Reviews for Those Who Dream to Hope
Lancelot chapter 27 . 6/27
Hey! Hola que tal?, sabes ha pasado mucho tiempo desde que publicaste esta historia y la verdad me parece increíble, enserio una de mis favoritas. Esta historia tiene todo, romance, acción, suspenso y traición, me mantuviste al filo, imagine toda la historia y creó que bien la podrías vender, seria un éxito.
Solo tengo un problema, como termina? Que pasa al final? que han pasado unos años desde que la escribiste, pero crees que la puedas terminar? Por favor una historia así no puede quedar en el olvido.
Por cierto, tienes un gran talento, saludos!
starlight chapter 27 . 11/29/2016
hey please finish so good. you are good at writing but the suspense is killing me and not to mention I Hope the final betrayal from kai is towards the king not the bladebreakers...
mahwish1 chapter 27 . 1/13/2014
OMG! :) :)

This is the first time I've read your beautiful story and I cannot believe how it made me want to keep reading it. I love the plot and the whole idea of shutting down territories etc.

I love each and every character. I love the way you've written Tala and it makes me to think that he's got a idea how to get out from the cell - or perhaps it's part of a bigger plan?

But God, I was so shocked to see Kai rejoining to King's side. I thought he was with the BladeBreakers? But I'm really hoping that it's just a act to put up with the enemy. Please!

I know it's been years since you updated - but please, you HAVE to update again. I so want to read and found out what happens next.

I'm going to look forward for you to update one day. Please! :)
Guest chapter 27 . 1/1/2014
Great story. It maintained me on the edge of seat. I cant wait to read the way it will end. I thought the characters were true to their persona ...with that said i wish you would make Hilary more tough and less of a crybaby
kaihil lover chapter 27 . 4/30/2012
Finally, last chapter, the ultimate betrayal, reading this makes me all heavy hearted each time. 49th review of the day, second last of the day, one more, then I'm retiring from reviewing for a week, at least. But it was fun. :DDD

Update, please, come on, after reviewing all chapters in 11 months, and out of which 12 in 3 hours, I deserve an update. Pretty please.

[It's hard being left behind, but I know if anyone can stop the King it's GRevolution. After all, they were the ones who put away BEGA against all the odds.] This line made me feel all warm and fuzzy all over.

He pointed his sword at Tyson. O_O *dies* Nope, didn't work, I'm alive, though I wish I would have died, rather than live to see this day, when a friend points a sword at another friend, and not just any friends, the bladebreakers, not just any 2 bladebreakers, Tyson and Kai!

Yeah, Kai I did too! I thought you were their ally!

[ "You assume I felt anything towards you or your so-called friends."] How dare he! The jerk! He has to be acting, even Kai isn't this terrible! Unless he has a secret hidden motive. Oh God, let's hope there is!

Hey, Tyson said the same thing I did. lol

[What about Black Dranzer? What about Hilary?] Exactly!1 What about them! BD gave her life to protect you. Hilary endangered herself to keep you safe, trusted you! you ass!

["I was never your ally, Tyson Granger. I knew all about you and your little friends before I joined your group. I knew enough of my connection to you to be able to manipulate you all to trust me. I have to admit, it was easier than I thought it would be to gain your trust, but then again you were so determined to trust me.] Why I am gonna hit him so hard! Ugh! He was just using them, playing with their emotions, and using their weaknesses, playing with their trust. So this is it, his final choice? Ah, a part of me still trusts him, like Tyson,like Hilary, like the bladebreakers, Kai must have an inner secret.

He's right, Kai died at the battle field, this jerk of a man, is not Kai Hiwatari!

Exactly Tyson, you're right, if you think you can defeat the friendship and bond of the bladebreakers, you have another thing coming, traitor!

Kai played this game so well, that they all thought they were winning till they, lost. Tragic.

Ha, ass, do you think Tyson'll just surrender. Tyson is right you don't know him. You're not Kai. Hmph, if it turns out, this dude wasn't really Kai at all, just a look alike with a missing memory, I'm jumping from the balcony, I'm warning you authoress. lol

Haha, prison cell reunion, nothing more heart warming.

