Reviews for A Charmed Christmas
charmedbaby11 chapter 1 . 1/15/2006
lol it is very funny!
alexywill22 chapter 1 . 1/4/2006
Piper: ...

Me: Say something.

Piper: I... I need a drink. (She exits.)

Paige: Heh. I got to hit Billie. Nicole does like me.

Prue: You're lucky she didn't make you hit on Billie.

Me: Prue, that's getting annoying, if you have something to say-

Phoebe: Santa is not REAL!-Dies.-

Leo: That did it.

Billie: Did what? (Leo saps her.) Ow.

Me: I thought it was hella cool.

Paige: Well, you're sick.

Chris: Dad, what did she mean when she said that explains alot?

Leo: Um...

Prue: guess is time for Leo to give Chris the all-whitelighters-are-girly talk.

Wyatt: I'm not.

Paige: You're a Hell spawn.

Me: Gah, save it for the Movie. Yes, I'm making a Charmed If You Can Still Call It That Movie! So if you have any cool blockbusting ideas run them by me.

Prue: (cough) Stealer. (cough)

Me: At least I didn't die by hitting a wall.

Prue:... they're never going to let that go...

Billie: I like cake. (Everyonr stabs her.)