Reviews for The Golden Age: Chaotic Cosmos
eknight07 chapter 102 . 8/17
I hate Sai Argyle... If that is your intent. Great Job at creating such a douche bag character... yikes...

What is up with the Cyprus dude? Calling Kira names disappointed? and disgusted? he should look at his own boss and his wife first... these guys need a huge gulp of some humble pie.
Guest chapter 101 . 8/17
Yeesh... Really the Sai Argyle Character needs to go... The fact the Kira keeps defending seems out of character. As we know how portective Kira is of Lacus and Sai has inadvertently placed Lacus in Danger several times now...

Sai needs to get his butt kicked.. Serious.
Guest chapter 96 . 8/16
:) This chapter is just oozing with sugar... so sweeeeeeet :)

This couple is truly a match made in Anime Heaven...
Guest chapter 93 . 8/16
I like frost the best. Deliciously evil but in a sexy joker kindof way. :) he's grown the most... as a character too.

Love the badass lacus can't wait to see her full powers in action.
Guest chapter 92 . 8/16
What the heck? Sai won... this is horrible.
Guest chapter 90 . 8/16
Geez. Ever since ashino has become argyle's stoodge.. he has turned out to be a douche bag. Not likng ashino anymore. I thought his deep thinking would make him realize the isolationist plan is nothing but a glorified genocide plan... where is the deep thinker now? Disappointed.
eknight07 chapter 89 . 8/16
yes... sai argyle has been grating on my nerves... He makes a poor imitation of Hitler and he really needs to go... and that Vanai woman too... Those twins should be raised by saner people. I think ... like that Eric Elson fellow and his family they seem decent.

I must say Ashino is changing for the worse too... Why be such a stoodge to Sai? I don't get that...

Noah Borander... that character I don't know what to make out of yet.

I like that you are covering the war angle in multiple perpective. It is pretty cool.

Can't wait to see what Kira has done to the Pulsar... With Kira at the Cockpit. I am sure it will kick ass... I wish they figured out a way to subvert the data controls of Noah... hoping...
Thank you for sharing your story.
Guest chapter 78 . 8/15
This is a plot twist i did not expecf. Sai is going to get his comeuppence from his own group. Thats ironic. I am getting tired of sai sanctimomious bs anyways. Hope ashino makes it out there alive. He is still in his journey of redemption. I like that aspect of the ashino character.

I also like that frost is becoming multi layered. He wants to be king of tbe world and has sele ted the white queen for his own. Cannot wait to see the epic battle between kira and frost as aresult of this messed up love triangle of sorts.

Great job writing. Thank you. Icant wait to get caught up. This story is good.
Guest chapter 72 . 8/15
You are doing a great making me hate blue cosmow. These special forces dude need to get their butt kicked so they learn a lesson. Hopefully soon next chapter?
Guest chapter 70 . 8/15
This is a getting crazy nlw. How the heck do tbese bcpu keep living. They are like the terminator. I wish they would just die already.

Sai as a character just do t resonate with me. I really wish he would just disappear too. Be is a self rigbteous guy but no creds. You no all talk but no experience and has not suffered at all this whole series. Do t lime this chara ter here. I got more symphathy for frost.
Guest chapter 69 . 8/15
Well i wanted one of those bcpu to die but did not expect it to be ashino. Wished irt was cray...

This is really good. Thanks for sharing your story... this is a trilogy? Cant wait.
Guest chapter 66 . 8/15
Kira loved flay? You sure about that?

I dont think even if she lived ... i have the impression from the anime that kira would still have ended up with lacus.
eknight07 chapter 61 . 8/14
wow... love the story so far. glad they are out of the Jihad Lab hell... truly epic proportions building up. and a badass antagonist in the building with frost...

Can't wait for Sai Argyle to get his...

Oh yeah my fav character? Has to be Lacus Clyne - smart, kind, gentle beautiful, balls of steel, a leader, mother, nurturer, lover, and oh so sweet... can't wait to see what her new type power fully manifested look like... I thought she should have gotten more screen time from the series but got robbed. I would like to have learn more about her. :)
eknight07 chapter 33 . 8/14
wow... I like you sequel lots... it definitely is building to epic proportions...

great job. Thank you for sharing your story.
TheRX-0 chapter 96 . 1/31
so is he like an innovator or something now? als l'arcenciel is a great band "daybreak's bell" is one of my fave anime OPs.
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