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arkarianthedarkness chapter 7 . 5/8/2006
Oh he's really doomed. How's Ichigo gonna get outta this one? Please update soon...I'm so damn curious to find out. (and please keep him and Rukia together...she's so hot...) erherm...anyways, great on job on this chapter...I'm eagerly waiting for more...
Luna Forest chapter 7 . 5/8/2006
damn shes a B-I-T-C-H! and also reminds me of someone i kno... ugh...but this is a very good one! WRITE MORE!
Darkfanfics chapter 7 . 5/8/2006
hello! 0 Im ale P jeje good chapter but grr kill Akina please I hate her... if you want i kill her by you jeje... m you say the last chapter that you was thinking change the raitin and... i think it again and i think that it's a goodo idea jeje ok update soon please byebye
Guety chapter 7 . 5/8/2006
Arrggh! I hate Akina!
mindless dumbasss chapter 7 . 5/8/2006
Yeah! lay the smack down on that bitch! ICHIGOXRUKIA! This story is totally kick ASS!
inugrlluvsanime chapter 7 . 5/8/2006
luv it more than i thot i would. ;D plz update! things got rilly juicy!
gossa chapter 7 . 5/8/2006
ARGH,AKINA ~#~ #~ _
Roxysan chapter 6 . 5/6/2006
Hehs, nice story! Hope you update soon! I wonder what will ichigo say when she sees rukia in that dress
arkarianthedarkness chapter 6 . 5/6/2006
Please update your story! It's TOO GOOD to be left unfinished! Oh, and hopefully you will keep Ichigo and Rukia hell with the other girl! Thanks a lot!

From your faithful reader :)
FuturePast chapter 6 . 5/6/2006


PLEASE update soon, this story is the bestest story ever!

I was beginning to wonder why you were taking so long.

Don't you ever feel that you are reading SUCH an interesting story, and you can't wait for the next chapter, but the author person seems to be taking SO. DAMN. LONG?

Thats's how I feel right now,

Please, please, PLEASE update soon!

Much lovin,

FuturePast _
chichirixnoda chapter 6 . 5/6/2006
so nice!
Madame Aqua chapter 6 . 5/5/2006
It's good to have you back and working on this fic and I LOVE IT! KEEP UP THE GOOD WORK
DragonflyerXCV chapter 6 . 5/4/2006
Wow this is great, its the perfect scenario. Keep up the fantastic work! Can't wait to see what happens next!
BlackCat chapter 6 . 5/4/2006
Who! You updated! *dances* I can't wait to see what happens! Please tell me there will be some ichiruki fluff! Lemon! Lemon! Ichiruki lemon! Please! Ichiruki smut is good for the soul.
The Black Katana 2007 chapter 6 . 5/4/2006
ow~! i thought this story already end because you don't update for long time. anyways this is the best story i hav read. please~ i can't wait 4 the next chapter. i hope end akina will be with keigo... hahahah (devils laugh)


ps: if u hav time, read mine
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