I don't have a clue how any of them will get out of any mess! Oh God.

Come one, please update. It has been ages since you updated. Quarter to three years to be exact. Please, pretty please update this. At least after you finish Goodbye is not the end!

Update Soon.

Finally done. After 11 months! xDDD
kaihil lover chapter 26 . 4/30/2012
[Tala let out a chuckle, "Just like the good old days, huh Boris?"] Yup, the good old abbey days, just like Boris to always be on the tyrannical and strongest side he can fine.

Tyson's right, guys, there's a kid in the room. lol If I was in his place I wouldn't have been able to resist a shot either.

Haha, she was blushing. Cute.

I wonder who said that? Hmm...

["You mean Kai, who was once friends with Tala?"] Aww, so innocent and so cute, when you're a kid, you can say the most stupid and dangerous things without even knowing it. lol

Sometimes, it's better to die fighting then to live to a hundred, each year of that hundred would be a tormenting one, showered with the rain of guilt and self grudging.

Big words for a kid. Hehe, Kai's right.

[Always the critic.] Yes, yes he was. :)

I wonder if the king is anyone we know. Hmmm... : But this is not AU, so I doubt it. Thank God it's not, wouldn't have been half as awesome.

Ming Ming, always impatient and rash. :)

And so it begins, indeed. Good luck guys, you'll need it.

Micheal, that was a nice thing.

Update Soon. Please, I'm on my knees here, I'm actually on my knees, on the floor, with the laptop on the bed. I've given near 50 reviews since I got up, and that was not long ago, all this long, you can see how much brain cells I must have lost! O_O

One chapter left! *dances*
kaihil lover chapter 25 . 4/30/2012
[She had been created only to destroy. To die protecting you was her choice and her rebellion against her creators who only wanted to make her an emotionless killing machine, much like you. I hate to admit it, but you had a much stronger bond with her than me ever since you got us back. She was always there while I was, and still am, just a shadow. She understood what they had done to you, while I could only imagine. I know she is gone, but I am still here, just like before, just like I have always been was my copy, an imperfect copy, and yet she managed to surpass me in every way..."] Aww, this was so sad, you can actually feel her sadness, and regret, and anger at herself, that Black dRANZER proved herself to be more capable, more closer to Kai, it's really sad how she feels replaced, abandoned, betrayed. She must be reminding him of his leaving her for Black Dranzer, which he can't remember. Ah, so sad, a very bitter sweet conversation, immensely well written.

["You're wrong. You are both very special to me for different reasons, but you are more special because you're my hope that I might be able to finally shed some of this darkness that has tried to choke me. You're the side that's making me do the right thing just because it's right. So please stop crying.] Aww, Kai does have a brain. Who'd have thought? At least he's been showing people lately that he cares for them. :) Building them up, earning their trust, for the ultimate betrayal ass.

A talk about the old days. Awww... *wipes away tear*

["Sorry to take you away from your amazing sex, but this is really important." Kenny commented.] I didn't think kenny had it in him either. lol And to say it to Kai. Haha. The poor guy wasn't even with Hilary.

Government this, government that, the government is really becoming a pain in my ass. -_- Hey, that rhymed. :DDDD

Watch your mouth Bryan, the rebels have not lost! x

Tala might be arrested, Kai might be an ass, but he will like always do the, right thing, and there are others onto the second last chapter.

Ugh, my brain hurts, I'm on my 47th review of the day I think.

Reviewing day today. -_-
kaihil lover chapter 24 . 4/30/2012
Awww, poor Black Dranzer, she just came to help Hilary and she died. *Sniffs*

[You're kidding right? You guys just preach about the old team so much it's hard not to catch on.] Hehe, that was so sweet and funny. I do just the same, go on and on about the bladebreaker's friendship and how close they were.

Kai was the first to sober of course. :)

[But I know that I would do anything to protect you and I've been driving myself and probably everyone else crazy because I haven't had the courage to say anything until now. I... I like you... more than just as a friend... did that sound as lame as it did to me] Aww, and aww, and aww, even more, this was so sweet, I'm awing again and again, and yes that was lame, not as much as Kai thinks, not 1%, yet so cute. ; It was so adorable wanna give Kai a huggle! *_*

Hil's right, it was adorable.

