Reviews for Brothers in Arms: A Call to Arms
Storm Wolf77415 chapter 23 . 7/17/2007
You won't get any complaints from me about you throwing canon out of the window on this one. I prefer this verison of the Battle of Crete to canon. Great job man.
Infinite Freedom chapter 23 . 7/17/2007
Another great chapter. Cagalli should know that Kevin would hold back enough to not destroy the planet. Wait why didn't Leona scare Yuna like she said she was going to? Finally I am glad to see that someone has finally broken the mold about having Heine die.
Deathzealot chapter 23 . 7/17/2007
*snicker* Shinn got his but handed to him. I hope this cools him down some what. I never really understood why Archangel got involved with this battle. Yes I know that it was because Cagalli did not want to have Orb Forces get killed, but like you have pointed out here. It would have made no difference, since they would have been fired on by Alliance forces anyways. Thankfully, there was no crying Cagalli this time around. Also I was surprised that you saved Hiene. Though i have a feeling you some plans for him. Anyways a great chapter keep it up my friend, and I think you more then deserve that coma... *snicker*
Ominae chapter 23 . 7/16/2007
LOL! Ain't bad here mate. Still hate Yuna for calling Cagalli an imposter.

I need to say something about the upcoming chapters of Cry of the Falcon. I'd suggest that you can give Rainbow Six: Vegas Tactics here for the assault of Section 9 HQ since foreign mercs are gonna raid it right? Can't wait to see some Snake Cam or some cover and fire tactics...
The Mad Dragon chapter 22 . 6/1/2007
Cool. One question though, did you name Tessa's new suit after Nightmare the Azure Knight from Soul Calibur?
NukeDawg chapter 22 . 5/27/2007
I enjoyed this chapter, mroe then most others, mainly of reasons you know why.

I particulary liked Heine, and Delta getting along, nice to see something like that in your story, rather then hardened soldiers all the time. Or someone having intentions to kill, with so easy things.

Well good Chapter

bloodyknight85 chapter 22 . 5/27/2007
'Archangel intervene as predicted... with the beam shot from the Nemesis to restrict Minerva's ability to fire its positron cannon... And did i just read that there is a fleet of mass produced Stormhawk with them? They are trying to start a war or to end it, i wonder... Tolle manages to help Tessa escape from the mad Mike's grasps... The true Baron returns... Ronda Mina Sahaku returns to her safe fortress, preparing to be the eyewitness of the battle that will affect Orb's future... Time to fight has came once again... Will the result of this be any different from the original?'

Keep up the good work, dude... Update sooN!
Blacklight 88 chapter 22 . 5/26/2007
Was wondering if the update would ever come. Anyway I've got a few more questions that have nothing to do with this chapter. When the new Archangel ships are introduced will Neo and his extendeds be given command of one? Also when Neo defects later on will he eventually end up at Akatsuki's controls or will Cagalli actually be participating in your version of events. Also if that is the case then what exactly will Neo be piloting? Oh a few more things will Destiny and Legend remain the same? I mean seeing as how Nightmare had plasma shields and the STORMFIRE reactor I was just wondering if maybe you were pherhaps going to say...modify them slightly. In any case can't wait for the next chapter of either story.

Rau Le Creuset 88
speaker4thesilent chapter 22 . 5/26/2007
definitely worth the wait :)

I really like how you handled Tolle's appearance and the Nightmare. And I agree with how you're dealing with Shinn's character. Most fics that I've read don't take the time to analyze his motives the way you are. BTW, what's up with Heine and Dalta? Keep up the good work!
Shinji Ikari chapter 22 . 5/25/2007
CRY OF A FALCON Chapter 9? *Grumbles.* You've already Updated that twice in a row. Can't we get two Chapters of this in a row to make up for it first? As you pointed out, one advantage you *do* have from having not seen the DESTINY Episodes is that its easier to write the fights differently from the original version, and Phase 23 is one of Kira's greatest feats in the entirety of SEED (at least as far as I've seen). Is there any particular reason you can't do *that* one first, so I don't have to wait double-time for you to do a new version of Kira almost single-handedly defeating all three forces in the battle and without, if I remember correctly, taking a single hit in the process?

