Reviews for Charon's Gift
devioustricks chapter 1 . 2/2/2006
Woah, that was super long and took me forever to read. It was really good though (duh, I finished it) and it had superb vocabulary. Also, it was well written. One thing, when you were doing the "Quotes and ideas, stolen shamelessly," you used double quotes twice. When you quote a quote, you use double quotes, then single quotes. So, instead of ““What good would it do to kill you? We’re both already dead,”” it'd be "'What good would it do to kill you? We’re both already dead.'"

Otherwise, it was a majorly good chapter and I do hope you update soon because you are the most amazing and one of my favorite writers!
Dracoismysexgod chapter 1 . 1/31/2006
wow...thats all i have to say really...well, not all because I know the joy of finding a long review...that was amazing, brilliant really. the way you describe eveything, the story line...i love the allusion to harry's eyes being like a peice of glass on the beach. and your description of draco is so amazing, the characters are fantastic...i could see something like this actually happening, maybe not to this extent, but draco helping the light side one way or another...this is soo good, im definatly going to vote for you at the dramione awards! great work, again! love it. really do. will recommend it to all my friends :)
Aaliyah chapter 1 . 1/30/2006
I have to say that after I finished reading the last chapter of 'Linked', I decided to go check out your bio to see if you had some other stories to offer that I would be interested in. I am so glad that I came across this story, it's wonderful! Absolutely heart-wrenching and non-OOC, I loved it so much (oh but I do hate sad stories, this was exceptional though!) Great job writing this fic, I love the amount of pathos you put in your writing, it's so overwhelming!
lilblueangel1223 chapter 1 . 1/30/2006
Beautiful story! I loved it.
Revellyn chapter 1 . 1/29/2006
This fic is more angst than romance, but that leaves a grip so tight on your gut, that were it to let go, you would be left wandering aimlessly in unknown ground.

So, waxing lyrically about something I know nothing about, I just want you to know that your fic is wonderful, that your characterisations of Hermione and Draco are almost as spot on as my imagination, and that dead eyes are nothing to laugh about. Hope is what my generation has lost, even if most do not know that they have. We live in a world where war is commonplace and love is shallow, so I empathise more strongly with this fic that you can possibly imagine. Or maybe you do know afterall.
Scyco Sphinx chapter 1 . 1/29/2006
That's so sweet and sad. Bittersweet would be the word. I almost think you should continue it, if not for the fact it stands so beautiful as it is.


Scyco Puppi
brokenrose26 chapter 1 . 1/29/2006
extremly favourite part is of course ...'that I may yet find my way back from the darkness. Lastly, I offer her a rose . . . another of my mother‘s roses, actually, and also for remembrance, that she may always remember the night she was my savior, my miracle, my redemption. Merry Christmas.' i swear it so gives me memories of where i am rite now its very talented and u deserve the thanks for that paragraph, makes me feel emotional with intent fot required.
xxaishiteru chapter 1 . 1/26/2006
I can't believe this only has 44 reviews. It deserves many more, all positive ones. The only thing wrong with this fic was the occasional typo. I loved it very much. Brilliant.
sleepingbeauty18 chapter 1 . 1/24/2006
This was a beautiful story. It made me almost cry. Keep up the good work! :)
bree chapter 1 . 1/23/2006
that was a BRILLIANT one shot. by the end, i had tears in my eyes. gosh i love draco so much! :)
Silver Midnight Rose chapter 1 . 1/23/2006
OMG... wow, that was one of the best one shots I ever read. I love it so much! You're such a good writer.

thisDuckIsQuackers chapter 1 . 1/23/2006
That was brilliant! And it works really well as a one-shot as well. I can't wait to read your post hbp d/hr story.
RahNee chapter 1 . 1/22/2006
OH KATIE! I am so absolutely speechless. This story... was amazing. Truly. It IS your greatest, really. If I had to narrow down a description of your writing to one word, I would choose "evocative."

I was gripped from the get-go, and your description of what Hermione THOUGHT the war would be like contrasted to what it ACTUALLY was like was fantastic.

Of all the brilliant lines in this, and there were many, this one blew me away: “What are you doing?” she asked, feeling as though all the air in her chest had been disintegrated by the heat in his dark, silvery gaze.

That's what I mean by evocative: I could just FEEL what she felt with the description of the air in her chest desintegrating.

The ambiance of despair just seeps through the story through your descriptions and emotions. The idea of numbness being more painful than pain, and of the loss of sparkle in everyone's eyes... gah, I can't even put itno words how this all made me feel. It was poignant, and amazing.

I love how the hatred and rage she feels at seeing Draco starts to trigger the thawing of the numbing shock that has taken her over. Their conversation was just riveting, and very in character, and so heavy with meaning and sorrow. That Draco would despair at seeing Hermione's dead eyes... and the pain he felt over the loss of his mother... it all seized my heart.

Absolutely brilliant was the way you incorporated the hope of Christmas into the story. Hermione speaks of hope and miracles, and then, when she makes Draco actually feel something again (anger, but hey, he FELT it), the miracle begins... and the kiss was so touching. My heart literally ached.

And then, your lovely story actually made me cry. The note from Draco to Hermione did me in. And the cherry on the top of this angsty, bittersweet, melancholy yet gorgeous sundae was the rose pendant, and the rose suddenly blooming from the seemingly dead bush. OMG, I bawled.

So, you succeeded in reducing me to a blubbery sobbing mess as I wailed "this story is absolutely freaking amazing" and sat, gasping for air at the breathtaking beauty of it.

Katie, you should be writing professionally. I mean it. I am in awe of your talent and skill, I am honored to know you, and when I grow up, I want to write something as amazing (how many times have I used that word now?) as this.

I love ya, darling girl. This was like eating the finest dark chocolate: rich and satisfying. MWAP!


Squoosh chapter 1 . 1/22/2006
:Sniff: dramatically written. Wonderful, I loved reading this, your technique is well-plotted, if you getz.

Other words, when I stop talking like a pompous ass, you're a great writer and I hope I could read another of your great fics soon!
silkyblackboxers chapter 1 . 1/21/2006
that was so depressing. but i loved it... i love angsty fics. i felt so heavy, almost dead. just like the characters but i couldn't really feel how they felt (or rather couldn't feel) since i didnt go through what they did. i cried (what's new?). great job.
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