Reviews for St Hikou in Hell
Yahnkehy chapter 1 . 5/19/2006
*bursts in to tears* That was beautiful, Elf-chan. You brought Hikou's emotions out beautifully.

I can almost picture the expression on his face when Houjun's marriage to Kouran was announced, the shock and betrayal, hurt and confusion, pain and despair. All were presented with such clarity that even the most hard hearted person could not help but feel pity for the man left out of love's warm embrace.

You've done an excellent job with this one, Elf-chan. I think that the people who haven't read this one have truly missed out on a fantastic story.

Bravo, hon!


KittyLynne chapter 1 . 1/8/2006
As The Bandit is a huge Sting fan and owns his collected works, I am familiar with this song, and listened to it as I read this!

You have a real talent for creating the right story for verses and vice versa. I especially admired how you used them as Hikou's point of view. Sting has a gift for putting across powerful ideas in an understated way, and so do you; this is especially illustrated in the section where Tenkou comes to Hikou. The way you write them, Tenkou's words are like raindrops of angst and hatred, slowly filling Hikou up. The repitition of past thoughts and dialogue was very effective in conveying this as well.

As far as characterization, I really liked how you ene at Kahou. *smiles*

Wonderful job, Rumielf! My only constructive suggestion is to make sure you're using correct placement of commas and apostrophes. _

Looking forward to more from you! Take care!

every good wish,