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Temari chapter 15 . 2/24/2007
O-o? Where's the next chapter? I cant wait! come on! we've been waiting for ages now!
James chapter 1 . 2/22/2007
This story is very VERY good, I'm completely hooked!

I wasn't expecting such an in-depth story,

the characters relashionships, the Hunt, the mysteries and the emotions are so well intertwined I was hooked after the first chapter! Anyway I'm not very good at reviews so i'll just end this by saying that I absolutely love this story (and you for writting it! w
Tyigra chapter 15 . 2/21/2007
I'm completely hooked! I hope your next chapter will be up soon!
Laegdin chapter 15 . 2/21/2007
Wow, this is a read and a half. Given the first few chapers, I thought this would be a typical rabbit-fest between my four favourite guys. But the different emotions, each character goes through makes this so much more than that. And with the introduction of the Hunt, and related mysteries, things have gotten very interesting.

My favourite parts of the story: the way you've twisted the canon events and trying to work out what has happened in this world; the way you show the change in Naruto's and Sasuke's relationship. (Especially considering this has happened over a period of a few days, and yet it doesn't feel rushed.) And the way in which Itachi seems to have so much presence in this story...and he hasn't even physically appeared yet. LOL. Oh, and loved the Bleach cameos. _

Good luck with your writing; I'm looking forward to reading the next chapter.
Guest chapter 15 . 2/16/2007
This is such a great, awsome one, the best fic that i've ever read! Seriously! When I start reading it, I can hardly bring my self to stop!

I just love SasuNaru having some romance any where not on bed!you know? kissing without expection and a tiny bit of rape 0_0! And I also love it when Sasu is the seme.

Aw... Please update! I beg you, and never allow this fic to have an ending! can you believe how anxious I felt now.

You are so great on planing your story line and character's behavior, as well as ninjutsu and action senes. Which that is really great, because I really don't like Naruto fic that does not base on ninja world. Really! seriously! man! I just hate it!

btw. I'm Thai. (how does that have anything to do with the review? I'm tell you that this fic attracts everybody from everywhere man!)

so please update now!
False-Image chapter 15 . 2/4/2007
Yay! I'm so happy it's finally the Hunt! Every chapter was building up towards it and now it's finally happening! Excellent job at keeping the characters in character! I'm really enjoying this fanfic! It's so well-written! Please update soon. I want to know what's going on with Aoba, and Kabuto.
lain chapter 15 . 1/26/2007
I’m a horrible person! You updated such a long time ago . ahh! I feel terrible! This is BY FAR the longest that I’ve gone without reviewing anything of yours! I’m so sorry! I don’t believe in making excuses so without further adieu:

_ Reading your work always makes me so happy and relaxed…unless of course when it’s a kakaxiru or naruxsasu part _~ then there’s a bit more emotion than relaxed XP

The way your words flow together are so perfect and serene, the only way I can describe it is if one were watching a painter paint a landscape right in front of you. The colours are beautiful by themselves but only when it’s all together is it truly a work of art.

I told my friend to read some of your work and she’s not one for reviewing or commenting but we had a talk about it and she said that the scenes you create are incredible. They’re so accurate and perfect. She said that she can actually imagine the characters doing and saying those things. She says the way you write the characters are so in character its unbelievable. I agree .

Even buildings and places you create are so perfectly described it makes every Naruto fan believe that it must be an actual place in the series. It simply has to be one of those nameless buildings in Konoha. Whenever I read over certain locations (Lost Sock Laundromat) that you had to create I can’t help but be awed at your skill and imagination.

“I figured you’d be one of the first.” But not ‘the’ first. Nyaha!

Oh! I like the idea with the scrolls! That happened in the series, did it not? *tries to remember when it happened* And Naruto had to resist the urge to open the scroll. I think it was during the exam. *purrs* I love how you use minor things like that.

*squee* I love how you can still keep the interest and suspense up even though the readers have no idea what Naruto and Sasuke plan is. .

“Naruto came to the edge of the riverbed, and halted as the different bits of map in his brain snapped into place—he was standing on the opposite side of the river from his favorite training spot, the spot where he’d spent time working on Rasengan, and the spot where he and Sasuke had sparred, changing everything between them forever.”

That is one hell of a fricken amazing run on sentence woman! You are heavenly *smooch*

“changing everything between them forever.” O! I don’t know what it is about that but it gives me shivers!

