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zombiegirl22 chapter 4 . 8/26/2017
I agree with Shunsui, Ukitake would make a good grandfather. I love how he indulges Rukia even if he makes Byakuya angry. I think Shunsui would make a good grandfather as well and I would have loved to have seen a chapter on Rukia spending the day with Ukitake and having Shunsui come over.

I love how Kaien came to the Kuchiki mansion after Rukia 'dumped him' one of my favorite parts: "Years of war between our two houses, finally ended," said Kaien mournfully. "Or so we thought. I was looking forward to the marital alliance! Let other men recoil from the prospect of an eternity of rabbit-patterned curtains. The Shiba are made of better stuff than – ow!"

Rabbit-patterned curtains, I would have loved to see Rukia telling Kaien exactly how she would decorate their house.

It makes me wonder how the two became 'betrothed' in the first place. There is a story there.
I'm also glad that Kaien offered to adopt her.

It makes me wonder if Kaien knows the true story behind Rukia's adoption. Or if they don't know that Rukia and Hisana are sisters.

But kaien's comments ("the missus will never go for it") make me think that Kaien does know the truth.

But still, even Kaien notices the things that are placed on a six year old- "I already do – I mean, Christ, she's a cute kid, not a way of life,".

I would have also loved to have read the chapter where she bites Gin. I would have loved to have seen how all that played out. Also it makes me curious as to what exactl Gin did or said that caused Rukia to react like that.

Makes me wonder if Aizen and company were still even in your version of events. I would have like to have seen a scene between Aizen and Rukia.

"And indeed he was gone." Does that mean that had you continued this story, Aizen would have still carried out his plans and Rukia would have had to have killed kaien in this version as well.
zombiegirl22 chapter 3 . 8/26/2017
What I wouldn't give to read a story by Afrai which chronicles the adventures of Rukia as she gets stationary from each of the divisions.
Divisions that I would be very excited to read about,
- 2nd division: I think that Rukia would be very similar to Yachieu. Just like Yachiru is able to sneak in and out of the Kuchiki mansion, I can see Rukia doing the same
- 7th division- yes Rukia likes rabbits, however I think she is similar to Chad in liking cute animals, so I can see her going to the 7th division and being obsessed with the big doggy.

I love how Rukia obtained the paper from Ukitake's division through legal means.

I love how she still has the style of drawing people she likes as rabbits and people she doesn't like as bears.

I also love how even though Byakuya criticized her calligraphy, how he still kept her drawing of him on his desk.
zombiegirl22 chapter 2 . 8/26/2017
Another of my favorite chapters.

Even though it isn't very long, you have perfectly captured how Rukia feels about her brother.

Sure Rukia might fear disappointing Byakuya, but she doesn't fear him.

The girl has received lessons on how to behave. According to Byakuya whippings or sarcastic statements from him don't hinder her from jumping her to embrace him when he comes home.

Despite his coldness, the girl knows he loves her.

He is the only one out of the two(Hisana and him) that gives Rukia hugs.

Sure he is probably ding that because Hisana asked him to show Rukia the affection Hisana can't bring to show her because of her own guilt, but the man still does it.

I love how Byakuya doesn't know whether to be annoyed or proud of Rukia for not having any fear.

I do feel for Hisana.
zombiegirl22 chapter 1 . 8/26/2017
I was spring cleaning the stories on my favorites list deleting abandoned stories, when I came across this story.

Even though I dropped Bleach almost 4 years ago, and have come to feel a bit apathetic about the characters (not even my favorite character Rukia couldn't keep me interested in the series), this story will always be one of my top favorites for many reasons.

1. There aren't many stories that feature child!Rukia.
2. There are even less stories that feature Hisana alive.
3. Nor are there stories that feature Byakuya adopting child!Rukia.

This story will have a special place in my heart because author wrote
My favorite character as a child and author wrote everyone in character.

I am ashamed of myself for never ever leaving a review. I don't excuse my thought process, (I joined Bleach fandom late and found this story years after after author wrote a Rukia story, and there for thought author stopped visiting this site, so I didn't review back then)

But I thought to fix my mistake even if author may never read my reviews.

This chapter capture my heart really quickly. Author was able to include slight humor (not sure if it was humor but Byakuya almost raising an eyebrow because this child was able to bring such excitement to his life is very humorous (in a good way) to me). as well as give us readers a glimpse the hardships Rukia had to endure:
- having to steal to survive,
- How even at six, the girl was thinking about her next meal, which is something a child should never have to do. She has been fending for herself for so long.
- Add all this with a new set of rules her new family is imposing on her, my heart goes out to her.

And it broke my heart: when Rukia asked for a hug from her sister.

