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umm chapter 57 . 7/4
are you still updating this story?
Guest chapter 24 . 6/22
brianaangel chapter 57 . 5/23
Noooo! You can’t just leave the chapter there! Thanks for such an amazing addition. I enjoyed Draco’s interactions with his fellow Slytherins. Patiently waiting for an update.
brianaangel chapter 56 . 5/22
As always what a magnificent chapter. You always seem to describe battle sequences so well that it is easy to imagine it. Of course the slight teasing that Ginny and Draco give each other is always welcome.
brianaangel chapter 55 . 5/22
This chapter was such an enjoyable chapter. Not only did I learn a new word (strafe), but the detailed description of the students defending the school and little tidbits of interactions between Ginny and Draco was greatly appreciated. Thank you for such an amazing chapter!
brianaangel chapter 54 . 5/22
What an amazing chapter. I enjoyed the tidbits where you share more about Draco and Lucius’s complex relationship. The rising tension of something horrible happening is also exciting. Can’t wait to read more.
Lacieph chapter 57 . 5/13

Well done.
It's so perfectly writing that it felt like an anime chapter... You left us in the best part.

The debate was spectacular. I didn't expect Draco's turn. Jajajaja it was so him! Rebellious but cautious. It reminds me of rule #11, for : "maintain reputations" XD Chapó

Lacieph chapter 56 . 5/13
Hi hi!
I always read the updates here bc I love reading the author notes. I read the original one and I love seeing the differences.

I think I already told you this but I'm loving this version so much! (But don't delete the original version please bc from time to time I re-read it)

I feel that the changes and deeper scenes make all of Draco's future actions more natural.

I couldn't stop screaming when Ginny intercepted him at the hall! That was pure ecstasy!
I like reading more of Lucius and his attitude towards Voldemort. He's so cool with everything that makes him look like a disrespectful person but he choose his words precisely that V can't be angry because he shows loyalty... You know? Woaaah love it.

Thanks for everything.
ebonyandlace chapter 56 . 4/29
Further from my last review... As a long time reader from the original, just looking back and even from the feeling, I love the additional depth the characters have now. I didn't notice it as much the first time because I already loved the story but this time the feeling and relationship and depth of the relationship between Draco and Bill is even stronger and I love how you've written it.

Thank you so much! Looking forward to the next update
ebonyandlace chapter 57 . 4/29
Ahhhh finally caught up on this after a few years and I'm absolutely loving the rewrite. Thank you so much for it! Dying over the cliffhanger though. Please come back soon!
Ale chapter 55 . 3/11
I thought the fight scene in this rewrite was brilliant. I LOVED all the changes made form how the Slitherins prepared better to how much more dangerous and intense the fight felt. I like the addition of Ginny (as in her actually have a role and be a real character)

It was a brilliant chapter. I loved every moment :)
springywinter chapter 29 . 3/11
I'm not surprised Snape knew, considering how much Severus kept asking Lucius about his son and such. And it doesn't take much to notice the E grades if you bothered to look up the file.
Ale chapter 37 . 3/4
Aw, I liked Bill and Draco bonding here, but also thought it was super sad and telling how quick Draco's mind jumped to Bill only talking to him for information.
I adored this portion as probably one of my favorites in the rewrites so far

Part 2:
And of course now Bill is suspicious of Draco too.
These rewrites definitely make things more tense and exciting!
And I liek the way that you introduced the Horcruxes this time around
Ale chapter 36 . 3/3
Part One:
Oooh, the revisions here definitely go a long way to highlight just how hard it is for Draco to trust even if he does want to do the right thing, he works so hard to make sure everyone still perceives him as dark.

Part Two:

Ah, very interesting. I like the new dialogue between Bill and Blaise and how things are just slightly changed.
I also really enjoyed Bill's interactions with the other teachers.
Ale chapter 35 . 3/3
2nd part:
(Just noticed you said you are posting on AO3 where I actually have a real account. I might see if I can find you there if I get less lazy :) )
I really like the new additions to the Death Eater spying mission. It definitely makes things more tense as well as more interesting. I liked seeing the other side of Lucius finding out that his son chose to be neutral and why he might be more irritated. I liked that the meeting was moved to a home instead of a random forest and how you are showing the children being indoctrinated. Also Bill gets to see how/why the students of Death Eaters act the way that they do. He can see that although they technically have a choice, most of them don't really if they care about family plus many don't even consider the idea of switching sides as it's simply something that they grew up with...
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