“It was a place that held meaning to them, but nobody else.” Same with this one! I think it’s because I can relate. There are certain places that mean nothing to some people but means so much to me. *joygasm* I love your mind, your use of words *crawls around at your knees*

Gaawd, you know, before I didn’t have any real feeling towards Kakashi, but now whenever I read about him all I can think about is him sweaty, panting and moaning for Iruka. *drools* I really hope we have some more concerned bordering possessive Kakashi…it’s a huge turn on *.*

“He had other ways of escaping the harder parts of Ninja life.” _~ Involving a certain darker skinned ninja I hope.

“‘—don’t open it,’ he completed his warning anyhow, pounding a fist into the brick wall beside him. ‘Baka.’” The thought of that is such a turn on…Sasuke never shows any time of emotion except when he’s with Sasuke and then him being angry because Naruto was so excited that he didn’t listen to him…m...

Yay! Thank you for describing the effects of the reverse summoning! I was really curious as to how you thought it worked after it happened to Naruto _

Nyaw! Reading this is like watching a really, really good movie! Not only are the scenes and characters so perfect but you leave off each character in situations that leaves the reader craving (and begging _~) for more.

“‘Show me,’ they demanded at the same time, and Naruto grinned at Sasuke’s surprised eyebrow. It made him absurdly pleased to do something outside his rival’s expectations by asking that he too prove himself.” Damn, that’s a hot image.

“It’s not for you; I don’t want you to get used to it.” Someone doesn’t want Naruto thinking about Itachi. Actually, I read this surprisingly delightful doushinji where Naruto had a dream about Itachi and he called out Itachi’s name and Sasuke was sleeping beside him so he made Naruto call out his name _~

“He’s in charge of the spheres because he’s going to eat them.” Haha! XD I love it! What a genius idea! …*kissu/licks and rewards your clever mind*

“’Not that sand-guy,’ Gamakichi hid his discomfort at the idea by examining something on the hilt of his dagger.” Three cheers for bringing up previous battles!

“Gamakichi sighed with impatience before pointing to Sasuke. ‘I’m going with that guy to get these sphere-things and bring them back here, where this idiot,’ he pointed at his brother, ‘Is going to eat them and hide underwater. Yes?’” God! You have no idea how much I LOVE this plan! *squee* And Gamatatsu is so cute! His innocence and obedience is so adorable!

E! I don’t know which part to quote from the one scene with Naruto, Sasuke and Gamakuchi! I doubled over laughing! XD “Wait ‘till I tell Dad!” XD Haha!

I gotta say, I loved Sasuke’s counter to that. _~ Very sexy indeed!

HELL YEAH! I was just about to wonder via typing what Sasuke whispered to Naruto! *raises eyebrow* How very tempting…

IRUKA~! My all time favourite teacher, yay!

“A moment later, thick tree branches were winding themselves around Shizune’s legs and arms to strap her against a sturdy-looking trunk” Uh-oh…*Hayley has a brief thought of KurenaixShizune*

I didn’t know (or remember) that Shizune was taking part! :D …I actually like her heh.

WHOO! FIGHT SCENE! Kiba and Akamaru versus Naruto! O! I forgot all about the ointment the boys were wearing! That explains why the Inukuza’s were so surprised! Speaking of the Inuzuka family, is Hana participating _~

“Leave it to Naruto to sign a binding contract with amphibians…” I like the way that sounds :)

I love how much of a smartass Gamakichi is being with Sasuke _

*whistles* I love Shizune fighting. It sucks that she got injured so early on but I love that she’s actually fighting. There aren’t a lot of strong female characters in Naruto but I just like that they actually try, I’d like to think that she holds her own in a fight…just without the pig.

“‘It’s Naruto,’ Gamakichi whispered, taking a deep breath and shaking himself. ‘He’s sent the chakra signal.’” *SQUEE* That makes me excited!

Konohamaru and Hanbi! Kids these days! XD

I like how Naruto is thinking ahead. Giving the spheres to his clone as soon as he spots someone else.

“If only he’d learned Sasuke’s shuriken-ninja-wire technique, then he might be able to catch Shino long enough to get the spheres—wait!

