Reviews for Resistance
scully578 chapter 28 . 10/26/2017
scully578 chapter 4 . 10/20/2017
This story is amazing!
Guest chapter 10 . 8/13/2017
And, what, Neville's under the Imperius curse or something else effecting his capabilty?
Guest chapter 9 . 8/13/2017
Great subtle hinting that the Weasley's Daydream invention is relevant to Ginny's situation. I almost didn't catch it despite trying.
Deadache chapter 28 . 8/6/2017
Great story. Very well written and definitely worth reading. Have a box of tissues nearby.
I'm always mad at him chapter 25 . 8/2/2017
This. This is why I don't typically read angst. You're trying to kill me, lol. I must admit that I've been loving this story but I wish you'd spared a life here.
Deadache chapter 8 . 7/30/2017
This story is brilliant and your writing skill is clearly superb. I just have one complaint. The intentionally broken dialogue is so painful to read. I understand that you're trying to portray the character's spoken words as hastily chosen or unsure, but - it's like - like people just don't - this is so - this is so difficult to READ. I'm enjoying this story, however, and will force myself to continue because your other works are amazing, but I'm only on chapter 8 and find myself wanting to bang my head on the desk, repeatedly, knowing there's 20 more to go.
HucktheWombats chapter 28 . 7/16/2017
I realize that this story was begun over a decade ago now, but I only recently stumbled upon it. I have been reading H/Hr fanfiction before I was even 10 years old and before I even knew what romance was. This story made me feel and cry and experience literature in a way that hasn't happened in a very long time. And specifically I have to say how much I have rediscovered my love of Ron as a character through this particular fanfiction story. I see where Ron-bashing comes from, I understand why some endorse it, but the story is so much more when he's given the nuance that you've pulled out of him. I've always loved Ron, and I haven't felt loss in fictional characters as intensely as I did when he died in this story. I have to give you my props - the romance isn't lost to the story. And the characters are not lost to the terrible tragedy this story is steeped in. Bravo. You have a real gift - unparalleled in Harry Potter fanfiction even all this time later. I thank you for sharing.
Hhrfan chapter 9 . 6/25/2017
Exciting chapter as always!
Hhrfan chapter 8 . 6/25/2017
It's refreshing to read a story without Ron/Ginny bashing. I'm not a huge fan of them but I do get annoyed when some ff writers make them these awful out-of-character beings
Hhrfan chapter 7 . 6/25/2017
Damn you Neville
Hhrfan chapter 6 . 6/25/2017
Oh the feels... Your writing insanely good. I've seriously never felt like this while reading a story.
Hhrfan chapter 5 . 6/25/2017
Oh the emotional roller coaster!
Hhrfan chapter 4 . 6/25/2017
My heart is racing after reading this chapter, this story is getting really, really good!
Hhrfan chapter 3 . 6/25/2017
Nice to read some action again, cant wait to read the next chapter!
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