Besides, didn't you say you're "fondly looking forward to" writing a certain scene where Kevin dodges everything an enemy mobile suit throws at him while he's on foot? This is your chance to do the same thing with Kira, and since you don't know exactly how the fight goes, this is your chance to *really* have a lot of fun and do a veritable ton of ultra-awesome things with Freedom in the upcoming Chapter. Do I (*ahems* I mean "we." No, really!) *have* to wait double-time? *Mutter grumble.*

If my attempt at arguing (read: pleading) hasn't changed your mind, though would, remember our last discussion about Ken's story. You decided that you'd leave Ken's mistake of assuming profit was the only primary concern of Logos in order to show that his intelligence isn't infallible (or something like that, I can't remember exactly). If the only thing Logos cared about was money, they wouldn't try to wipe out the Coordinators right off the bat to attempt to avoid a lengthy war.

Then again, seeing how Djibril acts in Volume 8, I'm even *less* certain what's going on with Logos than before. Djibril, at least, perhaps, seems to care more about wiping out all the Coordinators than making a profit. In Phase 32, when asked how long he plans to let the Destroy burn everything, Djibril replies (I don't remember any of his exact words) until every last Coordinator is ashes, as well as anyone who dares to cooperate with the Coordinators.

Then again, economic profit and genocide may not be mutually exclusive, since, of course, one of the primary reasons for the original war was envy and the Coordinators' attempt to escape from having their superior abilities exploited for profit by the Naturals. In GUNDAM SEED Movie 3, there's a brief flashback to Azrael's child, as a spoiled bratty rich kid who gets beaten up by Coordinators and whines to his mother, wanting to know why *he* wasn't made a Coordinator. After his mother scolds him and tells him Coordinators are monsters and refuses to not make him a Coordinator, Azrael struggles not to cry with an expression that perhaps makes me think of him as a petulant brat. Still sixteen more Episodes to go... by the end of the series, I assume I'll finally have some idea what in the world Logos is really trying to do. (Don't spoil whether or not anything else is revealed, of course, please.)

That aside, this Chapter isn't significant in terms of problems, compared to the last one. (Although in terms of actual amount, there actually may be more. There's three small errors rather than one large error. For the most part, they're a lot smaller, though.) Possibly the largest one comes first. Your discussion between Djibril and Copeland is extremely inconsistent with what happened in the actual series, and you gave absolutely no basis for why this change exists (thus why I'm guessing the inconsistency was unintentional, but if it actually was intentional, the criticism is then that you didn't provide any reasons for the difference). In SEED DESTINY, Copeland (and possibly others) are putting a lot of pressure on Djibril to end the war because matters are going very bad. Djibril is waging a losing argument against Copeland trying to come up with a reason to continue the war until he remembers Orb. (Additionally, there's another point of note; I'm not sure if the following incident occurs during this argument or the one after the nuclear attack was thwarted, but Djibril argues that if they lower their fist after raising it, they'll look like laughingstocks, or something like that. I can't be sure, but I seem to remember that this is one of multiple examples that shows Djibril, like Yuna, is concerned about his image.)

Next there's the matter of Stella. Once again, she didn't freak out enough; in the actual anime, she's described as getting "hysterical" when the techs attempt to take the handkerchief from her.

Lastly, there's the matter of the Athrun/Shinn exchange that you informed me you would get to at a later Chapter. Athrun's response, 'So just because you don't understand the way someone else thinks, that automatically makes them wrong?' was one of the things that got Shinn to actually listen to Athrun back in Phase 17, that made Shinn receptive to Athrun's influence. Due to the differences in the Orb exchange during this Chapter, I might still be able to find your version believable even though Athrun and Shinn haven't yet had that exchange. However, you might want to consider whether or not you want to add it into this Chapter. If you don't, I extremely highly recommend you get to it at some point prior to the events of Phase 30, because if Shinn doesn't get this reality check before then, it could significantly change things. (On the other hand, if you're planning on developing Shinn in a more drastically different direction than the series, never mind.)

Lastly, before I get onto the Review Responses, you haven't responded to this remark yet so I'm unsure if you've seen it (there was a brief bit in the beginning of this Chapter that makes it seem like you might already be starting to take it into account, but I'm not sure, so I'll bring it up again). That 'issue' refers to Yuna's concern with Orb's international image, and how Kevin has such an international reputation for honesty that you told me it was one of the big reasons he convinced the crew of the Dominion to defect so easily. If Kevin gets on the comm and identifies the pilot of the Strike Rouge as Cagalli and Yuna uses "Cagalli is an impostor" as justification to continue the attack, he's going to make Orb look like an international laughingstock. This is something I highly recommend you consider for the next Chapter.

