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AF chapter 1 . 5/10
Did you take Lord Draco out in the revisions or did I just miss it?
AF chapter 49 . 5/8
I read the original years ago and am reading both original and revised now. I've enjoyed the revised except for the sex. I've always believed that a story can do without it (and constant cursing) and still have the story portray what the writer wants to get across. I am glad it was short part of the story, but I like the original of this chapter better because of that.
Freya54 chapter 30 . 1/19
Hallo, ich habe jetzt beide Fassungen gelesen und finde sie immer noch großartig.
Die erste Fassung hat mich begeistert, weil sie für mich noch runder wirkte. Ich habe nicht so viel hinterfragt und das genommen, was da war. Draco in dieser Form ist wunderbar. Nach aussen kalt und herablassend und innen weicher und überlegt. Allerdings hat er auch die nötige Härte, wenn es einmal schwierig ist.
Die neue Form hat mehr Raffinesse und geht mehr auf einzelne Begebenheiten ein. Dadurch entstehen auch besondere Momente und ich konnte bemerken, dass du gut überlegt hast, was du ändern wolltest.
Werden die restlichen Kapitel auch noch überarbeitet? Ich werde nachschauen.
Guest chapter 54 . 1/18
Madame Mermaid chapter 54 . 11/14/2021
Good Evening,

I'm sorry it's taken me so long to get around to writing this review - meant to do it right away, but life has been incredibly stressful this term, and most days I feel like I could sleep 12 hours straight because I'm so tired. Hopefully it's only a few more months, and by February I'll be done with most exams. It was (is, obviously) very good to know you are still alive, probably also rather swamped with work, and hopefully keeping healthy and doing well. Good luck learning how to code - I'm absolutely no help in that department, but if you ever need to know something German or Latin, let me know. ;-) Let's continue our summer conversation as soon as work's let up a bit - I'm hoping for a bit of a breather in mid-December, once my term project is finished.

On to the chapter! Needless to say, I enjoyed this a lot! By having Pansy point out to Draco that he's in danger of being sacrificed as expendable, and thus making Draco slowly doubt both his father's power and his own importance to the cause and to Lucius, you've made his quest for independence and his later 'conversion' to the Order so much more believable. It's understandable to see him try and defend Lucius' actions and to excuse his neglect, but also to watch him realise that Bill's been much more active in his support. Naturally, as a child who's only ever had Lucius to show him affection, Draco would want to hold on to that connection and to his belief that Lucius can protect him, but at the same time, he's too intelligent not to understand that wishful thinking of this kind might lead him into a trap. It'll be interesting to see how his relationship with Lucius changes till the end of this story - we didn't really cover that in the first installment, only saw the consequences of the fall-out in the disownment in the second book. Might be cool to see Lucius' reaction at the end, once (as I assume will happen) Draco defies his and Moldy-Voldy's wishes and up and leaves, though I'm not sure how you're going to manage that, since I'm guessing we'll still lose Bill as a spy. A direct confrontation is out of the question, I'd assume, since it would finish this business too quickly and take quite a bit of supsense out of the second book (plus, I love that scene at the beginning in the Leaky Cauldron), not to mention be completely illogical. To sum up, I love where this is going and can't wait to see how you'll further expound on Draco's commitment to becoming an independent figure on the board.

What was really cool in this chapter was watching Draco observe Stevick setting up his try for the Horcrux, and how you managed to involve the DA in that scheme. As a confirmed fan of both action and heist films, it's great to have people set up to finally DO something, especially after the conversation-heavy chapters of late. So I'm hoping for some wonderfully choreographed fight scenes, creative creatures and perhaps a twist on the race for the Horcrux. (Btw, we never found out if and how the Order destroyed that Horcrux in the first installment, did we?) The idea of having Stevick try and take down the wards is lovely, since it should give Bill an opportunity to shine. And I'm obviously quite thrilled to see how you recast the Draco-Ginny-rescue-moment and Draco's realisation that all the mayhem doesn't scare her, but rather seems to entertain her. I mean, his attraction for her has to start somewhere, and I would assume that realisation has something to do with it. So as you can see, I'm waiting on baited breath for what you have in store for us next.

Bill's behind-the-scenes perspective on the Death Eater meeting felt a bit redundant this time, though I do understand why you added it. Also, I was wondering, since Severus and Lucius were talking about what information Severus passes on to Dumbledore, does Lucius know that Severus is not just a double-agent, but a spy for the Order, or does he just suspect and is willing to take the risk, and if one of those alternatives is true, is he only keeping silent so that Severy can continue to protect Draco (and the other Slytherins, by extension), or is he also enough of a businessman and strategist to realise that having some powerful competition (i.e. the Order) might be better (both for him and his position as a shadow player and for the world) than having Voldemort take the country in one fell sweep? (Sorry, that was a very German sentence in terms of length...)