Sasuke! He could call Sasuke, even though Shino wasn’t one of the opponents they’d planned to combine forces against, since the bug repellant was supposed to force Shino into using hand-to-hand moves or basic ninjutsu instead of his usual advanced techniques. Both of them were confident their taijutsu was far better than Shino’s. Still, even Sasuke had to admit that the options were few—and time was running out.”

Fuck that’s awesome! …*ahem* I love how Naruto is relying on Sasuke and realizing how Sasuke can help him. Mhm _

*heart is pounding in excitement*

Man, I can just imagine Sasuke showing up to help out Naruto. So…hot…

“Naruto stopped next to him on the branch, but now wanted to punch both of them from the confusion and frustration…” ME TOO!

“Sasuke turned back to him, and carefully showed the mark on his neck that couldn’t be copied by enemies.” _~

Ah, damn. I wanted Naruto and Sasuke to kick Shino’s ass. He’s such a cocky bastard it drives me crazy!

GAI-SENSEI! …*ahem* YAY GAI~! Gai is awesome. I love how he treats everything like a workout _

O! I’m itching to know who this person with the powerful chakra is! I want to guess…but I think I’ll let myself be pleasantly surprised _~

:D I love how even though Gai and Kakashi are in the middle of a battle, they’ll stop and say they’ll continue later if something more important comes up.

O! You are so sneaky! *kissu* You plant the ideas in readers head that it could possibly be Itachi by saying things like “they may not be alone” and “they’ve killed ANBU before” and it turns out to be Kabuto!

“I meant it, Kabuto. If you harm him, I’ll kill you.” I like the way you portray Kakashi in this. As a protective caretaker :)

Oh! Lovely chapter my darling sexy wife! I cannot wait for the next but I shall busy myself with reviewing everything else you’ve written in the meantime! Once again I’m dreadfully sorry for not reviewing sooner! *kissu* Until next time _~
Beachan chapter 14 . 1/25/2007
I don't care how Sasuke's personality is so top-ish and how Naruto is 'bigger', damnit he is such an uke for naruto xD

I can't wait for them to go all the way xD omg.

I hope sasuke is uke. grr. so cute, like the chapter where he woke up after their first time doin anything, all blushing and stuff. soo cute.

I don't like Tomoko, the bitch. Really wanna know what she has planned. gr.

and yay~! Itachi is not bad in this fic~! I love you! I can't wait for him to show up and find out what's been happening! and omg Itachi chasing after Kakashi? That's just amusing. and Kakashi who was in love with Yondaime. aww. sad sad.

I hope...Itachi also has a male lover. grr :D
Okoi chapter 15 . 1/7/2007
Wow. Some of the best fiction i've been fortunate enough to come across...zettai!
kashii chapter 15 . 1/7/2007
All too often n a SasuNaru fic you'll get a lot of Sakura bashing, or Hinata bashing, or just characters acting out of the ordinary. I love that this doesn't happen here. Ever character acts realistically, and although Sasuke's reasoning for things can be a little confusing at times, it makes sense if you puzzle over it (or even simply read on).

Your story idea is strong and well-planned, and I can't wait to read more chapters.

I feel that I should mention that Secrets is one of very few unfinished fics that have managed to make it onto my Story Alert list, so well done, and keep up the good work!
SkyKat chapter 2 . 1/2/2007
Ru-ru huh? I'm now a believer.
strength-91-possibility-none chapter 15 . 12/29/2006
Does Shizune being mean to Naruto, and others, have anything to do with what had happened 10 years ago? Or with the plot? Or is it just part of the personality you gave her?

Great work! I love the detail you put ino it! Please keep it up because I would like to see where all the different plots tie together. XD
quedioslosperdone chapter 15 . 12/29/2006
ma -_- i really love this story and you haven't updated in...well, a very long time. just letting you know i'm adding this to my favorites and you to my favorite authors and THIS to my story alert .
Disenchanted Writer chapter 1 . 12/26/2006
I only have time to read one chapter (work is such a bitch), but jesus! i can already tell that this fiction is going to be brilliant. You write so descriptively but not so much where the reader has to log their way through the thing, it's unhurried and bring a strikingly vivid image ton my mind's eye.

In a way, this is too good to be classed as fanfiction but i'm so glad that there are authors like you who reward my time swimming through crap fanfiction to find a jem like this.
An Antidote chapter 15 . 12/18/2006
kabuto came into picture, no
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