That said, onto the Review Responses:

1.) I still disagree in regards to Kira, Cagalli, and the next few Phases, but I've said my last pieces for now as I wanted to do, so as requested, this is now tabled until I've seen the entirety of GUNDAM SEED DESTINY.

2.) I recommend you also try to get ahold of Kira's speech in early Phase 30, so you see how he does that kind of thing, as its a new facet of Kira's personality that he's developing during DESTINY. (Besides, again, I think you'll enjoy the brief exchange between Kira and Murrue afterwards.)

3.) There were also three additional sections to my Review after "5.)" which you also haven't responded to. I was referring to them as well, so I'd appreciate it if you'd please respond to the last three sections when you write your next Review Response.

You also overlooked another small part of my argument in Section 5, that being that Kira's feats in Phase 23 might make it more likely than you think that Kira could hit Excalibur. I'll amend my statement before about Kira's prowess in Phase 23 perhaps being "almost unreal" or whatever it was I'd said. A better way to say it might be that Kira fought so well in that Phase it might've actually been at least a little disturbing at one point, when, after all SEED DESTINY has done to build up Shinn as a skilled pilot, Kira disables the Impulse like its nothing, so fast it was actually possibly disturbing, as just mentioned. However, otherwise, Kira was *incredible* in that Episode... perhaps not "almost unreal," although that may be because I expect a *lot* from Kira. He was untouchable and took down the majority of all three fleets' fighting ability almost singlehandedly (although I can't remember if he did anything to many/any of the ships, excluding Minerva).

I'm not sure I'll need to wait and see any longer as regards Shinn's ability to hit Excalibur, though, since I've now seen Phase 34. I'm still withholding final judgment until I see the whole series, of course, because something might happen to cause me to change my mind once again and decide Shinn has gotten, or will get, as good as Kira. But right now, I see why your opinion about Shinn's ability to hit Excalibur hasn't changed. Phase 34 made it very clear that Kira is still almost completely, if not completely, out of Shinn's league. Most obviously, as the Phase shows, if Shinn hadn't been able to reduce the knowledge of where Kira was going to aim to a minority of variables, Kira would've trashed him. Even with that advantage, the only thing that saved Shinn from getting soundly trashed was the separate/combine feature of the Impulse. Otherwise the Impulse probably would've been scrapped just as soundly as the Savior in Phase 28. So no, I don't think I need to wait any longer to understand why my argument even convinced you.

Forget the Excalibur; before Phase 34, I'd been of the impression that if Shinn goes Seed when fighting Kevin, he'll be able to more or less mop the floor with Nemesis (not that I thought Kevin would be completely helpless against Shinn then, of course). Now, I'm beginning to wonder how, or if, Shinn's actually going to be able to beat Nemesis, even *with* Seed. Nemesis isn't anywhere near what Kira can do, as you made very clear during the Leviathan battle, but Kevin's targeting, unlike Kira's, can't be reduced to a small amount of variables. Especially since Shinn opened fire on Strike Rogue with beam weapons in Phase 28, so I suspect any inclination Kevin might have to simply disable the Impulse will go right out the window at that point. (And since, even if he'd just been trying to warn Cagalli away, Kevin's not in a position to know what Shinn was thinking, and thus he can't be sure Shinn *wasn't* trying to kill Cagalli, I somehow doubt whether or not Shinn was actually trying to kill her would matter. Especially since, even if he had been trying to warn her away, if he'd miscalculated the agility of the Strike Rogue he *could* have killed her then.) To say nothing of how, considering what Kevin thinks of Shinn, I'm inclined to wonder (please do *not* spoil, of course) if Kevin won't even consider Shinn might have just been trying to warn Cagalli away and will simply assume Shinn was trying to kill her and therefore needs to die. I *do* remember you mentioning way back when that Nemesis *will* be destroyed at some point, but if Shinn *is* the one who pulls it off, this oughtta' be *very* interesting.

I do believe, however, that Shinn would probably have the advantage against Nemesis if Kevin is unable to go Berserker himself when fighting a Berserker Shinn, and might (might) have the advantage against Freedom if fighting a non-Berserker Kira. Other than that, though, unless something happens to again make me change my mind, I retract my arguments about Shinn hitting the Excalibur.

