter 24 . 12/1/2009
Pilots take care of their own! YES! Ya know, I've always thought that some career unity would exist in Dread's world like it does here in our time.

I LIKE this captain!
TesubCalle chapter 24 . 11/29/2009
I *thoroughly* enjoyed this chapter. While I was at first having favourable thoughts about Pryatel, these obviously changed after his reprehensible behaviour on the ship. *Shudder* You did a fantastic job of conveying the horror of his actions as Jennifer was experiencing them.

I've often wondered what people like Pryatel would be like, even under Dread's regime, and if such actions would have been eliminated and seen as 'inferior' and not 'of the machine'. Human nature being what it is, though, probably ensures that snakes like Pryatel always find a way of getting what they want while working within the system.

The pilot and co-pilot are officially my new heroes! I'm relieved that the pilot felt enough anger and indignation at what Pryatel was doing to intervene on Jennifer's behalf.

Once again, your attention to detail garners my utmost respect and appreciation. The forgotten cup of soup (!) for cryin' out loud... returning to that was just perfect. I also loved Jennifer's own reflections on her cognitive abilities, and how she recognized them long before her superiors were aware of them.

So, it's a prolonged exile for Jennifer as she heads to Med Lab One, poor kid. At least the pilot recognizes how much she wants to fly. He's also right about one thing: She *is* going to be a good pilot one day.

Thanks so much for his update. As is my constant refrain, please update sooner rather than later.
MzSnowleopard chapter 24 . 11/28/2009
I like that captain- perhaps he's an inside man for the resistance, Or both him and his co-pilot maybe ;) I do believe that there are people on the inside working for the resistance.

Good to see the slime get what he deserved. Oh that snake, that dirty, rotten, slithering, slimy, devil’s tongue of poison. How dare he touch her?
TesubCalle chapter 23 . 11/16/2009
This is going to sound so silly... but my favourite part of this chapter was Mercury. It just felt so good to see that little rat again, that I was totally absorbed in reading Jennifer's emotions regarding the rodent.

Best paragraph in the entire chapter was the one where you had Jennifer still clinging (however tenuously) to her role in the empire. She's just been through a most... discombobulating experience - one where she came face to face with the reality of human suffering and death - and all she can do is fall back on the only thing she knows, which is the rigid order and logic of Dread's anti-life litanies and ideologies. What else out there would be able to offer her even one iota of comfort (term used loosely)? Returning to what she knows is a return to sanity and normalcy. One can hardly blame her, even after all she's seen.

Another part I really liked was Jennifer's tacit disapproval of the inept piloting of the ship in those crosswinds. If emotions are not allowed... hmm. Jennifer knows she could have flown that bird without issue. Another bitter reminder of things Helene tried to instill in her? Things that she might be able to achieve if she let go of Dread's awful code?

Oh, all these things just bubbling under the surface - I'm loving it. You were planning another speedy update to follow up, right?
TesubCalle chapter 22 . 11/6/2009
Yahoo! You updated!

So it all comes down to this: Jennifer faced with the stark reality of the cost of her sin of omission. She knew of Balash's infiltration, but kept her silence.

It was really interesting to see her reaction to what happened to Bofor. Where I thought there might have been no love lost between her and the Chief, recognizing the futility of the situation would be traumatic for most people.

No surprise at the final action Helene took when she realised the mission was compromised. I was actually on Helene's side for that one. No "Poor Jennifer" from me.

I can't even think of what Dread's reaction to her might be now that she's 'back in the fold', so to speak. One thing in her favour is that Balash is dead. Who can say anything about her success or failure in her mission? There's no one to corroborate or contradict her side of the story. And it's very likely that even now, Helene will try to shield her from any consequences.

I can't wait to see where you take things next! This is all so incredibly awesome to read each time you post a new chapter, thanks again for the attention to detail and character development. I'm loving every word.
TesubCalle chapter 21 . 10/26/2009
GAH! How could you stop *there*?

I was no fan of Bofor, but you made me like him here when we learned that piece about the reasons behind his own defection.

Wasn't too sure when and how Balash would choose to strike, and when he did, you had me freaking out about it.

Honestly, I don't know what else I can say about how tremendously entertaining this story has been. I'll just end up sounding like a broken record. You continue to define these characters so perfectly. You show us their conflicts and motivations clearly and cleverly.

Be assured I am loving every word of this, if you were ever having any doubts as to the effectiveness of your efforts.

And I know what you mean by school getting in the way of writing, so I sympathize. I'm so desperate for another update because of where you've left this hanging, but of course your studies need to be a priority.

Update when you can, though I'm hoping you can find time to make it happen quickly.
TesubCalle chapter 20 . 9/20/2009
This was yet another excellent chapter.

Again, not much 'happened' in the way of action, but I am loving how perfectly you're exploring Jennifer's internal struggles. It's all coming to a head now: her Dread Youth training vs. everything Dr. Tobias has tried so unceasingly teach her about herself, the state of things, about Dread and his way...

My goodness... that whole episode about learning how to swim... (Shudder) One of my personal primal fears is drowning, so I had a very strong reaction to the method employed by the Overunit to 'teach' the young cadets. And then the mouth-taped-shut incident... ugh. I never suffered this particular form of punishment (humiliation) that I recall, even though I was quite the chatterbox as a kid. But what happened to Jennifer was quite ghastly, and sounds like something gleaned from first-hand experience. (Sincerely hope it wasn't).

Jennifer's entire time at Alaceda and with Helene has just been filled with one dilemma after another. Shouldn't have expected those complications to be over even as they attempt to escape before Dread's forces arrive. Balash or Helene? Which ideology to support? Whose skin to save? It's simply too much for a confused cadet!

A last word on the chapter: Helene and Ian's tearful goodbye, and Jennifer's observation of and reactions to it was simply amazing. She's finally discovering authentic human emotion and empathy. What a breakthrough, even if she hasn't realised it quite yet.

And about the typos - please. They're once again minor. I'd rather just send a quick PM to you than list them in a review.

Sorry MS Word 'ate' your original version. I feel your pain. But I'm sure this version is just as wonderful as the 'original'. As always, I await your next chapter with much impatience.
CrAzYMuNkY chapter 19 . 9/19/2009
Breathtaking! You have managed to totally immerse me into your world. I can't wait to read more! Thanks for the experience!
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