Reviews for Kono No Tou Ano Yo No Sakai
BeuitifulDisgrace246 chapter 2 . 7/25/2006
YAY! XD you continued it! Sorry I didn't review this last you probably already friend was over here (She wanted me OFF the I obliged lol) so anyways...about this chapter...I can TELL the plot is thickening! . buwahaha! I guess from lack of reading your other fics...I am quite confused about all these characters except for naraku and kagura...P but I never expected kitsune to like rum! lol that part was hilarious! I was like: VERY unexpected! but its super cool to be random XD I guess all will be explained later then, right? .

I really have no clue what will happen next...(hence the suspence! .) but I can tell it's gunna be GOOD! really...TONS of luck on the next chapters and what not...D I'll be waiting!


by the way...please check out the guestbook on your website and the forums when you getta chance. THANKS A TON! P

Oh yea...and about me calling myself a dork...I really don't think of it as degrading myself...I just think everybody acts a certain way at certain times in their life...and I was just actin like a dork at that certain moment...(well about half way into the review) I don't really think at any time when I do anything that I am unworthy of ANYTHING. And your COMPLETELY right! no one should! but you know...I get what your saying...and I don't think you sound like a preacher! Really though tyvm for the advice! I'm sure someone else will find it and take the advice to heart too! AGAIN TYVM! D talk to yah soon!...? MUCH LOVE! ~(heart)~ BD246 D
BeuitifulDisgrace246 chapter 1 . 6/19/2006
aw...too bad this was discontinuted! ;_; I really like it! After reading one of your poems and reviewing that...I went to look through some of your fics...and sadly most of em didn't have reviews! I was like: THAT'S SO SAD! Because from the poem and this fic that I have read...Your writing...DRAWS YOU IN! I swear...From the first paragraph of this fic...I was completely absorbed in the story...and I hade this geeky concentrated look on my face...heh heh. I REALLY enjoyed this! I wish some others would have given this fic a chance...cuz after reading it...I WANT which again brings me to the fact that this is discontinued...BTW...the only crossover I recognized is Inuyasha...and maybe a girl Naruto? I couldn't really tell...I have watched many anime...but I didn't recognize any names except for Naraku and Sora...(but hes from kingdom hearts) Soo...even though I will not be able to read any more of this...I was just wondering what the crossovers were. (OH...WHAT'S GOING TO HAPPEN TO KITSUNE!...;_;) Please do continue your writing...I REALLY enjoy it...but I have come to know that not many people like certain crossovers or made up yea. But people should still give your writing a chance! I looked through your review counts for your stories...and I seriously think its not fair for how much effort you put into your writing! :P stupid one minded people! lol (hope i'm not hurting anyones feelings...sorry If I am...) Most people only stick to one thing...such as a pairing and then don't give a dang about anybody else that may have put SO much effort into a fic that could be WAY better than ANY OTHER fic of that certain pairing...I tell I should stop rambling now...DANG...I knew I would end up making this review longer than it would have to fingers! Stop moving over the keys on the Soo...I just want you to know that I was...deeply moved by this fic. Really...I was. It just happened yah kno? DON'T CALL ME A DORK! Cuz I kno I already am heh heh :P but really...whoever is responsible for this fic should feel good that they wrote such a thing! I know that you must have at least had a frown on your face and wondered: "What did I do wrong? I thought my writing was okay..." because I've had that feeling too after not getting many reviews...;_; it's not a good feeling to feel either...SO! I just want you to give you a cyber pat on the back and word of praise! CUZ I REALLY LOVED THIS! XD So please don't be discouraged by lack of reviews. I'm sure someone had a quote that went something like this: "Those who fail at first end up succeeding those who started at the top" yep...or is that MY own quote? -gasp- lol But I hope this review helps you to know: I CARE! -shouts REALLY loud and coughs up a lung- really...I just wanted you to know that I was deeply moved by this (second time i said this

-_-) and I wish you SO much luck from the pits of my soul and hope you will continue with your gift-writing. OH LOOK AT ME I'M SUCH A DORK! -blushes- really...good luck! If writing is what you want to do...I'm SURE that you will succeed in the future with flying colors! Please hold onto hope...