Reviews for Alone in the Night: Theodred's Tale
demeter d chapter 1 . 7/18/2006
Greetings! I do not remember which of your stories I found first,but I put you on my favorite author list. Must have been one of the Eowyn-Faramir ones. At any rate, I realized I have not reviewed any of them yet. I want to tell you how fitting this one is. As dark as Eowyn and Eomer's minds had become by this time, I can imagine Theodred's was the same. functionally he had become the King, but Grima's maneuverings kept him from any real action. He must indeed have lost hope. For him, death would have been a release. As for the last qoute, I do not care whether or not he would have used just those words, the sentiment fits him as well as it did Gilraen, whose words they are. and both of them died in the darkest time before the dawn, if you will. Very well done.
Magsluvsaragorn chapter 1 . 1/11/2006
wow...what a powerful tale

i had to read this out loud to myself to really get the full effect...and i struggled with the last paragraph. this is a really good story, and possibly what he could have felt near the end. Its too bad tolkien didn't dig deeper into theodred, that could have been really interesting.

i cried! loved the story tho! is this a one-shot, because the only way i can really see it as a more than one shot is if it was a letter to eomer or eowyn and this first chapter was him/her reading the letter. otherwise, fantastic!

oh, and i think just keeping it in the common tongue would have worked with rohirric at the end. just my personal thought...