Reviews for The Old Walls Crumble
etherian chapter 19 . 12/12/2008
Marvelously brilliant story! Jenny is perfect and so very well defined. I also quite like that she's not a cute, perky, 16 year old! LOL
The Fluffy Ball chapter 19 . 6/19/2007
Honestly, I'm surprised that you didn't get more reviews. It is one of the best fics with an OFC I have ever read. You should be really proud of churning out such gold in a timely matter. Kudos to you.

Jenny is absolutely adorable. Lucius opening an internet cafe is... odd. Snape as a daddy made the world feel right.

There were one or two parts that didn't seem to fit, but as I didn't write them down, I forgot what those were.

Are you from northern England? If not, you really have your facts right. Not that I have room to judge, as I'm from the US (The northeastern US, which in my opinion has a similar culture to northern England, but I digress).

Ah well, I'll shut up now. Great story.
Caeryn Lae chapter 19 . 5/30/2007
I absolutely loved your story, it was perfect!
wynnleaf chapter 12 . 4/6/2007
Your device to introduce Krum into the story works quite well. And all of the scenes with Jenny coming to Grimmauld Place, the confrontations with the Malfoys, Snape, and Krum at Grimmauld Place, etc. all are nicely done.
wynnleaf chapter 9 . 4/6/2007
Well done suspense!

Also, I like your Snape being perfectly at home with common food.
wynnleaf chapter 7 . 4/6/2007
Lucius' decision makes a lot of sense. I could never see why returning to Voldemort in GOF was any advantage for Lucius, who was doing quite well for himself and his family with Voldemort out of the picture. I've wondered if Snape "start" at Harry mentioning Lucius in the graveyard in GOF was because Snape didn't expect Lucius to return to Voldemort.

Anyway, good chapter.
wynnleaf chapter 5 . 4/6/2007
Sometimes it's hard to remember internet possibilities of 10 years ago. Still, many libraries in the states and in the UK will let you use their computers without a library card - although you do have to sign in. I used some in UK libraries just last year - no card. That's a minor quibble, of course. But since a lot of the story seems to be going to include internet usage, I thought I'd mention it.

Snape actually seems pretty in character, especially since he's not having to deal with students and living under the immediate scrutiny of people on both sides.

I like your OC. She's believable and I thought your making her connection to Snape be a shared history in school very realistic.
wynnleaf chapter 3 . 4/6/2007
Just found this story and am much enjoying it. I'm glad you had Karkarof be dead. I thought you'd just made a mistake earlier.

I like the way you move back and forth between what's going on with Snape and what's going on with Harry.
whitehound chapter 18 . 3/17/2007
The ceremony sounds convincing, and I like tghe idea that the tomb is visible in the Muggle world, even though it looks like an old grave.
whitehound chapter 15 . 3/16/2007
Blast - I thought I was the only person to come up with the idea that Voldie was Harry's Horcrux instead of or as well as vice versa!
whitehound chapter 10 . 3/16/2007
He'd be much better for not being so lonely, I think.
whitehound chapter 9 . 3/16/2007
Exciting developments - and now he's got to add a breach of the statute of secrecy to his other problems. I loved Molly working out where Ron was.

Btw, as far as I know "chippie" and "carry out" are purely Scottishisms. I can personally testify (having lived 22 years in Scotland and 26 in England, mainly down south) that in the south of England they say "fish shop" and "take away", and I am assured by a friend from Derby that in the north of England it's "fish and chip shop" and "take out".
whitehound chapter 6 . 3/16/2007
A nice simple, safe way of passing a message.

Btw, why would he go to the trouble and expense of equipping Draco with such a very obvious pseudonym as Drago Malakral - one which just screams "I'm really Draco Malfoy"? Wouldn't he have been better to pass him off as Ivan Zhivkov or whatever?
whitehound chapter 5 . 3/16/2007
Snape seems perfectly in character. We've been shown in the books that he's capable of being quite pleasant to people he likes - he just doesn't like many people.
whitehound chapter 4 . 3/16/2007
Well, *I* noticed about Karkaroff: but he died at the beginning of HBP, not the end, so it's a little odd that Cissy wouldn't have heard about it a year later.

I thought this chapter read particularly well. But it would be very hypocritical for Remus to talk about justice, when he hismelf had been going to kill Peter in cold blood in the Shrieking Shack, *before* Peter confessed his guilt, at a point at which he had no firm evidence that Peter was guilty and Sirius innocent. It was still perfectly possible that Sirius had been the traitor and that nothing had changed except that Peter had escaped as a rat and then decided to stay that way; but Remus was willing to kill Petwer purely on the basis that he thought Sirius's version of events more likely, with no firm proof either way.

Mind you, Remus *is* a hypocrite,so he might well say that...
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