However, on the flip side, Phase 34 *has* more or less conclusively convinced me that you do have a misconception about how Shinn fights when he's a Berserker. (For the times he's gone Berserker thus far in the series, I'm not speaking for any later occurrences I haven't seen.) Neither in Phase 12, nor in Phase 28, and especially not in Phase 34, does Shinn, when in the Berserker state, blindly charge into battle in a hotheaded, impatient, cocky, et cetera fashion. Shinn's fighting, once he went Berserker in Phase 34, was some of the most brilliant fighting I've seen in SEED since Kira versus the BuCUEs in Phase 18 of the original GUNDAM SEED. And I've watched the second half of Phase 34, which contains the Kira/Shinn battle, no less than five times by now, and the entire Phase 34 three times, so I pretty much know *exactly* what I'm talking about this time. Even with being able to reduce the variables of where Kira would aim and the versatility provided by the Impulse, the only reason Shinn was able to even damage the Freedom at all was because he fought so smartly.

First of all, the summaries may not have mentioned that Kira is in Berserker state during the entire battle, since he's already a Berserker when we see him fighting the ZAFT forces at the start of Phase 34. So this *is* Shinn versus Berserker Kira. The first time Shinn hits the Freedom, he hurls his shield low and and then fires at his shield, reflecting his beam off the shield and gouging the Freedom's shoulder. After that, the two get in close, and (the events described in the rest of this sentence take place perhaps *literally* less than a second; the speed at which parts of the Kira/Shinn fight happen is insane) Shinn slices at Kira, Kira ducks under Shinn's blade, rises up, and decapitates the Impulse.

Shinn immediately separates the Impulse, slams one of the lower portions into the Freedom (with engines still active on this portion) to force the Freedom back, and then fires the Igelstellungs at the piece of the Impulse forcing Kira back, blowing up the piece, further forcing the Freedom back, and giving Shinn time to recombine with new parts and make the Impulse good as new once more. After this we're back to Shinn chases while Kira focuses on evasion and escape until Kira finally decides to fight back again. Kira now pulls off an impressive backflip within very tight confines, close to in front of the Impulse, and swoops in at the Impulse with his beam saber held horizontal to try to slice it in half. Shinn once again separates the Impulse into component parts, the beam saber slices through thin air while one of the parts flips behind Kira and blasts him in the back, heavily damaging the Freedom.

After this Kira primarily focuses on just trying to escape, only trying to fight back one more time (Shinn doesn't give him the chance, blowing up his rifle the moment Kira raises it). If Kira had kept on fighting, even now, I'm not sure Shinn would've been able to destroy the Freedom. (As we know, Providence heavily damaged the Freedom, and we saw how well that did Rau.) Perhaps Shinn still could've trashed it, due to his advantages and how smartly he was fighting, but whether he'd still have been able to scrap it had not Kira decided to mostly abandon fighting at this point is considerably in question. Shinn now pursues the Freedom, and when Kira's getting into the water, he tosses a beam boomering at the Freedom, which Kira blocks with his shield. The impact knocks him off-balance, giving Shinn the time to get charge the Freedom and impale it with a Sword from the Sword Silhouette (Shinn doesn't combine a third time, he just asks Meyrin to send out part of it and grabs the sword from that part). It's worth noting that even as Shinn does this, Kira manages to destroy the Impulse's second head.

It's also worth noting that after Stella dies at the end of Phase 32, Shinn's attitude changes a lot, so perhaps this is why he fights so brilliantly this third time in Berserker. The first two times he's in Berserker, his hot-headed-ness and whatnot doesn't lead him to do anything stupid. The third time, it might not be there as much, if at all, or at least not in the same ways. Even when not in Seed mode he's a lot quieter, less impulsive and/or vocally emotional. Whether or not this has affected his piloting outside of Berserker is something I'm unsure of, since Shinn went Berserker almost immediately after Kira decided to fight back the first time, and before that Kira spent most of the time simply dodging everything Shinn tried to do to him. This doesn't, however, mean I think he becomes more emotionally stable post-Stella's "funeral." More on that in a moment.

