Reviews for Falling Stars
Destiny chapter 1 . 12/30/2014
pretty good. the kiss was amazing. keep it up! ;)
Guest chapter 6 . 11/22/2014
1 girl, 2 13, 3 bbrae ,4 red pink, 5 nope, 6this one made me want to cry the others happy, 7 robin leaves for a couple months and comes home to star being prego with THIER daughter!, 8 16
LOVINGYUGI-YAMI chapter 6 . 10/26/2014
I am a girl. I am 20 years old. Besides Robin/Starfire, I like Cy/Bee, Raven/BB, and Jinx/Kid flash. My favorite color is light purple. No, I do not read Robin/Raven fics, i don't really like that pair and i think it is unbelievable that it would happen anyway. Your stories are awesome, because they make me feel stuff. Not really. I think you are 19-21. :)
Chappy 18 chapter 18 . 10/5/2014
SOOooOOOooOOoOOOOOoo Goood it is hard to type liek dis!
some.Thing chapter 17 . 10/5/2014
DR.mustacheWIN chapter 14 . 10/5/2014
"ze end" MUST EXTEND
Guest chapter 9 . 10/5/2014
hehe so good ill cry for another
some.thing chapter 7 . 10/5/2014
chappy 7 what?MORE FLUFF PLZ
some.Thing chapter 6 . 10/5/2014
chappy six... what
some.Thing chapter 5 . 10/5/2014
heh alarm clock blowing...
some.Thing chapter 4 . 10/5/2014
Heh mah name and good job!
Brotaytoe chapter 1 . 10/5/2014 THE BEST HELL YAH
Carrie chapter 6 . 8/22/2014
1. Girl
2. 17
3. Don't know any
4. Green
5. No I don't like robrae. I have always loved teen titans as a kid and just recently got back into it and had a marathon (hahaha). While I was watching the development between star and rob I felt unsatisfied and found your stories.
6. I love your stories! They satisfy my thoughts of rob and star together! If I had anything to say about them would be to have one really long story instead of a bunch of short. Like I wish you continued on from this story and have the like girl who had a baby be lying about it then rob rushing back to star and see what goes.
7. I think I just answered that in 6 but maybe a really dramatic one but they end up having passionte make up sex and loving each other!
8. I think you are around my age, but you could me older.
XxRSBRCxX chapter 19 . 2/19/2014
You should write more! I know its been a while but you should still write more
I AM BATMAN chapter 4 . 10/23/2013
*starts to sob* NOOOOOOOOOOOOO i wish i could write stuff htis good. i hart dis sho much!
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