Reviews for Broken Sword IV : The Beginning Of The End
Psyduck Ranger chapter 1 . 1/18/2006
Wah Lucy, your first fic. Anyway, as I know how highly you value my opinion, I've pretended that I've heard of and/or know something about what it is based on)...Broken Sword. Well, its not to bad, not bad at all. However, there are some grammer and/or spelling problems(Oh, I'm loving this!), and what the hell are you talking about at the end "http/"? Let me know on here or tommorrow, whatever's easiest, but still, update soon...if you were even planning on updating...I know you only joined 'cause I told you, but still...oh, yeah, one last thing, you might want to read other people's fics as well, rather than just writing your own, you could learn a thing or two, including the nessesscity of A/N:'s.
VampireNaomi chapter 1 . 1/14/2006
An exciting beginning! It looks like George will be in the middle of yet another adventure quite soon. The woman in the photo was Nico, right? I hope she turns out okay and that she and George get whoever did that to her.

One thing that confused me a little was that you didn't clearly say who was who. I know you most likely did it to add mystery, but I would have preferred if I had known a little more about the characters. For example, the mention of Australia made me think that it was Harry George was talking to. But was it André, after all? If yes, why were he and George in Australia? How does André know Duane's phone number and what can Duane do when he wasn't given any information at all? How will George's "tell him it's starting all over" message help Duane in any way since he was never part of the main adventures? Why didn't André tell Duane who he was? Does he have something to hide? Also, if it truly was André George was having a conversation with, how come he didn't sound any more worried about Nico? The two are good friends after all and surely André wouldn't just let her disappearance be for over two years.

Well, I'm sure you have answers for these questions in later chapters. Can't wait for the next part. :)