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She Loves Her chapter 16 . 8/28/2006
You ended it with a cliffhanger...and i'll have to wait for chapters with the sequel. I feel so not really. Atleast you're making a sequel, I have something to look forward to during the torturous beginning of school. Yay.

The Sam/Danny part of the chapter was really good. I was sad when Danny said that he needed to fix his problems alone.

Even though I understood it, it still saddened me. But atleast they're together again and I can look forward to sequellness. Sequels are great.

The Valerie/Tucker stuff was sweet, even though I dont' usually like that relationship, I'm more of a Sam/Danny person and I usually choose to ignore any other ones. But you may have convinced me to check out some other fics...

Wow...I should probably get to sleep now since your fic has kept me awake a couple hours longer than I wanted to be. You're stopping me from getting back into my school routine. I'm probably going to end up going to sleep at 2 the night before school...yay, 4 hours of sleep on the first day! Not that that's unusual.

Ok...damn now I wanna check out the rest of your fics...but I'm going to fight the temptation, I've still got ten days 'til school, that's plenty of time...

Oh who am I kidding, off to look at the rest of your fics...
She Loves Her chapter 13 . 8/28/2006
NO Cliffhanger!...Oh wait, I can go to the next chapter! *happy dance* Woh *wipes forehead* thank god for next chapters!

Lol anways, great chapter. The Danny/Vlad fight was wonderful, very action packed and...poignant. I think that's the word I'm going for. If that word doesn't make sense, forgive me, it's midnight and I should be sleeping. See what your story does to me?

For some reason the Paulina moment really drew my attention. I really liked it, even if it was really short.

Well I better get to the next chapter before I burst...
She Loves Her chapter 12 . 8/28/2006
I must admit, I was pretty damn confused during this chapter, but that might just be due to my long time out of school. Only ten more days and maybe my brain will start working right again...anyways, the Jazz/Kitty friendship thing was...unexpected but good, I liked it in a weird way. I couldn't really see it until you wrote it. Shows how great a writer you are.

The spirits section of the chapter was good, I like the idea of all of Danny's enemies helping to defeat Vlad. Shows a kind of less evil side of them but kind of not, since it's technically just for themselves they're really doing it.

So on to the next chapter...
She Loves Her chapter 10 . 8/28/2006
Sam and Danny make out scene! Yes! Wow that made my day...well that's kinda sad that something like this made my day but i'm a little obsessive. Anyways very very very good. Fluff was great and the little dark mixed in worked well.

*Sigh* Danny and Sam make out scene...I'm so happy *happy dance*. Ok ok, I'll stop...on to the next chapter...
She Loves Her chapter 9 . 8/28/2006
He's remembering! *does happy dance* Ok so I'm very happy at the moment...*continues dancing* I am feeling extremely sorry for Danny at the moment. Poor Danny...*tear*

Anyways great chapter, I like the delving into Danny's past and how his parents weren't there for him because of their work. I've never seen Danny as a neglected child but I'm starting to see it. Keep up the good work!

And on I go to the next chapter...
She Loves Her chapter 8 . 8/28/2006
Excellent as always. I can see why Danny would be a jerk and everything and I can even kind of see him yelling at Sam like that but still...I really just wanted to hit him upside the head for being that way. Shows how sane I am, thinking about hitting a fictional character...

Anyways, good chapter and keep up the good work! On to the next...
She Loves Her chapter 7 . 8/28/2006
First of all, great chapter as usual, I'm very very happy they're all safe again. Or as safe as they can be with Vlad still doing something...

The poem was great, the Jazz romance was nice, and the Sam and Danny part was wonderful. That last sentence elicited another "No!" scream/whisper. I'm very lucky no one is home or awake when I read this fanfiction...

This fic is taking me awhile to get through, what with vacation and the long chapters. Long chapters are great but they take me forever to get through. Well, on to the next chapter...
Half-elf chapter 16 . 8/26/2006
That was freakin' awesome. I can't wait for the rest.
Half-elf chapter 15 . 8/26/2006
Oh my god, what the hell? I could've sworn that I hit story alert. And here I am wondering when you'd update. Well, Let's just say that I liked the chapter and I'm kinda glad I waited now 'cause now I can hit the next button without waiting. Which I am going to do now.
Shinjiruu chapter 15 . 8/23/2006
Omygawd, I'm so sorry I haven't been able to read your story in ages, therefore causing me not to review.

Well the reason I couldn't was cuz I was in Australia for one month and America another month. And i didn't get long enough on the net to read your story.

But I have read all the new chapters now, and they are very brillant, as always. And yes I would like a epilogue please :3

Remember you still rock sox ~nya!
Zirra Nova chapter 16 . 8/19/2006
*takes a deep breath* Wow *is said in awe* This is a fabulouse story. It's as close to perfect as i've ever read, I'm being very serious. This is wonderful, one of, if not, the best stories I've ever read, on or off or any other fanfiction websites. I understand a bit more than this story alone gives, mostly thanks to the oneshot you recemended us to read...I should see my review soon after, if not before this one. I'm going know, but know that I'm still in awe of this shining example of Fan Fiction.

Ja Ne, Zirra
Wysteria Fox chapter 12 . 8/19/2006
I really love your story. I like how you've mad sure everyone is included and is more importantly-in-characters. So kudos to that.

My only complant is that in the previous chapter, you had finally written to the part, that in my opinion, is the climax of the piece: when Danny regains his memory and flies down to fight Plasmius. I was dissappointed to find that the next chapter didn't continue where you had so dramatically left off, but instead picked up with Jazz, and then later the Spirits gathering the troops.

I understand that there had to be some fill-in, to explain stuff that otherwise would just be like-"Wait-what?" I just think that your chapter would have been better if you just continued with Danny at that part. It wouldn't have to be anything long, just enough to put emphisis on how important it was for Danny to gain his memory back.

But other than that, keep up the great work.
LilacOcean chapter 16 . 8/17/2006
this is truly one of my favs. how could it not be! i've been reading this fic from the beginning and i've reviewed a few times (i changed my pen name) and i have to say that when there was an update i went crazy.(literally, ask my family) But there were times when i would get mad at you or maybe even the fic because of all the great cliff hangers that kept me up at night wondering when you would update or what would happen next. i can say i was NEVER really mad at you for doing it, it was your job as one of best authors out there. i would be mad at you if you didn't do it because then the fic wouldn't have the effect it had. The writing was superb and though there were grammer problems in this what story/fic doesn't have them? Well i cant wait to read "Dust to Dust" and know that i'm reading it and knowing it will be great beyound belief because your writing it. This is going on fav stories and your going on fav authors. good luck on your fics! bye-ness until the next fic
LovelyCookie chapter 3 . 8/13/2006
Hey! Love your story! I've been tryin' to find out how to contact Nick since I found out they were canceling DP. I would really love if you could help me do it. *screams* SAVE THE PHANTOM!
S. Vale chapter 16 . 8/10/2006
I surely cannot wait for the next story, and I hope you update this with a note so I'll know when to return.

Good Luck!

- Sage
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