Hehe, nope, he didn't, didn't ask her out. :P

Hil's right Kai, it was adorable.

They kissed - again! Booyah! *dances*

Right, he is Kai Hiwatari. Always right. :)

Nothing would stop them, except the man she was with right then, tragic. -_-
kaihil lover chapter 23 . 4/30/2012
Awww, poor Black Dranzer. T.T A quiet moment to pay respect to a great spirit. *silence* Yeh, Hilary saved Kai! *dances* He smiled and said her name. Traitor he was in the future or not, o denying he loves Hilary.

Sometimes I wanna kick Judy so hard... never mind!Ugh.

Great chapter, as always. 23 down! 4 to go! And in 11 months of time. *dances*
kaihil lover chapter 22 . 4/30/2012
Dinner to a fancy restaurant. lol So Kai-ish. Note the sarcasm, people! xDDDD

Ming Ming is helping Kai to profess his love for Hilary. Will wonders never cease, will you ever update this fic!

Haha, she's accusing him for asking help when she was the one who barged in!

Dorks, indeed. :

Poor Black Dranzer, she gave her life for Hilary, aww, just because Kai cared for her, she died saving her.

Zeo! O_O *faints*
kaihil lover chapter 21 . 4/30/2012
Garland's gone more loco than Brooklyn was, that's gotta be an understatement.

He betrayed his friends, allies, Brooklyn! The jerk.

O_O Okay, the last part was creepy, get rid of Kai and Tyson, I'll be the best. Garland needs a shrink, Garland needs a shrink. :)
kaihil lover chapter 20 . 4/30/2012
Aww, poor Kai he was still thinking of Hilary and her sleep kiss. . He should talk to her, like now! Instead of betting those pin heads should be trying to get their friends to talk.

Garland, he was delusional, though not as much as Brooklyn. -_- Don't like either of them.

Ming Ming and Yin are right, Kai should talk to Hilary before it's too late, late like he becomes an ass and betrays everyone, or '

pretends' to betray everyone, like I'm still hoping he did.

Amazing as always. :)
kaihil lover chapter 19 . 4/30/2012
Aww, that was nice of Tala to do. Helping the kid, aww. Was the man Bryan, somehow it felt as though it was.

Aww, poor Hilary she always was on the sidelines, thought to be useless, a glorified cheerleader, Curse the ass holes who say that about her virtual or real. -_-

She was still waiting on the sidelines for a famous boy who gave her barely any mind. Sad. Tragic. Aww. Self doubt and depression, it kills.

Kai, you should have comforted her, told her something!

She kissed him. Awww. She still liked him after all these years. Hehe, for all these years she wanted to kiss him. lol

Kai must have been shocked. Sure, he should be ready to think of her as a life partner. Wet blanket!

Awesome chapter, matched well with the name, for I will always, be yours.
kaihil lover chapter 18 . 4/30/2012
Sadists, yes we all are. Internally.

Roast poultry? Haha, that looks like a comment season 1 Kai would make. _

Judy, she always was, a pain in the ass.

Aww, Kai must feel so left out, and unaccepted with them doubting him and everything, he was just letting his thoughts know. :)

Aww, poor Hilary was worried again. Go after him, you always did before. :)

Haha, Yang sure nailed Kai. Touche indeed. :)
kaihil lover chapter 17 . 4/30/2012
This chapter was so tragic.:((((

Max wasn't ready to let Kai go. It was so sad when he asked if they were the world champs, in this world of chaos, who would think about blading, a childhood of thousands, millions destroyed.

Aww, poor Maxie, having dreams, of watching Kai die. T.T

Aww, that scene was so cute when Max woke up, Hilary was sitting between Kai's legs and the two of them were star gazing, even in midst of war, people who care about each other always do.

Haha, syrup fight. Gotta cherish the little moments of peace and happiness. :)

Again, awesome as always.
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