4.) Oh? Apologies for the misunderstanding then. I had the impression you did like the Shinn/Stella "relationship" (more on the reason for the quotes in a moment as well), perhaps due to a comment you'd made before. I noticed, however, you haven't even made any of the slight improvements you said you'd try to do. I see your point about how you're "not looking for perfection," though. There's arguably only two portions to the Shinn/Stella stuff in that Chapter that are significantly damaging, so as long as your minor improvements include fixing those parts (shall I point out which ones they are?) to some extent, I guess I'll have to be satisfied with that.

I personally feel its more rewarding to make the best effort I can even when I'm writing a part of a Fanfiction I find boring, instead of hurrying onto the more interesting parts. I feel more accomplished that way, but that's me, and I *do* try to find ways to make things I'm bored writing become more interesting.

Before I address the rest of what you said about Shinn and Stella, I'll reply to your last remarks about the edits here. (I think I may be confused about what you're talking about now, actually.) The only edit I remember talking about recently *is* the second edit, about Shinn's having a significant reaction to the idea there are people willing to start war to make money. You mentioned you'd make that edit but then forgot about it, I reminded you of it, and you said you'd get to it before Posting Chapter 22 (I *think*). I still don't see that Edit.

The only other edit we've discussed recently is you adding Shinn's first genuine smile of the series after he frees the families, which you said you were going to do but, last I checked, hasn't yet shown up. However, I don't remember us discussing that within the last few exchanges.

5.) All right, Shinn and Stella. Having seen all their interaction now (I was surprised Stella died in Phase 32... around the time it was spoiled for me, I'd gotten the impression she was going to die in Phase *42*), I'll risk asking this. If, however, answering this would involve spoilers for Shinn's characterization in later Phases, please don't answer.

I'm genuinely not sure they really had a romantic relationship. Having seen how things progressed and finally ended, now I understand why my friend took my speculation about Stella a step further, and thought that it's possible Shinn might not have been romantically interested in Stella at all, and that the only reason he got so attached to her was because he saw saving her as being given a second chance to save his sister. I still disagree; I think there might have been romantic tones to their interaction, but for all the wrong reasons. That Shinn cared extremely deeply for Stella is beyond question, but I don't see the kind of caring he had for her as the foundation for a lasting relationship. One could perhaps say he's drawn to her because she was a combination of extreme childlike innocence and extreme emotional/mental devastation; this will capture Shinn's attention, but its not a foundation for a lasting relationship. I think the romantic aspects were there, but for the wrong reasons, and if Stella had survived and Shinn had continued to spend time with her, I think its very likely that Shinn would have ended up caring just as deeply for her, but as a friend, or a sister, or something else... *not* as a love interest. Even if Stella had survived and the romantic aspect *had* remained on Shinn's end, the relationship likely couldn't have worked without emotionally crippling Stella due to Stella's mindset.

In Phase 32, when it seems like everything's going to be okay, Stella has a brief daydream akin to the Flay/Kira scene of Phase 50 where she sees Shinn in the sense of some savior, some white knight in shining armor. I was impressed Stella has at least enough mental/emotional knowledge left to know such a thing as love exists, and I think Stella did truly mean it on some level when she said she loves Shinn right before dying, but again, its for the wrong reasons. She doesn't really know Shinn very much at all, and just has a young child's image of him as a shining knight. Had she lived and actually been able to grow as a person, I think she would've remained caring deeply for Shinn... as a child cares for a parent who nurtures them. Stella's pretty much a child in her mindset; she's an emotional and mental wreck in almost every way (at one point Neo remarks that Stella fights *because* she's terrified of death... regardless, Blue Cosmos didn't "raise" her, they destroyed her mind to a degree much worse than anything Oracle did to Kevin) and Shinn would've had to practically raise her, and to encourage her not to see *him* as a love interest. So if Stella *did* remain in love with Shinn romantically, at the least, it could have made Stella into a cripple dependent on him. Shinn would've had to encourage her to create her own life somewhere else. At worst, it could've been like falling in love with your father.

There were romantic undertones, but I put "relationship" in quotes, because (if you meant it in the romantic sense), I'm not sure I agree they have a relationship of that kind. I think Shinn cares very deeply for Stella and would do pretty much anything for her, but the only reason he thinks its romantic is because he's not exactly the most emotionally stable person himself. Shinn cared very deeply for her and became attached to her, but, especially in Phase 32, the writers arguably aren't even *trying* to make it seem like the two are genuinely in love. A lot of what happens in Phase 32 is arguably hard to take as believable if interpreted that way, and given the "Shinn as knight in shining armor in the Flay/Kira Phase 50 sense," it's quite likely the creators aren't even trying to make it *seem* like the two are genuinely in love. Shinn caring for her to the extent he does is what's important, as well as what this means for Shinn's character development and what it says about Shinn's personality.