You know I can see Hisana acting this way with her sister, not feeling that she is worthy of being Rukia's sister.

I think that even if Hisana and Byakuya would have found Rukia, I think the guilt would have still been heavy on Hisana.

She abandoned her sister, a baby.

If I were to put myself in Hisana's shoes this is what I would have been thinking if I found six year old Rukia: 'my sister survived on her own for six years. She doesn't need me and I don't deserve to be called her sister. I don't deserve to act as though I hadn't abandoned her to death, that I abandoned her for my own survival. I don't deserve her sisterly love."

And while I agree that Hisana is right to feel that way, I can't help but feel that her distance and the way that Byakuya behaves,
And the fact that they don't let her just be a kid, will probably not have a good effect on Rukia.

And reading this part made me tear up:"And then she knows (though she doesn't know why) - she couldn't have done anything worse than this."

Hisana doesn't feel worthy of being loved by Rukia, however I don't think Hisana realizes how much she is hurting Rukia by not giving her comfort when she asks for it.

Though Rukia's question caused Hisana to react like that, Rukia isn't at fault.

However, the fact that Hisana won't give her a hug, makes Rukia think that she is at fault.

Add Byakuya's remark of her having to keep a promise that she will be good (poor girl thinks it a threat) and the girl feels affirmed in her belief that she did something wrong.

My poor Rukia. She will have a complex.
CharmedNightSkye chapter 4 . 12/19/2016
I loved how Byakuya reacted to Kaien offering to adopt Rukia, he fiercely loves his adopted sister. Plus Rukia is Kuckiki all the way through. Great tipbit about her biting Gin, she's very brave!
Chapter 5.
oh of course you end this on a heartbreaker. Miyako was so amazing! I absolutely adored her speech patterns! And she was so good with Rukia as well! Hahaha I lost it when Rukia said she wanted a dog like Kaien. And how she lured Miyako into a betrothal. So perfect. Your description of Rukia was great, interesting about the hollow look. Wonderful, wonderful chapter! THank you so much for giving us this story!
CharmedNightSkye chapter 2 . 12/19/2016
Oh the imagery here is just so beautiful! I mean yeesh beatings for being enthusiastic, but obviously Rukia finds it worth it for the hugs. What a spirited child. :D I love how Byakuya has such a small sphere of interest and Rukia is enveloped in it. Oh poor Hisana.
CharmedNightSkye chapter 1 . 12/19/2016
ohhh baby Rukia! She's just so precious! And yet this breaks my heart at the details. It's just so wonderful. This is my favorite Bleach fic and I just keep coming back to it. It's so sad how Rukia misinterprets her sister's actions. Byakuya is so great, what an adorable brother/father he makes when Hisana is around.
FangirlIssues31 chapter 1 . 1/10/2016

First things first; english is not my first language so I apologize for my grammar mistakes.

THIS IS PURE GOLD! I loved every little bit, Rukia destroying everything on Byakuya's property, Rukia bitting Gin, Byakuya spending time with Rukia, Kaien, Miyako, Rukia's drawings, I cannot believe that I'm reading this until now considering that I've been into this fandom for some time.

You are really clever like I will never find something like this again, I mean how did you come up with this idea? I'm enchanted and so in love with your writing and with this fanfic. I don't know if you'll ever read this but if you do I hope you know I'm really thankful because you made me smile with this.

Right, I hope you're fine and thank you again for this piece of art. Kisses!
tanithlipsky chapter 5 . 2/23/2015
CrazyAce'n'PokerFace chapter 5 . 12/18/2013
terribly, TERRIBLY in love with this fic. :)
teshichan chapter 3 . 7/19/2013
Sooooo adorable! I love these fics so much! And Byakuya is soooo cuuuute! Hahaha.

I sure hope you still write some more :)
butterfly.bones chapter 3 . 8/22/2012
Andelevion chapter 5 . 5/13/2012
I wish to adopt Rukia. (ashfghjklknjqeveiuassco;hnwdadorable)
thayet9 chapter 5 . 1/27/2012
This is a fantastic story! you are a talented author. You have captured all the cuteness of a six year old without all the whininess people tend to add and you have not sacrificed innocence to achieve this. Byakuya and Hisana are awesometasticly in character and this is amazing. I LOVE YOUR STYLE!
Bleached Pikachu chapter 5 . 11/10/2011
Wow, these were amazing! But how can I be surprised after reading many of your other bleach works. I love how you captured Hisana's insecurity in all of this. It was a little confusing at first since most fics I read have her fine if she finds Rukia before she dies, but considering her words at her death, this makes a lot more sense, even if it is sadder.
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