What else is there? I really enjoyed your head canon for the Malfoy family, and how Isobel (is that her name...?) called into question Draco's tale of their protection of prosecuted muggle-born wizards and witches by pointing out that later generations exploited the life debts earned by their forebears. Perhaps this is an observation Draco will have to do some thinking on at a later moment? It would be interesting to see whether his perspective on his life of wealth and privileges changes over the course of the next few books, along with his allegiance.

And I've once again realised how much I love to observe your version of Pansy. To be honest, she feels more like a college-age girl than a pupil at secondary school the way you describe her, due to her unconscious awareness of the pull of her sexuality and the way she exploits this like a pro, but then the same can be said for Draco and other characters, and in a way, I think it's unavoidable when you write plots involving a civil war and high stakes. What I enjoy is seeing the dichotomy of her vulnerability and inability to change her fate on the one hand, and the expert way she handles people and gathers information on the other hand. In a way, I wish we could fast-forward to book 4 where we get to see her perspective on things, since she's such an interesting character through whose eyes to watch the world.

Regarding the upcoming chapter, as I said, I'm hoping for some great action scenes there. Not sure what to think of the library scene at the beginning - I understand what you meant to do with it, but it seems a bit too tame or too childish for the second installment, even though watching Ginny be unimpressed by Draco's glares and reputation is always fun. But I'm sure you'll figure things out - we need to get everybody into the middle of the fight somehow, after all. I do love the conversation between Draco and Dumbledore, both because Draco manages to play the headmaster, and because Dumbledore subtly feels out Draco's allegiance and family connections in his offer to write to Lucius. Plus, you finally introduce Lukas to the story, which is cool.

As for additional scenes, I think Stevick's interrogation might profit if you rewrite it - I understand why it's there, but in its current version, it doesn't really add a lot to the story, does it? The Order doesn't gain any new information, and the Death Eaters don't have to worry what he might let slip due to the Fidelius. Btw, it might be interesting to see how the Death Eaters react to the failed attempt to gather the Horcrux, the capture of one of their own, and to learn if they somehow heard rumors of Draco's involvement in Ginny's rescue - I wonder how Lucius would go about trying to deny/explain that one, and what he thinks of it. And I really want to know if any in the Order or among the Death Eaters, other than Draco, remember that Claire's allegiance is still suspect. (We've seen so little of her of late, which is a pity, since I still think she makes for a great villain and a really shady character, if you flesh her out a bit more.)

Thus, lots of wishes. I'm somewhat worried that the next chapter will double in size compared to the first installment, which might mean you won't get around to updating any time soon, which would be a pity. But, as always, it's most important you are well and healthy. :-) All the best,

Madame Mermaid

PS: Have you ever thought about writing a kind of James-Bond version of Draco? I watched the new Bond-movie a few weeks ago, and thoroughly enjoyed it, and when I was rereading some of this series, I thought it might be a career choice for him as an adult, though perhaps a relationship with Ginny would be difficult then. (Or maybe just cast her as the partner in crime? ;-) ) Just saying...
Guest chapter 15 . 10/29/2021
Charlee Toombs chapter 53 . 10/23/2021
I find all the debate clubs interactions so curious, and I like that it seems to be working for Dumbledores ends even if it takes a different route then he intended. and it's nice to see Pansy on Draco's side of the fence too. it makes her future more foreseeable.

I like that Draco isn't a perfect genius, it makes joining the order make even more sense if he has moments where he doesn't figure things out entirely on his own...