Among other reasons, Stella existed to get Shinn to start seeing things the way Kira did in the original SEED, to stop blindly accepting the way things are. In Phase 31, when defending his actions, Shinn argues that all anyone on the Minerva sees Stella as is "one of the Alliance's Extendeds," instead of as a person. He chews out Talia for the, "we won't be able to get accurate data from an autopsy" remark, says a bunch of other things, and flat-out accuses Talia and the crew of the Minerva of being just as bad as Blue Cosmos. Outside of Rey and Durandal (and Athrun, at least up to Phase 33 and what Athrun did when he ran into Shinn doing the Freedom simulation), I'm not sure Shinn trusts *anyone* within ZAFT at this point.

Just as important, if not moreso, I think Stella existed to show how self-defeating the way Shinn does things are. To me, Kira didn't kill Stella; Shinn did. Most of the argument with Talia had to do with how ZAFT had been treating Stella, but there were a couple of other important points that less time was spent on. At one point Talia tells Shinn something that went like, "But that doesn't justify you deciding on your own initiative your opinion is better than your commanding officer's!" It's the same situation as Phase 16, but far more important this time. In Phase 16, Shinn's heart was in the right place and he wanted to save the slaves and reunite them with their families. In Phase 30, Shinn wanted to save Stella from dying, so he does the worst thing possible, takes her back to Neo, and makes Neo promise to "take her to a place far from fighting or mobile suits or anything associated with war! Take her back to a world with kindness; a world with warmth!" and some other stuff besides (and no, much of this isn't accurate quoting but paraphrasing and the bits I can remember). His heart was in the right place, but the way he went about it was self-defeating. Not only did it get Stella killed, her final fight in the Destroy put her through an emotional and mental nightmare far worse than anything else she'd been through yet.

When Shinn and Athrun argue in the brig, they argue, but Shinn doesn't raise his voice or get particularly upset at Athrun (although as Shinn describes what Stella was going through he gets an absolutely horrified and/or haunted look in his eyes that I'm not sure I'd be able to describe; I'm not sure "horrified" or "haunted" is accurate)... with one exception. When Athrun tells Shinn that what he did might've just gotten Stella back on the battlefield, *then* Shinn gets angry and emotional and lashes out. I'm fairly sure part of Shinn recognized what Athrun was saying and is scared and he's trying to run away from it. After Shinn gets released from the brig, we get some of the single greatest moments of irony in SEED. Shinn interprets him being freed without being punished at all as meaning that someone high up in ZAFT understood and agreed with what he was doing. He apologizes to Athrun and they have a pleasant talk, but during it Shinn smirks and says in a more friendly (or at least only mildly rude) way, "I guess this proves there's more to the truth than the way you see things." And while this discussion is going on, the scene keeps cutting to Stella piloting the Destroy, fighting whole groups of ZAFT mobile suits, wrecking cities, et cetera.

And then we get to Phase 32. The way those final scenes went, with Stella's vision of Shinn and it seems everything's about to be okay but then something in Stella's cockpit breaks and/or sparks and brings her back to reality. She sees the Freedom, freaks, tries to fire at it, and forces Kira to disable the positron turrets and kill her. Maybe it's just me, but the way that went smacks of, "Finally. Everything's going to be okay now. ...Sorry. You had your chance and you blew it, kid. No taking that back now. You can't save her a second time, not when you were the one who sent her back. Goodbye." Or something like that.

When Shinn's fighting Kira, at one point he exclaims, "You killed Stella!" and then follows it up with, "I tried to stop you!" That second remark makes me wonder who exactly Shinn is trying to kill right now; is he trying to kill Kira, or is he imagining himself in the cockpit of the Freedom. I'm not sure Shinn recognizes whose fault it was Stella ended up in this situation, but at the least, he's referring to his inability to save her.

Stella's death has also significantly changed Shinn. I'm not even going to try to describe his emotional state in the Phase 33 Prologue, but after, he's calmer. Athrun is the one who gets emotional about him doing simulations against the Freedom. Shinn is pretty much quiet and composed, if rude, and the only thing he does is roughly shrug Athrun's shoulder off when Athrun tries to grab him by the shoulder at one point. However, as the conversation progresses, its *Athrun* who goes overboard and grabs Shinn by the collar of his shirt. Shinn retaliates by doing the same, then Rey breaks it up.

But like I said above, this doesn't make Shinn any less calmer. The end of Phase 34 pretty much proves that. Shinn is laughing quietly, shaking, with tears streaming down his cheeks, (and what might have been a manic look in his eyes, although its very likely that's just the effect of his Berserker state), going something like, "I did it, Stella! I did it!" Forget unstable, I have to wonder now if Shinn's even completely sane now. (Okay, that may be a little extreme, but I think I've made my point...)

Stella exists as, among other things, a catalyst, helping Shinn both improve and get worse. I don't think the Shinn/Stella stuff is meant to be seen as romance with a tragic ending, but rather as Shinn caring very deeply for someone who then gets emotionally wrecked and killed due to the way he does things. Something like that. Since Stella died much sooner than I expected, I'm finally almost entirely in the clear in regards to stuff that has been spoiled about DESTINY, so please, no spoilers, not even hints, about where exactly Shinn will go from here. The point I'm trying to make, now that I've seen their interaction up to Stella's death, is that there's no romantic relationship for you to be interested or not interested in.

And if seeing their interaction differently doesn't make things more interesting for you, or you disagree with my perspective on their interaction, again, you can always just take their development in a different direction, remember. Again, changes can spread like ripple effects, starting off small but leading to drastically different things. Though first a small ripple, a slight difference here could balloon into a huge wave, a la XENOSAGA. You said Chapter 21 is likely to be the only one where you have this problem, but you might want to keep this in mind in case it crops up again, or for when you get to this part in CRY OF THE FALCON.

Whatever you decide, and whether or not there's any further issues like the one in Chapter 21, hopefully this helps make things less boring in some way. I'm not just trying to defend the Shinn/Stella interaction by writing all this stuff about her and whatnot.

6.) All right, then I guess that settles Canard.

7.) Last is Neo. If you were referring to how Neo interacts with Stella in Phase 32 and is very protective of her, just in case the summaries missed it, he's the same way with Sting. When Freedom's fighting the Chaos Neo gets really worried for Sting and rushes to try to get the Freedom to stop attacking him as well. Neo's very protective of both Extendeds at this point.
charles ho chapter 22 . 5/25/2007
Great chapter!I like the part where Wraith make appearence and save Tessa from i LOVES the part where Neo aka Mu who lost memory punch bastard Yuna for causing Kevin to become Crimson Tiger again.I also like the way you handle Tanhausser job!

I hope you will give me the full spec of Nightmare MS because i like to see how powerful Tessa i hope you dont forget about Rolling Buster Rifle move i reccomend to you.I hope Heine fate in this fic not as bad as canon.

I wonder will Mina Sahaku would help Kevin in final battle?Also did Tolle and Tessa will end up in Archangel help Kevin?If yes when?I also who the commander who wearing red coat who his surborniate called him boss in this fic?Also did Jack finaly decieded not to kill Kevin after final battle?Also did Athrun never get injured during his defection from ZAFT due of Kevin help?Also what Captain Todaka role in this fic?I also wonder did Kevin the one who show Cagalli the Akatsuki during invasion of Orb by ZAFT?

Is it Tessa appearence in this fic is the same as Tessa in Full Metal Panic?(I just curious)

Continue your great work and update soon!
JointVW chapter 22 . 5/25/2007
Nice chapter. I am waiting for some nice big battles, seems like next chapter will be one again. Hope to see it soon.
Storm Wolf77415 chapter 22 . 5/25/2007
Definitely my brother. It is me or is every member of FOX augmented?
FraserMage chapter 22 . 5/25/2007
Good Chapter as usual, mostly worth the wait.

Now I am going to assume that guy in ZAFT Red with a coat over it was Commander Ken Difalco (As you said was going to appear).

Now, something about a next generation Providence, Do I sense ZGMF-X30 Providence Zaku about to make an appearance?
Infinite Freedom chapter 22 . 5/24/2007
Well this is going to be interesting. Maybe Kevin could order Todoka to put Yuna on the deck of the carrier where he can shred Yuna with the vulcans. Nice entrance by the way. Also something tells me that Leona is going to pull off the Omnislash replica that you told me about in the next chapter.
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