Absolutely, good call on adding in Lucius's side.. it's really nice to get more info on his psyche early on, especially with how things turn with him.
JusticeNotRevenge chapter 54 . 10/23/2021
Amazing chapter, as usual! Your hc for the Malfoy family was very interesting! And I love seeing how differently Draco and Bill can view the same thing(in this case, the letter from Lucius)!
DuchessOfSpud chapter 54 . 10/22/2021
This a was a really good chapter! Using Pansy to help Draco realize that he’s not safe from Voldemort’s plans was a great idea and you did a fantastic job writing it! I really am loving the deeper and closer connection that is being shown in Draco and Pansy’s relationship! I think it’s doing a much better job at showing that, while they are technically using each other for their own gain and success, they also really are friends and care about each other even if they don’t admit it!
Adding more insight to Lucius and what he’s doing was a great idea! It really did help to make his letter seem more caring and less dismissive than it originally was even if no writing within the letter itself really changed. The fact that doing so helped to show how both Draco and Bill are right in their thoughts about Lucius to an extent is just a bonus! SHOWING Lucius try to work for information rather than just explaining how Draco knew Lucius based on the contents of the letter was a major improvement!
Also, I LOVED the interaction between Lucius and Snape that Bill witnessed! It was such a small part, but it was one of my favorites this chapter! I think it’s helped to show how Lucius really isn’t as black and white as Bill would like to make him out to be! He is much more complex in his morals and actually has goals and beliefs outside of following Voldemort and outright statement saying that he both understands and AGREES with a lot of the information Snape shared with Dumbledore helps to show this! And in more than just a “you need to keep your standing with the Order,” way!
I love how you wrote Draco’s response in the Superiority vs Neutrality argument! While not completely true in showing Draco’s true standing and thoughts, it was definitely a good argument to keep Draco on decent middle ground! I’m still really hoping that he manages to make this Neutrality party work! While obviously things don’t always go they way we want them to, this party could really help Draco in the future and I really do want that for him!
As always, fantastic job! This has been such a joy to read, reread, and watch develop and improve and I can’t wait to see where you take this story next!
Darkcrunchy chapter 54 . 10/21/2021
excelent as always! There are no words that can describe how much I enjoy reading this fic, and I have easily read the first version about 10 times. There is only one thing that is not to my particular liking, and although it is no in "the code" I feel the need to tell you. The way Ginny pressures draco to go out together makes me uncomfortable and I can't stop thinking what it would be like if it were the other way around, if a man pressured a woman to go out on a date. I know it is your decision but as a reader and as a person who has been pressured to do things that I have not wanted, I felt that I had to tell you. I hope my comment does not bother you and I repeat I love how you write.
deestar12 chapter 54 . 10/21/2021
Ooooooh I loved this chapter! I’m absolutely loving dracos inner turmoil and all of his conflicting thoughts it’s so beautifully written that they feel like my worries and concerns ahaha!

The debate scene was really interesting too, I think potentially my fave scene in this chapter, as dracos wording and thought process on how he can appease both sides was well done, and the little bit of history you added is helping to really pad this story out.

I genuinely like how there’s a lot more conflict in Draco over his position at Hogwarts, as it times he clearly wants to agree and take the side of neutrality and good and there’s things that push him in that direction, but his loyalty to Lucius is so deep rooted and conflicting for him, it makes for excellent reading!

Thank you for such a wonderful chapter! Take care of yourself too 3
sundiallove2 chapter 31 . 10/21/2021
I just wanted to drop a quick review letting you know I think this is the best Draco characterization I've ever read! Good work! Unique story and I liked that you let us see a character expansion in Bill Weasley too because I've always liked his character and there are not many stories out there about him. I also thought it was a unique take on Narcissa who is almost always placed on a pedestal no matter what the rest of the story is.
Zavod chapter 31 . 10/14/2021
When I started reading I would have liked to know that chapter 31 existed. (etc). I would have read from there.

I really enjoyed the creativity of your AU, and I'm particularly impressed that you didn't feel the need to re-narrate the canonical story was you went. kudos.

If this is where your writing is as a young person, I'll look forward to seeing what you can accomplish as a more experienced author.
deestar12 chapter 53 . 10/6/2021
Gah I’ve been meaning to write a review for months and now finally have the time! I hope you’re well?!

The last 3 chapters have honestly been incredible, as I’ve been re-reading them I’ve been making notes on my phone of the things that have really stood out to me lol.

I’ve really been enjoying following Bill and the interactions he has with other characters as well as his outlook and perspective of things. It’s really made his character lovable and more prominent in this version compared to the original, and the scene with Fleur made him incredibly human and realistic it was amazingly well written.

Dracos reasonings, thought processes and reactions have been fantastic and have been so believable, and everything about his character and all his dialogue is just so well thought out and exceptionally well written, I genuinely believe at times it’s like m witnessing everything that’s going on through a pensieve! It’s dracos little moments of weakness and being wrong that make his character so human and life like.

I can really see how much hard work you’ve put into the original story and this rewrite, as your character building and development, and the way that you set the scene and create the perfect dialogue is so so clever it’s honestly amazing and i have a huge respect for you and your work!

I look forward to the next chapter re-write!
Dee star :)
Charlee Toombs chapter 53 . 10/5/2021
I'm with brianangel, give me all the d/g moments, i especially love a good slow burn! this story was my favorite, and you've made it better! thank you for sharing!
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